A/N: I hate that I still even think about this dreadful moment in my life where the conflict that causes wars between countries could actually start a war between two friends. Do not get me wrong, I still love this person to death, even through such a brutal clashing of heads, but it always makes me wonder if it is worth seeing this side of people to stand up for my own Atheist belief. Anyways, I hope you enjoy.

I Won't

I wish we could still be friends

And for years it was always just fine

We still talked and laughed

Like to average best buds

But your emails filled my inbox

Voicing the words of God

I tried to tell you

I asked nicely at first

Your excuse was that you cared

I never thought that


Would come between us

Of all the things in the world

It was the last guess on my tongue

And when you finally replied to my text

"I'm allowed to believe you will change"

It broke my heart

And it broke me apart

Why can't you see?

I just want your acceptance

That forgiveness that comes with a friend

You act as if I'm suppressing you

But as a majority

You do not know what suppression is

And you complained to everyone

Making it seem that I was awful

Just because I think in a different mind

I'm sorry for the times we argued

But I'm not sure what I can do

Because I'm surrounded with these people

Who can only agree with you

I'm sorry for the times we fought

But if you ever read this poem

Which I surely hope you don't

You're allowed to believe that I will change

But I'm here to say I won't