Chapter 1: The Intros

Dear Journal,

Am I supposed to say journal? I dunno, anyway, I'm starting this journal to keep track of what's happened to me over the past few years. Knowing me, I'll forget to write in this after this entry, but oh well. Hmm where to start.... I guess I could be dull and say my name I guess. My name is Gayle, that's short for Abigail. People at school call me Gayle, and my mom calls me Abigail. I hate that name, just so you know. Anyway my three best friends in the whole world gave me the codename Poseidon. Why? Well I love water. A whole bunch. So much that I can even control it. Not many people think that the dirty blonde haired, five foot ten slim girl with olive eyes that I am could do that. Think I'm crazy yet? If not then sit tight -Wait, you're a journal, can you sit?- because it gets crazier.

So the secrets out-well sorta anyway-, I have what some people call superpowers. Do my family or other people know? Of course not, duh! Only my three best friends know. They too are what we call "special"; we have to stay on the DL-that's down low if you didn't know.

Well I guess I can't just keep calling my friends, three best friends. And since I probably should do this whole journal thing right, I probably should give some detail right? *shakes head* right.

Where to start… first, there's Chris, she's basically a super genius with long dark brown hair. She's not short but she's not overly tall and she has these green eyes that convey wisdom. Like, she's so smart that she's as smart as people who are way past ten years ahead of her in their education. Her codename is Athena. Athena is the Greek god of wisdom, apt name don't you think?

Next there'd be the tallish blonde hair blue-eyed gal that's named Karen. She can control earth stuff, for lack of better explanation. Who do you think I am? Athena? Anyway, she got the codename Demeter because Demeter is the Greek god of the harvest and the earth.

Lastly, there's the soft-spoken Kyle, who's about six foot with blond hair always spiked with gel and has steely gray eyes that can cut through anything when he wants it too. Kyle's the only boy in the group and he can run really fast. Like, he runs the mile in thirty seconds, on a bad day. We gave him the codename Hermes, after the god of speed. But he's just a friend, like a brother almost. Promise.

So there ya go. There are four of us, each with a supernatural ability. And coolest of it all is that we get super awesome code names after Greek gods and goddesses that we use in notes, passwords, and other stuff that high school kids do that require code names.

Well with that out of the way, I guess I should explain how we got these awesome, incredible, stupendous, I've-run-out-of-big-words, powers. But I think I hear mom coming upstairs. I'm supposed to be getting ready for bed and finishing up my homework. Not writing in some super secret journal about how my friends and I have powers like the Greek Gods and Goddesses. So until tomorrow.