Don't leave

Please don't go
Not now
I love you
And I'll miss you

I shouldn't ask
It isn't fair
It's already
Hard for you

Leaving all
The things you know
Half way across
The world

It's just a few years
But that's long enough
For all of us
To move on

We're school-kids
And much to young
To promise
Undying love

But if you stayed
We'd have time
To build something

But not for ever
Please, make it not

'Cause I still love you
From across the world
If you're still you
And I'm still me

You know how I feel
What this is doing to me
So come back to us
To all your friends

Written after a firend of mine moved away to New Zealand (I'm in Britain). Probably no good, was written while I was feeling morbid. Still, please reveiw!