Disclaimer: This mystery eating demon thing was influenced by Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro by Yūsei Matsui. However, the world and characters and the rest of the storyline are mine, yes they are.

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Chapter One

Tortured cries and begging's for mercy rang through the endless cavern of Hell. Darkness and misery surrounded those trapped in the place of suffering, paying dearly for the crimes that they had committed.

"I need more," The large intimidating demon spoke, his voice carrying through the large throne room. "There's not enough"

He crossed his arms over a well muscled chest, biceps bulging. His glowing red eyes pierced into anything that dared move; he was in a thoroughly bad mood. When he was less than pleasant everyone tried to stay out of his way - unless they wanted to spend a century or two trapped in their worst nightmares…not the best way to spend one's eternal life.

He had consumed all the mysteries of the underworld, fed from them until he was so full that he couldn't move for days. But these were nothing, mere appetisers to a feast he was searching for: the ultimate mystery, the one that would keep him going forever.

A small disfigured slave bravely limped up to his master and bowed low.

"Forgive me for intruding your highness," The master glared at the puny slave, getting ready to unleash his wrath on the poor unfortunate soul. "I may have found a place where there are even more mysteries, so many that you will need at least one thousand years to consume even a third of them."

The master's interest piqued, maybe he would let this slave live. He growled, his red eyes flashing.

"Speak!" he shouted, his voice echoing in the great hall, bouncing around the walls, making anyone within distance cower in the darkness.

"Y-Yes, my Lord" The poor slave stuttered, trembling he bowed even lower, almost touching the ground. "T-The world above"

The demon smiled, red eyes glittering.

"Adam! Wait up!" A laughing lanky boy of sixteen appeared, and seeing his best friend stalling further ahead, broke into a run even though he was already gasping for air. As he made chase, the brown hair rushed away from his face, revealing a glint in his blue eyes. He was going to get his diary back if he had to chase Adam all night.

A glimpse of red hair disappeared behind one of the many disfigured buildings, laughter flowing through the air.

They were hanging out in their usual haunt amongst the old derelict buildings that had once been the industrial estates of their city. Much of the area was overgrown, covered with brambles, bugs crawling everywhere. It stank of stale air and urine. Broken glass bottles of booze littered the inside of the buildings that were still intact enough for squatters.

Things had been known to get violent around there, when gangs had started to form and each decided that this was 'their land'. Many innocent people from the city, who had ventured out to the estate for solitude had met their end, mixed up in the needless fighting for a bit of broken building and plants.

Elijah honestly didn't see what the big fuss was about. Sure, he and Adam liked to play out there, but then again wouldn't most boys be attracted to dangerous situations?

He ran through an old archway, most of it had crumbled away; the acidity of the rain had just worn it all away. The nuclear bombs had dropped almost one hundred years ago, and the remnants of the city were not recovering, clouds dripping with harsh droplets. The engineers had tried to create new materials for buildings, lest they crumble when it rained. As a result you could tell where the old city met new, jagged building edges met smooth sleek city, shining with new Theolite.

He'd heard stories of what the Earth used to look like before the terrorists had had their way. Nuclear technology, some said, had been found, discovered by these terrorists and had run riot with it across the globe. Europe and America were the most badly hit, the land left desolate. Some said you could still see the shadows of the old ones staining the dirt.

Even after all that time had passed some places were still barren; nothing lived there- just a huge wasteland of destruction.

The radiation had done things to whoever was left behind. Mutations some called them. A boy in Elijah's class had extreme sensitivity to sunlight, Fischer, known as the 'Vampire of Edgar'. He never went out unless he was draped in black cloth to block out the light. His skin was pale, his eyes blank.

Elijah continued running, scratching his leg on a few brambles. He'd lost sight of Adam. He turned a corner and stopped when he saw his best friend. He was standing still, face ashen and eyes wide, a mixture of horror and terror on his face. The diary lay forgotten on the floor. His hands limp by his sides.

As Elijah approached his friend a few bedraggled birds suddenly launched into the air. A muffled cry of pain followed. He peered around the corner of the crumbling wall. At the end of the alley he saw a throbbing mound of dirty skin and torn clothing. How many thugs there were in this pile was hard to tell, but as he focused in he could see a body on the ground -though it was barely recognisable as human. He knew what that horrible noise was, wails issuing from a human ball cowering on the ground as viscous kicks were forced into his stomach.

A strangled gasp from Adam alerted the thugs to their presence. A large man with bulging muscles turned in their direction, green eyes holding no other emotion but malice. A wicked smile slowly crossed his features, revealing rotten teeth. He was holding a metal bar patting it onto his other hand as he slowly walked in their direction.

Elijah grabbed his best friend and started running through the maze of buildings.

Shouts and loud footfalls were following behind them; the sound of blood whooshing through their ears deafening them. Adrenaline was pumping through their veins, pushing them to go faster. They twisted and turned through the many buildings, hoping to lose their pursuers. They made a sharp right turn, hoping to fool them into going straight ahead, when they realised with horror that they had run into a dead end. They had signed their own death warrant, if they were found here.

There was no way for them to escape. The rowdy voices of the thugs were getting closer, the leader came running around the corner, heavy breaths escaping his mouth.

"'Ey men, looky looky, they gave us the run around, but we hunted them like the rats they are, didn't we fellas?" His voice was gruff. The men around him jeered and some licked their lips in anticipation.

"What say we teach these sewage dwellers some manners?" He leered. Laughter echoed around the dingy alley. Fear grasped the boy's chests like an iron hand. Adam was clasping onto Elijah so tightly that he could barely feel the tips of his fingers.

The leader started to advance forward, flanked by two of his lackeys, each as putrid and vile as the other.

The boys started backing up until they hit the dirty back wall of the alley, eyes darting around trying to look for an escape, but unable to find one. The leader grinned again, chuckling along with his gang.

Elijah and Adam clung to each other for strength. The men grabbed them roughly and dragged them apart. The boys desperately screamed and kicked, bit and punched, trying to break free. The men smelt as bad as they looked, stale sweat, beer and soil. The brute held Elijah with his arms behind his back, pulled so far back he thought his shoulders might pop out of their sockets. He gave a startled gasp, tears springing to his eyes. He could hear Adam shouting.

A punch to the face made him yelp and the tears spilled down his cheeks, mixing with the blood that poured from his nose. A fist to his stomach had him wanting to double over, to ease the pain, but the men held him upright. He wheezed unable to get his breath back, he closed his eyes wishing for a miracle to get them out of there.

A huge "bang" was heard and suddenly the whole ground around them shuddered. Electricity burst through the air, spiralling upwards, some tendrils escaped drilling into the ground, huge cracks surfacing where it had been struck. The already fragile buildings found it impossible to withstand the force of the shocks, crumbling to the ground and making the thugs scatter shouting curses on their way. What had happened? An earthquake perhaps?

Elijah crumbled to the floor, trying to get his breath back. His whole body hurt, his ribs screaming at him every time he took a breath. Adam came into his view, a bruise marring his right eye; a large cut gracing his upper cheek, oozing blood down his face.

"Are you okay Lij?" He asked, his voice was slightly shaky and the concern in his green eyes was apparent.

"Y-Yeah, what the hell was that?" he questioned, still unsure as to why they were not pummelled into the earth. Some concrete fell from the building opposite them, landing with a loud bang, shattering into millions of pieces. Adam leant over Elijah, protecting them both from the onslaught of needle like concrete.

After what seemed like an age they finally lifted their heads, eyes wide and covered in dust. Standing up they slowly made their way out of the alley, to come face to face with what looked like a bomb site.

Crackles of electricity were fading in and out of the air. The buildings were nearly completely toppled over, the ground bearing witness to their death. Elijah and his friend crunched carefully closer towards the crater-like hole that had been formed in the ground. The static in the air got stronger the closer they edged towards it, making the hairs on their arms stand on end. They glanced at each other, fear the main picture on their faces and made their way forward.

As they approached the edge they peered over, shocked at what they saw. A man lay curled up on his side, naked. His long blonde hair curling around his frame, as if protecting him from the outside world. He was fairly muscular, with weird black markings that snaked up his right arm; they looked like they formed words, but when looked at closer they seemed to move into pictures. Elijah blinked, thinking that the hit to the face had done more damage than he first thought.

"W-what is that?" Adam asked, awe and trepidation making its way into his voice. He looked over at Elijah, whose blue eyes were wide, lips slightly parted as if trying to make sound come out.

Elijah slid his way down the crumbling earth to the centre of the crater. A slight hissing sound could be heard, smoke making its way around the prone body. He cautiously made his way closer to the pale body, not sure if it was going to attack him or not, when the body made no move he approached with more confidence, crouching down and poking the body near the shoulder.

He was warm and Elijah could see the slight movement of his body, showing that he was alive. He poked him again, not quite sure how to rouse this person. When the body still showed no signs of waking up he stood up and turned in the direction of Adam.

"Hey Ad-"He started to say, when a warm body suddenly came up behind him and held him tightly. He could hear Adam screaming something and the rush of soil sliding down the crater as he rushed to his aid.

He gasped, afraid to breathe. The man behind him inhaled deeply, crushing him to his body with more force. A hand snaked up to his chin and turned him so he was facing his capturer. Shocking red eyes filled his vision and he gasped, trying to struggle free. Fear gripped him.

The eyes flickered over his face. The man chuckled lightly.

"Hmmm, you smell like a mystery."