A/N: Okay, so I was talking to a friend of mine one night about delicious foods, and I noticed that every food item we were talking about, I liked with peanut butter. It was about 2 a.m. when I wrote this, so if it's not the best poem, that just might be it (that and I really suck at writing sonnets). Anyways, please R&R because it's really nice when people respond to my poetry, and if you're anything like me, this poem should touch you deeply and make you want to respond with heart-felt happiness. :) Alright, I hope you enjoy.

Sonnet for Peanut Butter

Oh your perfect blend of sweet and salty

Drives us all nuts

None believe you could be faulty

And you'll make all of our cuts

I like to put you on everything

From poptarts to bananas to pie

Your amazing taste can make a chorus sing

We love you, that is no lie

You taste so great you are served to royalty

And us mortals gather 'round

We follow you with great loyalty

From the second the peanuts are ground

There is no disagreement with the words I utter

For it is true, we desire peanut butter