Night stick melody
Pepper spray in harmony
Percussion on the shields
This force the system wields
A symphony to silence

Failed indoctrination
Fraught with desperation
Filed down frustration
Cacophony will riot

This noise
The solemn calm around me
These shows
Of the fallen false confounding

Elevator music
Muzzled hymns to those who would abuse it
Requiems for the dead who didn't choose it
Never-ending loops of notes to sooth this
Domesticated ape

But man can't live on the wages they won't give
No man won't pretend to feel the 'pride' that they commend
Such slaves are man no more
And coercion's not rapport
They're off to fight the wrong war
Without a clue to what's at store
At home

But flying bricks might break the static
New instruments might wake the manic
With outrage in the streets
One bout to end the beat
In monotony so quiet
Cacophony must riot