"So what are you in the mood for? We've got pizza, hot pockets, those frozen dinner things that taste like crap, oh oh oh Ice cream." Damien said the last item cheerfully as he pulled out the ice cream container and grabbed a spoon out of the drying rack and dipped it into the vinalla custard bringing it to his lips. "Yum heaven." He said as he brought the spoon back to the ice cream, well someone had a sweet tooth.

"Do you know how unsanitary that is?" I asked the other with a roll of my honey eyes as I let my fingers tap against the wooden table.

"Yeah well do you know how much you're a party pooper?" He asked me, immaturely might I add, and stuck his tongue out at me. Oh yeah that defiantly scores him points in the mature section. By the way that was sarcastic people.

I just gave a sigh as I set my head in the crook of my arm closing my eyes and giving a yawn starting to drift to sleep…smack!

"WHAT THE HELL!" I exclaimed as I sat up straight rubbing the back of my head that had been hit, and not lightly might I add. Damien was grinning behind me.

"That was for your own good." The black haired male answered with a shrug as he walked over the freezer pulling out a box, "Pizza it is."

"How the hell is that for my own good?" I asked my voice tight with anger as I glared at Damien hoping that lightening would come and strike him dead where he stood, but this wasn't Chase's World this was the Real World, and lightening just doesn't come out of the sky and strike people dead when you want it to..

"Because you shouldn't sleep it would make your condition worse. You could never wake up or something." Damien answered hopping on the counter.

I gritted my teeth. "You idiot that's a concussion not hypothermia."

"Eh…same difference." Damien replied. I gave a heavy sigh wanting to go back to sleep, but the thought of Damien waking me up by hitting the back of my head was not a very appealing one. So instead I just propped my elbow on the table and rested my chin in the palm of my hand.

"I'll be right back." Damien said as he disappeared. Good riddance to him, even if he didn't come back I would still be happy.

I looked at the clock, the other male had been gone for a while. As I put my head back down and closed my eyes, once again asking myself why of all places had I chose to come to Damien's? Maybe it's because the few friends I had were good friends of the family and I would have been shipped back. There is no way I would came here out of my free will, but the thing is I had showed up at his apartment out of my free will, no one else had came to mind. Why? Why was this happening to me of all people? Couldn't I just lead an uneventful life? Okay so I wouldn't want to lead an uneventful life, but still I didn't exactly ask to be dragged into Damien's World now did I? Nope I would so much prefer to be in Chase World, so much simpler.

Smack!..."Dammit Damien!" I exclaimed as I rubbed the back of my head once again.

"Well don't fall asleep then we wouldn't have this little problem now would we?" He asked as he set a lamp on the table.

"Oh I'll give you a little problem…" I growled at him.

"Kinky." Damien said with a smirk as he plugged in the lamp in and was adjusting it.

"What's that for?" I asked him.

Damien smirked, as he flicked the switch. "This." He said as the bright light blinded me, causing me to close my eyes then shield them. "What the heck Damien?" I asked him.

"Where were you today before you got to my house?" He asked his palms slapping against the table. I felt like I was in one of those stupid cop shows.

"What are you doing?" I asked him suspiciously.

"I am interrogating you…and if you don't cooperate or lie I will throw you in jail…well in my closest because that's the closest thing I have to a jail anyway. " Damien rambled off with a wave of his hand before getting in my face again. "Now I will repeat my question one more time, where were you before you showed up here?"

I rolled my honey eyes, "I was at a restaurant with my mother," I answered still shielding my eyes from the light, "And can you please get the light out of my eyes it hurts."

"No the light is needed during the interrogation." Damien said as again started to ask questions. "So why did you leave said restaurant and come here?" He asked.

"Because…" I said "…I wanted to."

"Pfft." Damien said obviously not believing me. "I don't believe you. So why did you leave and come here I ask, or else I will throw you in my closest don't doubt me." He threatened.

"Because she said something that I didn't like, okay?" I said with a roll of my eyes. "Can we just drop this already it's stupid." I said staring at the stove.

Damien gasped loudly and dramatically. "And now you think my ideas are stupid, you are a very very heartless boy." He said with a slight snicker before going back to his serious cop mode. "Now what exactly did your mother say?" He asked

I just glared at him, and stood up walking away, why hadn't I thought of that earlier? I figured I would just leave anyway, why did I come here?

"Wait…Chase…" Damien said grabbing my arms and twisting me around to face him, flinching a bit when he saw my gaze, yeah I was pissed and I'm pretty sure my glare could make a roomful of people drop dead. "Look if you don't want to talk about it, fine I'm sorry. But just don't leave." He said sounding pathetic, it was probably one of his tricks anyway to make me stay.

"Why do you care anyway?" I asked him my voice almost a growl. I ripped my arm out of his grasp not caring if I had hurt myself in the process. "You don't care. You don't care about anything but yourself, so just leave me alone okay." I told him.

Damien looked mad when I said that, and the next thing I knew I had been shoved against the wall harshly, getting the wind knocked out of me. My head hitting the wall so hard that my vision blacked out for a second. "Don't you even for a fucking second think that you know me, or what I fucking care about." He said angrily giving me another push against the wall before letting me go. "Fine if you want to, fucking leave, but it's not going to solve anything. All you ever do is run away. Haven't you ever thought about facing your problems."

That's when I lost it and punched Damien in the face hitting him square in the nose, there was no crack of bone breaking, but blood started to come from his nose and Damien brought his hands to his nose and started to curse under his breath. "How dare you even think that I run from my problems because I don't." Okay so that was a lie, usually I did run from my problems. But if felt good to punch someone.

"Jesus Christ you didn't have to punch me." Damien said his voice sounding funny from having his nose clogged with blood as he walked over to the sink and brought water with his hand and brought to his nose.

I was still anger, but I found myself laughing. Maybe it was crazy laughter, but it was hilarious seeing Damien tending to his bleeding nose, that and I caused that injury in the first place, and his voice which just made it funnier.

Damien gave me a weird look with his blue eyes. "Are you crazy?" He asked me.

I probably did look crazy but I wasn't, at least not yet. "No I'm not crazy." I told him walking over and gently pulling his hand away from his noise and I surveyed the damage, the blood had seemed to have stopped. I grabbed a paper towel and wet it under the running water coming out of the faucet as I cleaned up the blood that was left on Damien's face. "I'm sorry." I said with a small smile, "But it was funny."

Damien seemed to think about it for a moment, "Yeah I guess it is pretty funny. I had it coming anyway." He said with a wave of his hand as he leaned against the counter on the kitchen.

It was times like these where I really think I could get along with Damien, he really wasn't that bad of person.

Damien grabbed the collar of my shirt and pulled me closer to him and kissed me on the lips, catching me off my guard. "You so owe me for this later though, and I will make you pay up." He said with a wink. As the timer started beeping announcing that the pizza was done as he left me standing there like an idiot while he went to get the pizza.

And then it was times like this when I hated him and wish he would grow up.