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Chapter Three

The warmth emanating from the demon was somewhat of a comfort in the cold marble room. He could feel the cool of the marble against his back, seeping through his shirt and into his bones. A shiver wracked through his body, not only from the temperature but also from the demon's words.

Did he have to be so close to him…and naked?

The blush seemed to be a permanent part of his skin colour at the moment; it'd be ok if the demon hadn't put some sort of magic on him, causing him to look at the other in a less than innocent way. He'd never really thought of the same sex in a sexual way before and now that it was happening, he didn't quite know what to think about it.

The warm breath cascading over his neck had caused goose bumps to appear on his flesh, a strange warmth pooled at the base of his stomach. The butterflies that had been their previously had come back with a vengeance.

Elijah swallowed, trying to find his voice to ask the numerous questions that flew around his head. Who was this being? Why choose him? And more importantly what was his supposed mystery?

He brought his hands up from their position at his sides and placed them on the firm smooth skin of the demon and applied a little pressure, trying to get him to back away from him.

The demon moved away from Elijah's neck, his eyes re-locking onto Elijah's blue ones. Elijah gasped, he couldn't get used to seeing those blood red eyes. They scared him. It was like they could shoot fire from the molten pits of hell if their owner so desired.

The demon smiled as if sensing his thoughts and slowly stepped back, putting a much needed gap between them. Elijah let out a relieved sigh.

"Uh…can you…possibly…put some clothes on please?"

The demon glanced at him like he had grown another head.

"What ever for?"

He asked, like Elijah's request was something so ludicrous.

"Well…uhm…it's kind of distracting with you standing there naked," Elijah managed out, shuffling from one foot to another, cheeks heating up yet again.

A devilish smile graced the demons cheeks and he went to step into Elijah's personal bubble. But Elijah stepped quickly back and muttered another plea.

The demon decided to take pity on the little human just this once and stepped back conjuring up some clothes. Tight black leather trousers snaked onto his body from the ground, curling around his legs and fitting themselves to his body. A long sleeved black fish net shirt appeared from thin air, doing nothing to hide his torso. His neck was adorned with a silver torque fashioned with intricate 

knots. His hair was left loose, the long blonde strands curving around his body. His feet were also left bare.

Elijah gulped, that wasn't much better. At least the being had put some space between them, although his presence was still over bearing, he wasn't breathing down Elijah's neck.

He decided to try and get some real answers; the man always seemed to answer in riddles.

Elijah eyed the being critically, narrowing his eyes and tilting his head to the side. He looked human, had the body of one, although really tall; at least 6' 5". He was lightly muscled but still managed to portray at terrifying character. The only thing that struck him as not normal were the colour of the being's eyes and the strange tattoo like symbols that swirled on his right arm. And the fact that he was able to transport them through hell portals.

"Who are you?" He tentatively asked one of the questions that had been plaguing his mind.

The man chuckled and crossed his arms over his chest, gaze still fixed firmly on the smaller human.

"I am Ira, the King of Demons," he stated proudly. Well, it kind of made sense.

Elijah clasped his hands together behind his back to try and quell the trembles running through his body.


The demon raised an eyebrow when the boy continued to stumble over his words.

"Spit it out human, what do you want to say?"

"Uhm…well…it's just, what is my mystery? I mean nothing mysterious has happened to me at all."

The demon sighed and started talking as if Elijah were very slow.

"Elijah, what happened to you nine months ago?"

The demon started walking around him and Elijah turned to try and keep an eye out. He didn't trust this demon king.

Elijah took a deep breath; he hated talking about that day.

"Well…my parents were m…m…" He trailed off, after all this time he still couldn't bring himself to say what happened to them.

The demon stopped circling Elijah and stepped into his personal space again, making Elijah want to run.

"They were murdered." The demon spoke the words as if they meant nothing, causing Elijah to flinch and try to move away. The demon King was too quick though and grasped his upper arms, preventing his tactical retreat.

Ira leaned in close to Elijah, so close that Elijah could see the beings skin pores. His breath caught in his chest and he tensed in fear. Please don't let him play any mind tricks on me, Elijah begged. He didn't know what to expect from this constantly erratic demon.

The demon's right hand slowly snaked its way up Elijah's arm and grabbed the back of his neck, holding him in place. He held Elijah's gaze as he spoke in a softer tone.

"You do not find it mysterious that your law abiding parents were murdered in their secure home?"

Tears sprung to Elijah's blue eyes, making them glitter in the light of the torches that lined the walls of the hall.

"P…please…" He gasped out; he really didn't want to talk about it. He could still remember the horrors of that night, still had nightmares and a fear of being in dark rooms.

The red eyes softened and the hand on the back of his neck started soothing massaging motions.

"I'm not saying these things to upset you, human. I'm trying to make you see why this is so mysterious. What did the police tell you about that night? Who did they blame as the perpetrators?"

Elijah blinked and tried to look away from the piercing gaze, but was unable to. The large demon had bent down to his height, and was keeping eye contact throughout the entire exchange, making Elijah feel very nervous.

A tear made its way down one of Elijah's pale cheeks and the demon moved to wipe it away with his thumb smoothing the water into his skin.

Elijah tried to swallow past the lump in his throat. It took him a few moments to compose himself before he finally managed to form the words.

"They said that it was a normal robbery and because my parents wouldn't give them what they wanted they…they…k-"he broke off with a sigh of frustration, still unable to say that his parents were killed.

The demon smoothed the boy's hair and pulled him towards his solid chest, embracing him in warmth and muscle. Elijah's arms hung limply at his sides as his struggled to keep his tears at bay. His body was shuddering and Ira ran his fingers through the soft brown hair, trying to calm Elijah down.

"What did they want Elijah? What was it that your parents protected with their lives?"

The demon spoke softly to Elijah's shuddering form.

"I…I don't know," he whispered.

Ira's arms tightened around the smaller body trying to give the boy more comfort.

"T…They put me in a wardrobe in their bedroom, to keep me safe. They told me not to move, but I heard raised voices and I wanted to see what was going on, I knew I shouldn't have opened the door in case the robbers saw me, but I dunno why I just had to see what was happening. I peeked through 

a small gap I'd made and watched the whole thing. I couldn't hear what they were asking for but I heard the gun shot and saw…" he broke off, sobs wracking his body.

He'd seen the spray of blood and brain matter as one of the masked men had shot his father point blank in the head. Heard the cracking as the bullet shattered the skull and the terrified hysterical screaming of his mother. He didn't know how he'd managed to keep quiet. Elijah remembered his mother begging for her life, telling them that she didn't know where it was. But he couldn't recall what "it" was.

He'd wedged himself in a corner of the wardrobe, behind some old shoe boxes and cried. The police had found him a few hours later, shivering and a mess. He'd screamed as soon as they'd opened the door and tried to defend himself, thinking that the men had found out he'd been hidden in there and had come back to kill him.

It'd taken several officers to hold him down; in the end they'd had to tranquillize him and had placed him in a hospital, with officers guarding his room.

They'd managed to get a statement from him a month after the murder and had called it a robbery. They'd pulled two of the main thieves in the area off the street and charged them with homicide and theft. That was it, case closed. They hadn't asked Elijah to identify the men, calling him too unstable and fearing that it would send him into insanity.

Ira pushed Elijah away from his chest to look into his eyes again.

"Yet you do not find this mysterious?" he asked softly.

Elijah fidgeted nervously. Of course it was mysterious but the police had already solved the case, that was it, wasn't it?

"Well…it is a bit odd. But the police have already jailed the people responsible for it."

The demon barked out a laugh, rising to his full height and crossing his arms over his chest looking down on the small human.

"You need to use your brain more, human. You don't think this case was solved too quickly? They didn't even ask you to identify the men, or if they had any strange characteristics. How did they know it was the people who they arrested if they didn't have your statement of their looks?"

The strange markings on the demon's arm were swirling again, moving rapidly like water, forming different shapes. Ira's eyes were a burning red; he was getting excited with all this talk of a mystery.

Elijah took a step back, trying to put some space between him and the intimidating demon king.

"They told me they had collected evidence against them and that it was safe for me to go about living my life! They wouldn't have left me alone if they had arrested the wrong people!"

A cruel smile made its way onto the demon's face and he raised an eyebrow at the human's naïveté.

"And how can you be so sure?"

Elijah sputtered. A sudden feeling of dread clawing its way into his body. Had they really not caught the people responsible for his parent's murder? Was he in danger? Why were they lying to him?

He gasped, his eyes going wide with panic as he frantically looked for an exit.

"A…are you working with them? Do you want to kill me too?"

He didn't wait for the answer, he turned and ran towards the door on his far right, hoping it would lead him far away from his would be murderer. His breathing picked up, adrenaline pumped through his veins as he dashed towards his salvation.

He'd almost reached the door when a black blur sped past him and Ira lounged against the door, arms crossed over his chest and right leg pushed up again the metal work of the door.

"Are you forgetting something human? You can't outrun me."

He pushed away from the door and stalked towards him menacingly. Elijah panicked and started backing away. How was he going to get out of here alive?

The demon caught up to him and roughly grabbed hold of him. Elijah cried out and struggled with all his might, but the demon easily subdued him, turning him around so his back was against the stronger beings chest. An arm snaked its way across his collar bone, ending up on his shoulder and another wrapped securely around his waist, holding him in place.

The demon bent down and whispered in Elijah's ear.

"Did you forget I said I would not harm you human?"

Elijah's loud breathing was the only answer to his question. He could feel the smaller boy trembling beneath his grasp.

He let go of Elijah's body and spun him around to face him.

"I am going to help you solve your mystery."

Elijah looked at him warily. The king of demon's sighed.

He reached up and took off his torque, holding it out in front of him to show to Elijah.

"Here, wear this. It will protect you from anything, even me. It's infused with my magic and stops anyone who wishes to touch you with malicious intent. Wear it."

Elijah tentatively grabbed hold of the metal; it was slightly warm from being on the demon. Elijah looked it over, fingers rubbing over the knots formed in the silver. He debated whether or not to put it on and finally decided to trust the demon. He raised it to his neck and pushed the torque in to place.

He gasped, a tingling sensation spread over his body starting from his neck. He felt slightly stronger too.

The demon smiled.

"There now, we are linked. If anyone should try to harm you I can send some of my magic to you through that torque. I will protect you for as long as it takes to solve your mystery, you have my word."

Elijah nodded tentively; he was touched; maybe he had judged the demon too soon. Lowering his eyes he reached for Ira's hand, touching it gently with the tips of his fingers.

"Thank you." He whispered, as the sense of security calmed his tightly sprung nerves.