Where I live
Slogans are a dime a dozen
The right and left are kissing cousins
And fuck if they don't use tongue

Where I live
Badges and numbers are badges and numbers
And letters are symbols on keys
The key to the numbers and badges they cover
Is the symbols don't mean anything
Just abstraction and distance

Where I live
Senses phase like intermittent dreams
While momentality is everything it seems
And empty
Nothing comes or goes but everything I know

Where I live
Hypocrisies are life-style choices
And stagnation is death on its knees
as it sees

Where I live
Art is experience as experience is spacious
As spacious is solid but clear
As far as the eye could hear
With nothing thus so far here

Where I live
Water intoxicates as drugs merely consummate the marriage of discomfort and delusion
This vibrant and vulgar collusion

Where I live
Acting the action and treading the traction
Up-playing refraction

Where I live
Tears are raindrops from within
And life's the art of giving in
To this