Sexcapades of the Newly Married

By Ettare

For Megan

Someday, I hope someone sweeps you off your feet the way I swept my husband off his.


I stood at the window, the heavy drapes pulled back so that I could watch the moon and stars. Tonight the sky was cloudless, perfect, and I could see every constellation with such a wondrous clarity that it brought a delighted smile to my face.

The servant that took care of my dressing had just relieved me of my corset and layers of bridal gown. It had taken well into two hours to properly remove everything. The process had to be taken slow as the fabric was delicate, beads and lace sewn into glorious, stunning patterns. I had thought the gown had been too extravagant for someone like me, but the tailor at the palace had all but demanded that I deserved nothing less than his best work. He'd been outright appalled when I'd asked for something simple.

I frowned, my thoughts coming back into focus. Unfortunately, my new husband had been whisked away not long after we'd said our vows and the ceremony ended. One of the guards, a man I knew to be Broderick's most trusted friend and ally, had come and whispered something low into Brody's ear moments after we'd stepped out through the grand hall's doors. The feast that had been prepared to celebrate the occasion was left waiting with baited breath, but the king hadn't returned. And so the festivities had progressed without him. I had remained strong, smiling and greeting and thanking everyone for joining us on our most joyous day. In the back of my mind though, I was worried. What could have been so crucial to draw Brody away like that, and without so much as a word to me? I shuddered at all the horrible possibilities: war, a sudden famine… The list was endless.

"This is what it's like to be queen," I thought wistfully and leaned out the window a bit, relishing the cool, night air.

"Lean any farther and you'll tumble out," an amused voice spoke behind me. I was so startled, I did nearly fall out the window. Well, not quite as it was situated at a height higher than my waist, but still.

Turning and placing a hand to my rapidly beating heart, I glared. "Perhaps that is what you wanted since it is you who nearly frightened me to my death." My anger was quick to fade though as I watched my husband's eyes roam my body. Suddenly I felt very self-conscious. A man had not seen me in only my dressing gown since I had come into womanhood.

Shrugging off the feelings—they had no place in my head since Brody was now my husband—I took stock of his appearance. He was still garbed in his ceremonial robes. He'd not even removed his crown, something he only wore during formal occasions. His face was amused, but worn as if something had stressed him greatly. Considering his recent absence, I assumed something had.

I stepped away from the window. "What is the matter?"

Brody sighed and walked to the desk situated against the far wall. He removed his crown first and then began unbuttoning his doublet. I moved quickly to help him, my hands smaller and nimbler than his.

"Huthwarn sent word. They're not pleased…" he trailed off looking a little distant before focusing his gaze on my face, "with our union. King Dwyn was apparently serious when he said he wanted me to marry his daughter."

The thought of Brody with another woman brought about a hot flash of jealousy. I composed my features carefully before speaking, not wanting to give such an emotion away. "Is there to be a war then? Because you refused to marry some horrid princess?"

Amusement colored Brody's face again and the corners of his lips turned up. "You shouldn't speak ill of someone you've never even met." Oh, he was making fun of me. I huffed and bit down on my cheeks in anger. I stomped back over to the window, refusing to look at him.

Brody laughed, a deep chuckle that sent shivers down my spine. I ignored him in favor of looking at the stars again.

"You know you're the only one for me, Tynan." He placed his hands on my shoulders and jerked me back to rest against his chest. "Never think otherwise, especially after all we've been through." Humor laced his words again, and I couldn't help but reminisce.

"Perhaps if you hadn't been such an impudent cad, I wouldn't have punched you." I tilted my head backwards to grin up at him.

"Had I known you were going to assault me," Brody paused for a moment, his lips quirking further, "I would have provoked you more."

I rolled my eyes, a bad habit I needed to work on stopping as it wasn't fitting for a queen, and wrinkled my nose. "It wasn't the best way to start a relationship."

"But it did start our relationship." I couldn't argue with him about that. I might not have looked at him twice had he not made such off handed remarks to me, something no one had ever done before because men had never even noticed my existence. And he might not have respected me enough to bring me along on his harebrained journey had I not punched him in the jaw.

I was suddenly whirled around and Brody's mouth smashed into mine. "I've been thinking about you all day," he murmured and tugged me along as he walked backwards to the bed.

My heart quickened in anticipation and fear. I had been waiting for this night for so long, but was unsure of myself. I had never laid with a man before, not in this way. In fact, my experiences with men extended only to Brody and the furthest we'd gone was kissing and lying next to each other whilst travelling. Perhaps I would be no good and Brody would lose interest in me.

I had no more time to think as I fell onto the bed, Brody crawling on top of me. He trailed kisses down my jaw as his hands roved. My eyes fluttered closed from pleasure and I bit back a moan. The room felt much too hot all of the sudden and I desperately wanted to rid myself of my chemise.

Sensing my desires, Brody knelt above me and pulled off his tunic and shimmied out of his trousers, kicking his boots off in the process. He flashed me a quick grin before helping me out of my own garb.

There was a mischievous gleam in his eyes as he appraised me. "This is so much better than the time I peeped while you were bathing in the river Yanna."

My jaw dropped and I smacked his shoulder lightly in outrage. "You promised you wouldn't look!" I'd completely forgotten my self-consciousness.

Brody shrugged and leaned down to kiss my pursed lips. "How could I resist? I had never met a woman such as you before, beautiful and strong and with an unruly tongue that didn't hesitate to put me in my place."

My response was lost as I pulled his face down to meet mine. Our bodies were slick against each other as we tussled about the bed. An unbearable heat pooled low in my belly and I whimpered.

Brody situated himself on top of me once more and gave me a hard stare. I could feel his member, hard and wet against my stomach. "It will hurt the first time." He warned me as he slipped back a bit before driving home.

I let out a muffled scream. I knew the bloom of pain was to be expected and he had even warned me, but it was still shocking.

Brody peppered my face with kisses, whispering soft words of reassurance. After a few minutes, he began moving again, this time to a rhythm of a beat I could not hear.

The fire was back, building low and hot. I struggled with the new sensations as Brody moved, doing marvelous things to my body. I felt out of control, wild, as whimpers and moans escaped my lips.

It was not long before the fire spiked and overflowed. My body shook with the intensity of it. Brody increased tempo before letting out a long, satisfied grown and collapsed on top of me.

We laid there, gasping for breath for some time before Brody rolled away to lie next to me.

"When can we do that again?" The words slipped out before I could stop them and I felt a flush come to my cheeks.

Brody laughed, his eyes twinkling. "In a few days' time. You'll be sore for a while. I promise to pleasure you in a different way tomorrow night," the impish gleam was back, "if you can wait that long."

"And what if I can't?"

His laugh was so pleasant to my ears. "Then I shall be very somnolent during my meetings tomorrow."

I nibbled my bottom lip in thought. There was one more thing I wanted to try before sleep. Feeling emboldened, I reached out a gripped Brody's half-hardened member. If his gasp of surprise was an indication, I could surmise he hadn't been expecting that.

"The council will just have to deal with your drowsiness then."

We continued on into the early morning until the sun first crested the mountains that surrounded Brody's and now my kingdom. All worries of war and politics could wait for the council meeting this afternoon. Until then, Brody was mine and I intended of using my time with him to the fullest.

"You're going to be the death of me, Woman," Brody mumbled sleepily from my side.

I smiled and tucked myself into his chest. Life was perfect and this was only the beginning.


Author's Note: Aha, please don't kill me. The citrus was probably pretty rotten, but I tried to keep it relatively clean. So out of curiosity: Was anyone completely confused by this chapter or did I give enough back-story to make it understandable and interesting?