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Kuro-sama: Tragedy of Light and Dark

By: Melissa Norvell

Episode 4: Temptation


Hiromi walked away with a disappointed look on his face as he damned himself for not being able to have the courage to approach the white-haired man's house. 'Why didn't I answer the door? Why an I so shy? Now I'll never get my chance to talk to Kuro-sama, even though I really wanted to know why he hasn't been at the club lately.'

"Hey, Hiromi!" He heard a familiar voice as he turned around, he saw that it was Haruaki but he was too disappointed in himself to even keep a false happy facade.

"Oh...Hello Haruaki..."

"What's wrong with you?" The red-haired man blinked. "You look down about something."

"You know that guy who saved me?"

"Yeah, Kurosagari, Tsukiyama's brother?" His friend inquired.


"I gave you his address. Did you go over there?" Haruaki asked.

"Yeah..." Hiromi's gaze never left the ground. He was so ashamed that he couldn't even bear to look at his friend. What kind of man was he to be so close to even talking to someone and simply leaving the scene? As far as he was concerned, he wasn't worthy of being in his presence and he'd definitely let Kuro-sama down.

"So?" Harukai wondered what the problem was. If he went over there like he wanted, then he got the answers to his questions, right?

"I didn't knock on the door."

"Why?" Did he seriously mean that he went all the way over there and didn't do so much as to knock on the door?

"I had second thoughts but now I'm kicking myself because I've really wanted to talk to him." That's why it was so disappointing. He really wanted to talk to Kurosagari with all of his heart but he couldn't bring himself to do as much as knock on his door. It was like he had travelled all that way to simply look at his house.

"You've been thinking about this guy non-stop, ever since you've seen him," Haruaki tried to hide his irritation towards anyone who gained Hiromi's affections so easily. It was hardly fair, especially considering the two of them were best friends and he didn't even get a second thought.

"I'm worried about him."

"Then go to Tsukiyama's house," his friend pressed. It wasn't that hard. All he had to do was knock on the door. Either he cared enough to go or he didn't.

"I'm too shy," Hiromi's hair shaded his eyes as he frowned deeply.

"You seem serious about this guy." This definitely made Haruaki edgy and it wouldn't end up well if Hiromi kept following his current path.

"He's so sad."

"Kurosagari seems so tough and strong. He can take care of himself. I don't even know why you're worried about him," Haruaki waved in dismissal as he tried to hide his jealousy with a cold facade.

Hiromi was silent.

"You're sad...aren't you Hiromi?" The red-haired man got close to the boy's face. He was so close that Hiromi could smell the strawberry from his pink lipstick and feel the warmth of his breath. "We're friends, right?" Haruaki's voice became low and seductive.

"Yes..." Hiromi didn't really know where all of this would go.

"You know," lips grazed the shell of Hiromi's ear, "friends share their pain and pleasure." If he was to make his move, then he was damned sure going to do it while Hiromi was still confused about the spiky-haired ninja. Since they had a better, longer lasting relationship then he would move in now and let his feelings be known, then Hiromi would at least think about him.

There was no way he'd let Hiromi fall prey to that ninja.

"So let me help you ease that pain," the red-haired man replied and nuzzled the side of his face, then kissed his cheek sweetly.


Kurosagari wrapped his arm tightly with the new bandages that he had purchased from one of the nearby stands. He snuck out late so that his sister couldn't see his wound or she'd place him on suicide watch for sure. "Damn...Used the last ones." The ninja replied and turned the corner to go back to the stands. Kurosagari wanted some bandages in case something else had happened. He needed to be prepared, after all.

As soon as he rounded the corner, the sight he saw before him was shocking, to say the least. Haruaki leaned in and kissed Hiromi on the lips with either hand placed on both sides of his face. Hiromi's hands were laid flat on the other man's chest and the two looked like they had succumbed to a heated moment of passion.

It was like he had been stabbed. The pain in Kurosagari's chest caused him to flinch as his shock gave way to hurt. The white-haired man had remembered that Hiromi had once told him that if he were gay, then he would treat him right. No matter how hard he tried to be offended that the remark, he simply couldn't. A part of it was even endearing to him, in a sick and twisted way. Kurosagari didn't even know why he was being so jealous or hurt by the fact that Hiromi was kissing another guy.

What in the hell was wrong with him?

He shouldn't be jealous about this!

He was straight!

Hiromi then shoved Haruaki off from the unwanted kiss.

"Hey! What's the big idea?" Haruaki thought for sure that he had the other boy seduced. Why didn't his plan work? As he heard the gasp and name uttered from Hiromi's lips, he knew the exact reason.

"Kuro-sama!" Sheer fright and dread crossed Hiromi's face. For a moment, he didn't know what to think and everything felt as if the world was spinning at a frightening pace.

Damn him.

"Not gay my ass," the man frowned deeply and walked off, trying to hide the pain with cold eyes.

"Well, he seemed pretty hurt for someone who says he's straight," Haruaki spat before he was shoved again. "Hey!"

Hiromi quickly ran after the other man to try and explain things to him. It wasn't what it looked like. Haruaki had forced himself on him and tried to take advantage of him, since he was sad. He had spent all of this time worrying about Kurosagari and now he had the chance to finally talk to him. The male wasn't going to let him walk away without a word now.

"Kuro-sama! Wait!" He called out frantically. 'Why do I feel so bad for him? I feel like I have to do something to comfort him.'

Kurosagari kept walking and ignored the boy's cries as he tried so desperately to keep up with him. The more the image reeled through his head, the bigger his temper grew. He swore that the next person he lashed out with would die an untimely death. Today wasn't the day to mess with him. First he had been used by his girlfriend and now he was being screwed with by Hiromi? Enough was enough.

Suddenly, his arm was grabbed before he managed to get inside of his house. The white-haired man whirled around; his two low-lying ponytails followed him as he glared Hiromi down.

"What's wrong?" Hiromi seemed worried about him. How dare he look worried after he was just making out with some cross-dresser!

Kurosagari said nothing, just glared at him.

"Kuro-sama..." The worry on his face only grew with time.

"I want..." Kurosagari started darkly, then he pulled out his sword and drew it back. "To die!"

"What?" Hiromi's heart skipped a beat. Everything happened so fast that it felt surreal. He didn't know why Kuro-sama was acting like this but he had figured that somehow, he had absolutely had enough of whatever was causing him pain. Such pain must be unbearable. In a way, he felt guilty because what Kurosagari saw must have lead to his decision.

"I want to die! I want to die! I want to die!" The distraught man screamed over and over, then placed the sword in the stabbing position, pointed directly at his heart.

"No!" Hiromi shouted and tried to lunge forward but he was too late, the sword pierced his shoulder in a non-lethal place and stuck out from his back.

"But first, I want someone to love me..." Kurosagari uttered sadly. The blood from his wound slowly ran down his chest and back as his blue eyes saddened. The pain leaving his body had calmed him down. All he had needed was release.

"Kuro-sama..." Hiromi was scared out of his mind. He slowly reached up to remove the sword from the man's shoulder. "I...I can be there for you...Kuro-sama...I'll give you whatever you need," he just didn't want him to die. This situation was very serious and this was the only way he really knew how to help it. Above anything else, he didn't want Kurosagari to take his own life.

One way or another, he would make sure that it didn't happen.

"You're just like everyone else." The ninja glared him down.

"No, that's not true. I'd never just trick you at the risk of losing the one person that I think truly understands me. I'll show you how much I care." Acting on impulse, he grabbed the other man's hand and tilted the sword towards himself.

"What are you doing, kid?" Kurosagari didn't get what he was trying to do and hoped that it wasn't anything stupid. He soon found out his answer as Hiromi shyly licked some of the blood from the sword blade.

"Why did you do that?" That could either be something endearing or something insulting, cased on what y ou believed. He wanted to make sure that it wasn't the latter of those two.

"Because I like you."

"What kind of crap are you spouting?"

"Can I at least sow up your wound?" Hiromi asked.

"I can take care of it," the other man dismissed.

Golden eyes spied the wrappings on his arm as the black-haired boy then questioned him about what happened to his arm. Kurosagari told him that it didn't matter as the two of them went into the house and silently walked into his room. Kurosagari sat on the bed and a few moments later, Hiromi sat beside of him.

"Hey, Kuro-sama."


"Could I...take you out to do something?"

"Why the hell would you want to take me out?" After all, he had a pretty, cross-dressing boyfriend now. What use does he have of the ninja?

"Because your girlfriend won't, besides I want to cheer you up," Hiromi looked at the man with sincerity and kindness in his lazy, golden eyes.

"You're so gay...but that's not why I'm declining you. I'm just not in the mood, sorry." It was almost painful for him to utter those words, but why? He wasn't gay, so why did he feel an inward stab for what he had just uttered? Why was he so confused?

"Can we go downstairs?"

"I don't see the harm in it," the spiky-haired man replied, and Hiromi smiled.


Downstairs, a group of women all sat around and talked amongst themselves. The first one to speak up was a woman with bright pink, short, hair cut into a bob with blue eyes. Her form was tall and very slender and she was dressed in a pink kimono with blood red sakura flowers and a yellow obi. She also wore gold zori sandals.

"Yeah, that was pretty damned funny. I can't believe the idiot ran into the shoji door like that," she commented, in the middle of a conversation.

"Stupid..." Tsukiyama agreed.

A young girl with light pink, short, shaggy hair giggled. "How funny."

The girls heard footsteps coming down the stairs and all uttered the word 'huh' in unison as they saw the two men coming down the stairs. The light-pink haired girl spied the ninja's wounded arm and looked very worried.

"Oh my gosh! Your arm! It's hurt!" She exclaimed as she placed her tiny hands on his forearm lightly and looked up at him with an innocent expression and large, sad green eyes. "What happened?"

"I'm fine," Kurosagari brushed it off as if it were nothing and looked to Hiromi. "This is my sister, Tsukiyama and her friends Natsuko and Yori," he introduced.

Finally seeing the boy the shy Yori, who had once clung to his arm was now hiding behind his back. Yori was extremely shy by nature and the fact that there was someone that she didn't really know close to her made her feel intimidated and nervous, especially someone like Hiromi, who dressed in all black and looked a little shady.

Hiromi was a little confused that the girl would be afraid of his sweet and seemingly innocent nature.

"It's okay," Natsuko spoke up, "she's just really shy, especially around people she meets for the first time."

The dark-haired boy smiled in return. "It's alright. I tend to be a little shy as well." He definitely knew how that was, especially since he couldn't even face the front door, much less those who stood behind it. He smiled as Yori slowly peaked from around Kurosagari in a timid fashion. The two looked at each other for a few moments before Kurosagari's deep voice cut in, stating that he was going back into his room.

"Okay...Bye then..." The pink-haired girl was a little confused. Kurosagari came out and he didn't even talk that much, then as soon as he was there, he was gone again. That really wasn't like him.

"Um..." Hiromi said uncomfortably. "Well...Nice to meet you all. Uh...Gotta go!" His shyness had also taken over, not to mention the fact that he didn't like to be stared at, especially by so many women. "Kuro-sama! Wait!" He called as he took off after his white-haired savior.


Hiromi and Kurosagari sat on a large, white bed with linen sheets and black velvet blankets and pillow cases that had lush, golden embroidery. Hiromi had never seen a room so beautiful and until now, had never had the opportunity to feel something as real as the soft texture of a plush blanket in a room that looked as if it belonged in a mansion. He marveled at the relics and riches in the white-haired man's room. He was beginning to seem more and more like a mystical prince and less like a ninja in the boy's eyes.

Golden eyes glanced at the wound, then the black-haired boy shyly placed his hands atop of the bandages. Kurosagari looked at him, blue eyes burnt into golden ones.

"It must be painful," the boy uttered lowly.

"It is..."

"What happened?" Half of Hiromi wanted to know and the other did not. The other half was afraid of what the answer may be and what the true cause of his inflictions may be.

"Why the hell do you care?" The response was cold as usual. Then again, a part of him deserved that remark in some way.

"Because I care about you, Kuro-sama."

"Me? No, you don't care about me. You care about Haruaki," the ninja spat as he narrowed his eyes harshly at the feminine one beside of him and frowned.

"No...I mean...He's my friend but I don't care about him like that. He was forcing himself on me," Hiromi really wasn't lying. Haruaki did suddenly kiss him and hold him there, even though he tried to shove him away by placing his hands on the other man's chest.

"Looks like you were enjoying it." That response was a little more jealous then Kurosagari had planned it to be.

"But I wasn't and why would you care if you weren't gay?" Hiromi smiled. It seemed that he'd at least gotten the ninja to admit that he was considering him and that was definitely a step in the right direction.

"Whatever..." The ninja sighed as he gave in to the boy's words and his features saddened. "I'm not in the mood."

'He's so beautiful...and his grief beings out that beauty.' Hiromi couldn't help but stare at the other man's charm as he slowly and lovingly took his hand. 'Should I? But he might yell and get angry or accuse me of being gay. Maybe if I at least try to comfort him by giving a gentle touch at least.' The adolescent ran his small, feminine hand down the other's well-muscled, lean back and side in a comforting way, caressing each tired muscle as he did.

Then, something crossed his mind and his face lit up with paranoia.

'Oh no...I hope he didn't take that move badly...It did seem kind of sexual. Perhaps I shouldn't make another move or he'll proclaim that he's straight.' As soon as his mind was headed on one direction, the proud man's shudder in approval jolted his train of thought back. 'Well, that was unexpected...'

"I wish you'd believe me. There really is only one person I want," Hiromi spoke up.

"Like I care who you want."

The black-haired boy inched towards his face and looked up into the man's cold, unforgiving eyes. "You did that to yourself, didn't you?"

"What if I did?" It was none of this business anyway. Hiromi needed to take a step out of his bubble, as well as his business.

"That's so sad," Sympathetic eyes cast their gaze down at his bandaged arm.

"Shut up," the last thing Kurosagari wanted was sympathy or pity. He didn't want to be looked upon as a frail and weak creature, but rather as a strong man.

"Something so beautiful shouldn't maim themselves like that."

"Quit being gay." It was making the ninja have that same uneasy feeling that he possessed when he had thought about him in the shower and reflected back on what he said in the bar as well. Not to mention the way he felt when he saw Hiromi kissing Haruaki. Why did he feel this way and what was this strange sensation?

It was befuddling and irritating.

"Sorry Kuro-sama, I just want to be close to you. You seem so lonely." Before Kurosagari had another chance to speak, his lips were covered by soft, supple ones as they caressed his own in a gentle and emotion-filled kiss. Kurosagari's face lit up in astonishment.

'What the hell am I doing? This isn't supposed to happen! I don't like guys! I should push him off and tell him to back off! I'm not gay, damn it! But at the same time...I can't help but feel this is right. His lips feel so good against mine...' The expression on his face calmed after a few moments of thinking things through.

Familiar sensation rose from the pit of his stomach towards his chest and his body tingled all over. Gender didn't matter at this point. Nothing mattered. All that was truly of any importance was that Hiromi was there with him and at that moment in time all he wanted was for someone to care about him. Kurosagari didn't care who it was, he just wanted to feel alive.

"Please, Kuro-sama, I understand your pain. Let me treat you better than Azumi does," Hiromi pulled away, he brushed against Kurosagari's as he spoke in a light tone against his lips.

"But I'm not...I shouldn't be doing this...I'm not gay..." The spiky-haired man tried to protest but Hiromi would have none of that.

The shy boy placed his hand over the wound on his arm and stared intently into his eyes. "But you're in pain...You need someone as your friend. I'd do anything for you."

"But..." He could tell that his Kuro-sama was beginning to get angry at his own troubled emotions. The protesting ninja seemed as if he was trying to say something but couldn't quite bring himself to say it.


"Nothing," Kurosagari spat in defense.

"Please Kuro-sama," Hiromi pressed in a kind tone as he slowly climbed into the other's lap, straddling him and cupping his chin in one hand with the other placed tenderly on the side of his face. "Don't be disgusted at me."

"Strangely enough...I'm not," Kurosagari blushed and averted his eyes.

"Can I?"

"What? Kiss me?" The spiky-haired man asked lowly as his glance slowly moved back towards Hiromi.


"Please do," Kurosagari replied as he gave in to his denial. This would be the closest thing to love that he could get and he would not simply throw away an opportunity. He was desperate for kindness. Anything to ease the pain in his heart and rid himself of the memories of that girl with lime green hair who haunted him in his nightmares and visions of the past.

Their lips locked together in a sweet embrace as the two males began to kiss each other. Kurosagari felt small hands on his shoulders as he felt himself laying back into a cushiony pillow of velvet, linen and gold. The poofy fabric caressed his fatigued body as those same small hands began to roam his body.

After a few moments, he reached up and began to explore the other boy's body as their tongues danced in each other's mouths.

"Wait..." The spiky-haired ninja's eyes flew open as he pulled away from the kiss, a little out of breath from the passion.

"What is it, Kuro-sama?" Hiromi was a little confused.

"I...don't know..."

"You seem so nervous about this."

"It's not like I've done this with a guy before," Kurosagari was glad that Hiromi had so much damned experience in the subject. He acted like it was so easy to just change overnight.

"Will you regret this if we keep going?" If it was regret, then Hiromi wanted to stop it now before he ruined anything. Kuro-sama kept denying himself and if that's all it was going to be, then he wanted no part of a one-sided love affair.

"No, what about you?" The ninja's response threw him off but he was glad of it all the same.

"Of course not," Hiromi smiled.

"You really are gay."

"Well...At this moment in time, so are you," Hiromi teased and pointed to him in a childish way.

"I hate you," Kurosagari deadpanned.

"But I don't hate you," the black-haired boy lovingly teased.

"Hiromi-" The ninja's words were cut short by a finger that was placed over his lips.

"Hush," Hiromi said quietly as the two of them stared each other down for a few minutes. No one spoke, they simply communicated in a language that was only known by the expression in one's eyes. Finally, Kurosagari let out a large exhale and closed his eyes. The other male smiled and inched closer to his face as he stroked his cheek with one hand.

"It's okay...Just think of this as guilty pleasure," Hiromi replied gently as the two of them kissed again.

Kurosagari was very confused but for once, he decided to let the other male guide him. After all, he had the gay experience. He just hoped that it wouldn't come back to bite him on the ass in the future.

...To Be Continued...

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