"Nope I'm not going. Case closed." I told my twin sister, as I shut my wooden door in her face then locked it. Rude? Maybe. Do I care? No. I went and laid down on the bed, my blue eyes staring at the ceiling. I closed my eyes and started to count under my breath. "one…two…three…"

"CHASE PLEASE!" Begs my twin sister, barging into my room. Hey, it only took her three seconds to pick the lock. Good for her, she's learning fast. I keep my eyes closed, refusing to look at her. I know she's using that puppy dog eye look on me. She always uses that puppy dog look on me. "Please please please?" She begs even more. I feel something pulling at my shirt.

I opened one of my honey colored eyes. "You know raping me isn't going to go very well in your favor." I told her with a straight face on.

"Ugh!" Alice exclaimed as she threw her hands up. "I give up." She complained. I smirked. I win, I always win. "Whyyyy?" She asked dragging out the word, so it started to get on my nerves. Stupid swimmers and their ability to hold their breath so long.

I sit up. "Why?" I asked her in disbelief. As if she didn't already know the answer. Do you know how many of these things my demonic sister has dragged me out to? Well here's the answer one too many. Why? Because I'm a pushover when it comes to people I really care about. But I wasn't going to be a push over on this time. I wasn't going to let her win and have her way. "Because this party will mainly consist of girls, and a few guys. And around midnight when we're all bored out of our fucking minds, we'll play some retarded game like truth or dare, spin the bottle, or seven minutes in heaven."

"Sooooo?" Once again I mentally curse swimmers. Why must their lungs be trained to hold their breath so well, and use their vocal chords at the same time?

"So I'm not going." I told her, as I leaned back. Once again my back hitting my mountain of pillows, I named the mountain Fluffy. Why? Because I can, so deal with it. I burry myself in my pillows so I can't hear her.

"Don't go bury yourself in Fluffy." Alice whined trying to grab the pillows, unburying me from my grave a pillows.

I sighed. "Look Alice I'm not going okay." I said. She gives a grin. She knows that I'm near cracking and I know it too. Stupid push over.

"Come on Chase." She said moving closer to me. "You won't be the only gay guy there." She purred into my ear.

I make sure I give her a really cold icy glare. The best one I could muster with my oddly warm and friendly eyes. "That's it I'm not going." I said. She just lost her chance at getting me to go.

Alice crossed her arms and pouted, as she looked away from me, her blue eyes landing on some random spot on the wall. "Chase I was just joking." She said, regretting even saying something in the first place. Her brother was just so touchy on the subject with his sexuality, probably because of their parents. "You don't have to take every damn thing I say so literally."

I gave a sigh. "Look I'm sorry." Why?! Why did she have to be so good at making me feel like the biggest dick on the planet?! And I hadn't even done anything yet.

Her face seemed to brighten up. "So then you'll come?!" She asked excitedly, practically bouncing off the walls. Hell if she could bounce off the walls, she would be. My face turned back to the glare, and she lost some of her joy. "I mean otherwise I won't forgive you." She said with another pout upon her full lip-glossed ,ready to party, and make out lips. I gave another sigh. I had so lost that one and we both knew it. She gave a wide grin as she pounced up from the floor where she had been kneeling. "Well, I'll be ready in five minutes."

So that is how I ended up in this stupid car, driving my sister to, once again, one of her many lame parties. Only this time, I'll admit that I was wrong. This wasn't a lame party this was one interesting party.

The moment we arrived the music was pulsing loudly throughout the air. Lights were flashing, and fog from a fog machine started to coil around the front of the house. "What kind of party is this?" I asked my sister in disbelief. This was defiantly not one of her normal parties, or at least not the ones she dragged me too.

"It's homecoming silly." She reminded me with a wave of her hand. "Bye." The next thing I know is the spot where my sister had been standing just moments ago was empty.

"Come back here!" I yelled at her. But she was long gone already in the house, and if I wanted her, I would have to go and get her. Sighing I looked at the ground. I really didn't want to go into the house. I wasn't social, so I didn't want to worry about having to talk to people in the first place.

I watched as people tripped over their own feet on the lawn, people smoking and hanging. Finally a group of smoking friends left from a spot on the wall, and I didn't need another invitation. I knew that if I took too long, the spot would be gone and I would be regretting it. Anyway my feet were already hurting from standing for a long period of time.

I made a beeline straight for the spot. And I got it too. If I wasn't so uptight about my reputation, and if my feet weren't hurting, I would probably be doing the happy dance. Cabbage patch and all…

I sat down against the cool siding of the house, as I twiddled my thumbs. No seriously I was twiddling my thumbs. I wondered how long this party could possibly take, and let me tell you, the party wasn't at full blast yet. People were still just arriving, and the other majority of the people was, or was close to, drunk. Yay for teenagers and adults that buy us minors alcohol. Seriously what idiot would give their seventeen year old soon a bunch of alcohol, tell him to get drunk, fuck some chick, and then that way when they drop out of high school and are making some low life way of living, probably sleeping with hookers, they also need to pay child support. Yay. Oh wait that's just going to be the fate of the football players it's all good.

While stuck in my own little world of destroying all things jock. My thought process was interrupted by a heavy weight and a breath that smelled like alcohol. Oh so another reason to add on to my, Why We Don't Go To Parties With Alice list. All the drunks keep falling on top of me. I tried to push the dead weight off me, but it wasn't working all that well.

"Hell cutie." I hear as my sense of smell is assaulted by the alcohol, that was strong even from three feet away. Try right up in your face, uncomfortable.

Curse my weak body, and apparent lack of muscle. Because I still can't push whoever it is off me. After much cursing, and pushing I finally did get the person off me. But what I didn't realize is that they had just grabbed me, and pulled me with them so that I was on top of them. And them was a him. With gorgeous blue eyes, but trust me that wasn't the first thought that came to my mind. My first thought actually formed to a sentence.

"LET ME GO DAMMIT!" I yelled. The male had his arm wrapped around my waist pinning me to him. That, and I was totally taken by surprise.

Those blue eyes glinted and I realized. Hey guess what? He's not actually all the way fully drunk. I don't know what's more scary him drunk, or him not drunk.

The next thing I know, I'm the one on the bottom, and the weight of the male was pinning me to the cool grass. My golden eyes couldn't help but glance around for witnesses someone to help. But no one seemed to notice, they were all too busy with friends, love aspects, making out, getting drunk, and being drunk

I look back up to the grinning male. And then it hits me. I know who that is. "Damien get the hell off me." I told him, my voice low and threatening, but I felt nothing close to what I said.

Damien was the local play boy, and guess what! He swung both ways. Yippee for me. And it was known that I was gay, since my last boyfriend had the little problem of being able to keep his damn mouth shut.

"Oh come on Chase." Damien said, as he trailed a finger down my chest, at least it was on the top of my shirt…oh shit, that's my belt. And that is so not a spot he should be touching right now. Even though I try my hardest not to have any reaction, my breath hitches. I swear, I'm not even trying to have something like that happen….I'M NOT DAMMIT!

Damien gave a low chuckle, as he brought his face down to my ear. His emo style of black hair tickled against my ear, while his hot breath blew into it. I suppressed any need to shudder. Damn my ear. That was my turn on spot, but I wasn't going to let this creep turn me on.

"Damien…let…me…go." I said dangerously low between breaths. Even though Damien was skinny like me, he also had muscle. And I got to give it to him he was drool worth,y but he was also the biggest jackass and used people like yesterday's trash.

"Chase it's a party." He said. Like that was going to make me feel any better. Yep so how did the party go? Great I got raped on the front lawn by a guy who was just faking to be drunk, but he did have a little too much to drink. And screw the make out session, he just went straight to the sex….so I just lied. While I was off yelling at myself in my head for being the stupidest easiest person to molest, I felt lips touch mine. I refused to move my lips. I would not kiss back. I was not going to let him win this easily.

He gave a chuckle against my lips and all of a sudden I feel my most private, me place, being grabbed. When I was distracted he must have gotten my pants undone too. "SON OF A BITCH!" I try to exclaim, 

but the moment I opened my mouth, his tongue is plunged into the mouth. I try not to gag on the taste of alchohol that he is leaving behind. I do the one thing I can possible think of.

I bite his tongue. And not in the kinky kind of way, trust me. Kinky was far from my mind, even though this guy was trying to get me sexed up, and obviously my dick had different thoughts then my mind, and was going hard. TRAITOR!

I feel the blood running down between my teeth, but I don't let go even when Damien tried to pull back. I just bit down harder. After a while I decided I'd let him go. And the moment I did, he sat up on top of my stomach so I still couldn't move. First he glared at me with those crystal blue eyes, but then he started to laugh, and a smirk started to stretch across his face. Trust me that is scary, when you see that smirk stretch across his face.

"Damien!" I hear in the distance. The male emo boy glanced back for a second, yelling a quick reply as he turned back to me.

His smirk just growing even larger. "You interest me Chase Wagner." He told me.

Mentally in my brain I was adding a, well you don't interest me. You disgust me…"Manwhore…" Opps, did I just say that outloud? By the way that Damien's amusement seemed to grow, I guess I just did.

He leaned down so that his lips were almost touching mine. Did I mention how horrible the alchohol smells? "I will make you go on your hands and knees and beg me for mercy…that's a promise." He said in a seductive voice. But unfortunately to me I wasn't falling for his seductiveness, and even though he tried to make it sound kinky. I thought it sounded like a threat, probably because it was both.

Once again lips were pressed against mine in a soft kiss. That actually took all my will power not to return. Then the weight was magically gone from my chest. I sat up to watch the fading form of Damien go towards the house, once again. Did I mention that even though girl jeans weren't my personal favorite, Damien's ass did look damn fine in them. Wait…gah…what am I thinking I practically got raped. I think I would have gotten raped, if that other person hadn't called for him.

Sighing I look down at myself. Little fucker, there's my belt and jeans undone, and my so obvious erection. Traitor once again filters through my mind. I never thought I was this easy. Hell usually I'm not this easy. See I've always been the dominate. I have never gotten questioned, and now Damien was questioning my dominance. I would not let him get away with this.

"I'll make you beg for mercy on your knees." I said under my breath, directing it to Damien. But of course he couldn't hear me. No one could, but me and my psychotic mind.

AN-So this is my first, first person story (on here anyway) so tell me what you guys think. I like this one, so I will continue it!

P.S. Damien is so mine! Cuddles to Damien.