Be caring, be gentle
Be thoughtful and sweet
Don't lie or deceive
Don't stray, don't cheat
All of these things
Do for the one you love
But keep this in mind
It's not enough
It's never enough

Be her shelter from the rain
Be the shoulder for her tears
Be the strong supporting arm
Be her ready and willing ears
Be everything she'll let you
Be it for the one you love
But never ever forget
It won't be enough
It'll never be enough

I listen when you call me
I remember what you say
I keep your whispered secrets
I shall never your trust betray
I have done everything you let me
For you, the one I love
But I know the truth
I'm not enough
I'm never enough

I stood firm by your side
When you thought you stood alone
I supported your dreams
When everyone else said no
I was everything you asked of me
For you, my only love
But one painful fact remains
I wasn't enough
I was never enough