Authors Note: This is actually a Valentines Day poem I wrote for my English Class last year. I think I got an A :) But I changed it a bit and here it is! Please Read and Review! Thanks! -Roni

Love and Hate have always been the same

They say it's the closest thing to magic

The thing that we all wish to possess

Some say it's what they live for

Others, claim it doesn't exist

We all think about it, I know I have

I've tried to process it in my head

Tried to analyze it

Take it apart

But all I come up with is something unreal

Something unbelievable

We all wish it to be real

We all wish it was true

True as the people in front of you

True as the dreams you dream

The life you live

The people you touch

And the souls you see

You can all imagine who your love will be

What they will look like

How they will act

If they'll wipe the tears from your eyes

Isn't that what you all dream?

You naive humans

With your love stories and hopes for fairy tale endings

How ignorant you all are to the pain that comes with it

But yet, as I've stated before, I don't believe

Believe the dreams, all the wishful dreams

The feelings that cloud your judgment

Love can work either way

Some people are yet to be broken

Others just on the mend

Love is something most learn to hate

Hate is something I've learned to love

Truly, they've always been the same

Both something some don't wish to be real

When they're dreams upon dreams backfire

When their long awaited common sense chimes in it is too late

The magical wish, a horror too strong

The darkness of the other has taken over

True love has always been too much of a fantasy

We should have just have kept it in our dreams