Authors Note

It feels like years since I've been active on fp and it probably has been, too. Anyway, I just wanted to quickly explain why I've taken down this story.

In a nutshell. I'm pursuing publication (not with this story, with another).

There are several reasons why this means I've decided to take down Cinderella's Real Name Was

1) My writing from when I was fourteen-fifteen thoroughly embarasses me. This is the second real novel I wrote, and it isn't terribly good in my opinion. I've improved and matured so much as a writer that it just gives me peace of mind to not have people judging me by this. Hence the deletion of all but the first chapter -- which remains so that people can see I didn't start out as a particularly good writer.

2) I'm thinking of recycling ideas and characters from this book into a new, better one since I do love this story. As such, I'm not quite comfortable with it being posted in its entirety.

3) The sequels are never going to be posted, and I think this novel is far from stand alone, so it's unfair to readers to leave it up. Sort of like being a tease for a prolonged period of time on purpose. I'm genuinely sorry about this.

In terms of me and where I'm at now, I have an amazing literary agent who is currently pitching my YA novel to publishers. You can read more about it on my blog if you want to: http : // ramblingsofawriter-inkspatters (dot) blogspot (dot) com/

And to finish off this author's note, thank you so much to every person who read this story, reviewed it, favourited it or whatever. Your comments meant a lot to me, and I learned a lot from you whether you know it or not. If you have any questions, or anything, I still reply to PMs -- don't be scared, I like to talk to people as much as I used to when I was active here (that is, a lot) :D