Chapter One

Chapter One.

Most people would say my story starts on New Years Day, but I know it starts on New Years Eve, when my Best Friend since I was 12, Becca asked me if I could walk home tonight so her and her boyfriend Aaron could talk for the first time. Little did I know that that half mile walk would change my life forever.


Scarlett Roberts walked down the sparsely populated street, iPod blaring, watching the colorful New Years Eve display going on over her head. She was near jogging in an effort to keep warm; she'd only thought to bring a light jacket to protect her from the biting London cold. Not liking the idea of being a 16-year old girl walking the streets of London alone at night, Scarlett kept a steady pace; after all she had made silver at the all county track finals after her mom forced her into an extra curricular activity.

It was her speed and distraction, both from the Mp3 player and the fireworks show above her that caused Scarlett to run face first into a very tall, broad back. "In quite a hurry, aren't we, love?" He chuckled before turning around slowly as if expecting her. About to spew a witty response she looked at the mans pale face and faltered, he was the most handsome guy Scarlett had ever seen, roughly six foot four, inky black hair, (But not in that fake-y emo way, you could just tell he wasn't the type of guy to dye his hair.), and dark amber eyes. He was of a lean build, but had huge broad shoulders that made him demand the attention of everyone in his vicinity. To Scarlett, he looked like sex personified. It wasn't until he raised a dark eyebrow at her, as if questioning her mental capacity, that she realized she was staring. Scarlett pulled out her ear-buds and intelligently said, "Huh?" Once again he chuckled and said, "Where were you in such a hurry to go, love?" Still dazed that someone who looked to good for the big screen existed, much less was talking to her all she could think to say was, "I was hurrying… uh home?" Her response unintentionally came out like a question but she was spared embarrassment for the rapid loss of her vocals when he was around because a particularly heavy bought of bright explosions had brought many bangs and booms along with quite a few families from there homes.

He locked eyes with her and suddenly she didn't feel disoriented anymore, she now felt as if a cloud had been placed over her mind preventing any sort of sharp thinking. He spoke again, "But that's not where you want to go is it?" Under normal circumstances Scarlett would have protectively put her hand in her jacket pocket where she kept the pepper spray that her mom made her carry with her keys. But this was no ordinary circumstance, proof of that being her monotonous and automatic response. "No, I don't want to go home." He smirked at this than whispered into her ear very huskily, "You want to come with me, don't you?" Before Scarlett even formed the words in her head she responded, "Yes, I want to come with you." Almost instantly he put his arm around her waist and led her to an alley between two apartment complexes. He gently pushed her against an old brick wall and pinned her there with his own body. He nuzzled his nose in the crook of her neck and pushed her jacket off of her shoulder. The second he did it she felt the fuzzy-ness on her mind slip away as well. She could have left. She should have left, she didn't.

Scarlett had always felt as if she had hyper sensitive nerve endings, she got colder and hotter easier than other people and things hurt more easily. In fact it wasn't until that very moment that she was thankful for her over sensitive nerves. So when he started kissing, licking and even slightly biting her collar bone Scarlett was so into the feeling of it that she stopped feeling the cold, seeing the explosions in the sky, and hearing the booms. The only thing she could do was feel what he was doing to her and she loved it. Scarlett really knew she should push him away and run when he pushed himself closer to her and felt herself moan.

But the closer he got to the veins pounding in her neck the more the throbbing between her legs increased and the more she felt like her feet were cemented to the concrete. When he slowly pulled away from her Scarlett moaned once again, this time at his absence. Had her eyes not been closed, enjoying the white hot feeling in her veins, Scarlett would have seen him open his mouth wide and inch long fangs extend from where normal canines were a few minutes ago. But as it was Scarlett didn't notice the fangs until they slid into her neck. Her eyes instantly slammed open and she hissed as he broke the skin. But then as suddenly as it started the pain was replaced by pleasure a hundred times more intense than what she had just felt. She let her eyes slide shut once again, parted her full lips and let the sensation take over. But not before he placed his own bleeding wrist in her mouth.


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