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Chapter One

It was a bright day in the country and in the small village of Otium the people strolled around happily as they took care of their business. At this time Kouhei, a young peasant walked to the outskirts of the village and headed to the river in the hopes of catching some fish. He sighed and turned his brilliant green eyes to the sky as he passed his hand over his unruly brown hair. Although it was a nice enough day he was somewhat dissatisfied with the way things had been going lately.

He lived a modest life in a small house and made his living off of working on the farms of others. He made enough to care for himself which was enough as he had been living on his own for a number of years. The main problem to him was the dullness he had to endure as he went through a monotonous life. As much as he tried to deny it he wished for some type of adventure in his life.

It so happened that adventure was waiting for him at the river. Kouhei froze as he arrived at the riverbank as he watched a young girl around his age laying against a large tree. He stood there for a moment before getting closer. He stopped and crouched down to see if she was alright, but she just appeared to be asleep. A slight blush spread across his face as he observed the girl.

She was very pretty with fair skin and golden hair. From what he could see she also appeared to be quite wealthy. She was dressed in a white off-shoulder tunic with long sleeves that reached down to her mid-thigh with gold trimming. On top of that she wore a long sleeveless robe of the same color. She also had on a pair of white boots and a golden pendant. The pendant had a sort of emblem on it, but he couldn't make out what it was.

The girl groaned and Kouhei was startled as she stirred a bit. He fell back, but she did not wake up. He sighed and stood up only to notice that her leg was injured. It had a rather nasty scratch on it. He looked around and frowned as he carefully picked the girl up. Although part of him told him to just leave her where she was another part told him that he couldn't just leave her there where something could happen to her. With those two parts of his mind arguing he made his way home. It looked like fishing would have to be postponed.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the realm of the Gods a certain deity hurried through the halls with a frown on his face. His robes swished behind him as he walked. His silver hair reflected the light from the large windows on the side and his ice blue eyes shone with a sort of determination and rage that he had never known.

"Vel-sama, what is it that has angered you so much?"

Vel stopped and turned to look at the woman that had spoken and frowned. A slender girl dressed in black and violet robes. Her skin was of a pale color as if it was untouched by the sun and she had long black hair and dark purple eyes. Although she was a beautiful goddess she had a cold and ominous aura. Vel was weary of her as he approached her.

"It is none of your concern Atrer." Vel said flatly.

Atrer smiled with false sweetness and then looked around.

"Vel-sama, where is Lys-sama?"

Vel looked away and Atrer smirked.

"Is she not with you? Do you not know where she is?" She asked in mock worry.

"No, I'm afraid I don't know where she is." He said as he began to walk away.

"You lie, Vel-sama."

The god stopped and heard the girl chuckle.

"You know where the bright goddess is, yet you are hesitant to share her fate with others. Why is that? I wonder…."

Vel clenched his fists and Atrer walked towards him. She placed her arms around him as she stood behind him and he flinched at the unwanted contact.

"I know where your sister is."

Vel froze and Atrer smirked.

"I can help you if you wish my lord."

Vel remained still as he thought of what to do. He let a small sigh escape him and nodded. Atrer smirked and shadows surrounded her and the bright god as she took him to the realm of shadows over which she ruled. Once there she led him to her chamber and there she showed him a large silver mirror of which there was no equal.

"This mirror is filled with magic and power greater than that of any other god. Look into it my lord and in it you will find what you want. Walk into it and you will appear wherever you wish."

Vel hesitated before turning to Atrer.

"Will it take me to where Lys is?"

Atrer could see the pain and worry in his face. She took advantage of the god's concern and nodded.

"Yes my lord, this mirror will take you to Tellus, the world of the mortal men in which you will find Lys-sama."

Vel turned back to the mirror with a resolute expression.

"Tell no one of this." He said sternly.

"Of course." She said with a smirk.

Vel walked into it and headed to the realm of humans which no god had walked on for centuries. It was only his love for his sister that drove him to do it. It was this same love that led him into Atrer's trap.

End Chapter One

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