(tonight) i'm falling in love with the sky
the genesis of our empathy shifting between his avarice eyes
the way he bends around the atmosphere smudged in such a
sardonic fashion, saprophytes of nostalgia memories round around
his luxuriant lips, the feeling of pyromantic narcissism pulsing through
me everytime we kiss;

the brim of our/his/my existence fading between the edge of the
red and blue horizon.


the paroxysm of his bristling fingertips
ache like arsenic, pealing through my skin, exhale of scabs & stigmas
stinging across my ratty bones. he smeared fallen stars through my
dandelion yellow petals, his slow crashing beauty cascading down my
neck as i try to hold him together with needles & narcotics.

(and in the end, everybody's just waiting to sink)


his sunken-eyed pale complexion glows
between the morbid twilight and i'm losing him between the pallid clouds,
my throat surging with dainty 'i love yous' as his cries roar through this
slipping winter, his arms dipped in the ice cold imperfections.

the apocalypse curls around him, and i turn away my head.
whispered, like drowning softly in your funeral sins:

'don't miss me'
'don't miss me'
'don't miss me'


(he's gone.)