Closed Doors oneshot

Music filtered through the stereo speakers. It was sunset, so light poured through the window in soft orange and yellow colors. The room had a soft feeling to it, the peaceful quiet cloaking the room. A forgotten ratty gym bag was thrown into a corner and a pair of grey worn sneakers lay next to the bag. The owner of the bag leaned onto a railing and covered her mouth trying not to let her sobs ring out in the room. But the pain in the sobs were clear and tears just flowed out of the girl as she leaned onto the railing for support. She held her chest where her heart lay in tattered pieces. She knew it wasn't supposed to hurt this much, she was supposed to start anew. Her heart wrenching sobs distracted her from the door opening. A boy stepped towards her and reached out to grab her shoulder but faltered. She felt his presence and choked down another sob. The boy stepped back from her and turned around intending to walk out of the room.

"Why," was all he said before walking out. Letting another tear slip down her face she turned to the door he had exited.

"Because its what's best," she spoke out in a clear voice. Her voice still held the gruffness that only came from crying. She didn't know he was standing outside the door, not strong enough to walk away from her completely. He did hear her and he shook his head. Nothing she was doing was for the best. He resisted the urge to walk back into the room and sweep her into his arms.

"You'll be fine without me. I'm not sacrificing anything leaving this place. You on the other hand have everything to lose if you left," she said speaking out as if he was directly in front of her. Her hand tightened her grip on the railing afraid she'd slip if she removed her hand. He shook his head listening to her words, didn't she understand? If she left, he'd lose everything.

"I don't want you to make a mistake in loving me Aaden," she continued and he gripped the door handle behind him. Loving her was not a mistake. Leaving him was the mistake. She walked towards the door that he was just on the other side and let another soft cry leave her lips.

"But I do love you, I love you Aaden. I love you enough to leave you and let you go," she said softly speaking to the door still oblivious to the fact that she was confessing everything to him. The music crooned of pain and broken hearts. It made her sigh as she slid down the door gripping her hands.

"I wish you'd understand," she said. He smiled bitterly, he didn't understand. So he expressed it out loud.

"I don't," he said and she gasped staring at the door. He sighed and rubbed his head furiously glaring at the ground.

"I don't understand Cara," he told her, knowing she could hear him as he had heard her. She stared at the door, tears blurring her vision.

"Cara, you can't make me understand this," he said his voice catching at her name. His grip on the door handle loosened and his hand fell away from the handle. He took a step forward, his intent on leaving when a voice stopped him.

"Why?" she asked, the door wide open. Both turned to each other, facing one another without the door in front of them. He stared at them, his face blank of emotion but she knew him better and so she looked into his eyes. They were blank, nothing. She lifted her hand but thought better of it and put it back to her side.

"Aaden," she said her voice shaking. He looked at her blankly but he was looking at her and that was enough. He watched her face looking for emotions and there it was splayed across her features for him to see. There was pain, heart break, bitterness, and love. Love stood out in her features, her eyes were soft when she looked at him and he couldn't resist stepping towards her. He bit his lip before smiling at her bitterly.

"Because you don't leave the person you love behind, so I don't understand why you're leaving me," he said.

"I told you it's best," she said.

"Best for who? You?" he challenged. Her brown eyes darkened and he was relieved, he could handle her anger. Never could he handle her giving up.

"Don't you dare say that," she said. He stepped towards her pushing her to say that it was best for him.

"Go ahead say it," he said. She lowered her eyes and looked at the floor.

"Aaden," she warned. He took another step towards her and when she looked up, they were face to face, millimeters apart.

"Say it," he breathed and she closed her eyes.

"It's best for you," she said and he captured her lips in a kiss. It was bitter, angry, passionate, but there was love. She pushed him away from her and put her hands against his chest to keep him away.

"This is why," she said.

"What?" he asked, now completely shocked. She pulled away from him and wrapped her arms around her in comfort.

"I'm not enough for who you are. Everyone's made it clear. I love you, I do. It's just you know me, I could never be with someone who's family doesn't approve. You know how much family means to me. I'm not going to get in the way of family. Yes I know our love isn't childish, but Aaden I just can't," she confessed to him. Aaden stared down at her, bitterness in his features.

"I understand," he said. Cara looked at him and her heart broke all over again.

"I'm sorry," she apologized.

"I know," he said before stepping away from her and looking at her one last time before walking away. When he reached the stairs he turned back to her, a smile on his face. A sad smile, a goodbye smile, a smile that broke her heart.

"You were always good enough," he said. Cara watched him walk down the stairs, her first real love was walking out of her life. She let a timid smile come to her face, he loved me. She knew that and she knew it wasn't enough. He may think she was good enough for him but he could never lose his family. They meant to much to him and she knew it. It pained her that she was never accepted but the fact is, she loved him enough to know that he would never truly be happy without his family's acceptance. Staring at the hallway she let another tear fall down her face. Stepping back she closed the door, it was true, you've never experienced true heart break until you've experienced your first love.


Thanks for the read, a complete different ending then the usual.