Whispering your name

Just to stir the gloom

I miss you every second

That you're not around

Even those times

I just long to be alone

It hurts so badly when

You clam up and

Push, push me away

I love you more

Than any words

Could say… I wonder

How much of that you


You've heard me

Say it

Time and time

Again and all I can

Do is repeat the words

I know your sounds

I know your thoughts

I know your loves

I know your needs

I know your dreams

And I know your fears

All I want

Is your happiness

Even if it must


My own

I don't care,

Just as long as you are happy

Baby, you rip this heart of mine

To shreds when I don't know what

You mean, when you can't choke

Out the words to tell me when

It's too much, when you lie

Here and cry and tell

Me those words over

And over.

You tell me you hate who you've become

But I don't see you changing any of that

Just burying yourself deeper into that rut

That's not being condsending,

That's what I see

I see your fear that you won't

Give breath to,

But I see it rather than hear it

I see it every time you push

Your family away

And run off with friends,

When you deny your

Love for one of your friends.

I just want to cup

Your face in my hands

And kiss you on

The forehead and whisper

It'll be alright

And let you turn to go

And give you a swift

Kick in the ass and tell

You to get your shit


I want to hold you

When you cry,

And take a shovel

To the bastard that

Made you cry. Even

If that bastard is me

If you didn't love me, sweetie…

I wouldn't have made it this far

But if I didn't love you, I think

You'd be just fine.

But I'm not seeing me

In anyone else.

I'm hoping for you

No matter the cost,

I believe in you when

You can't even believe in yourself

I love you when you

Feel completely unlovable

I want to rescue you every

Time you fall

I want to be

The one you run to

When everyone else

Falls through

When you can't sleep,

I want to be the one on

The other end of the call

You'll always be the one

I can never forget and

Never want to…

But I think I might be

The one you can't

Wait to forget.

I can't say that I

Blame you for that