Q is a letter,

4 is a number,

I am a person

but you,

you are beast you are different.

You must destroyed

That's what were taught…

Maybe not on purpose

It just is

Our parents' think it

Our parents' parents' grew up in that world

and so it passed down to the new generation

We stay to our own groups

we think others are freaks.

All that is different is bad.

I dare to be different though

I think different

we are different?


dose that mean were bad?


It makes the world interesting

Why can't every one learn that?

I am Wiccan

You are Christen

Why do we fight?

We need to listen to our selfs

Live what you preach in your bible

learn to love all and forgive.

For me it is in the reed

harm none and do what thou wilt.

The time is now to act

Stop the battle