(Author's Note: Welcome, everyone! This is a fic I started writing a little while ago... the idea hit me when I was watching something on the History channel about Armageddon. It was talking about how the Archangel Michael and a Fallen, Samael, will fight at the end of the world, and I thought "What if the Angel of Death was a girl? And what if Samael was her ex-boyfriend?" It was too good to pass up, and I started doing some research and I now have a "modern" version of God's highest Choir, the Archangels. Please enjoy!!)


Michelle stumbled into her apartment, dropping her sword on the floor and peeling off her armor as she shut the door with her foot. After a long day of judging souls she was exhausted, and all she wanted was a long bath and then some time with her couch. She went immediately to her bathroom, pulling her boots off as she went and leaving them in the hall. She ran the hot water, sighing deeply. Thank God the day was done...

There was a knock on the door, and she thought about ignoring it, but decided against it. With another sigh she walked down the hall, pulling her auburn curls into a ponytail. She reached out to open the door, but the knob turned on its own and then opened.

"How's my little Angel of Death today?"

Michelle rolled her eyes and let Gabe in. His face was cracked in a wide grin and his baby-blue eyes sparkled mischievously. He was wearing low-riding jeans and a blue muscle shirt, which gave his snow-white wings a bluish tint. And since he was wearing his wings, Michelle knew he wanted to go out. She sighed.

"What do you want, Gabriel?"

He grinned even wider and fluffed up his wings.

"Oh, come on! We always go out on Saturdays!" He laughed. "What? Did you think you would get to skip just because of a hard day's work?"

Michelle looked at her bare feet, hiding the smirk. There was just something about him that always made her smile. It was probably the fact the he was absolutely flaming gay and spoke with a voice pitched higher than hers, but who knows?

"Gabe, I'm really tired--"

"Puh-leez." He flipped his gold curls back out of his face. "Girl, you so need a drink. Come on, get your wings on, you're going."


"Michelle! Trust me, you need a drink." He grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the door. "You know you want to..." He topped off the plea with a pout. Michelle cracked.

"All right, fine. Just let me go and change."

Gabe clapped his hands together excitedly. "Ooh! Let me help!"

"Sure, whatever," she said as she walked to her room. "But no miniskirts, I'm too worn out."

Gabe skipped down the hall after her. "Aww, you're no fun."

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