Two Legs, I owe you

An apology

You invested your love and your time in me

You built me a home that was all my own,

A glamorous, sterile Perspex dome

A prism that was neither too hot nor too cold

And diffracted the sun quite brilliantly

Each day you watched me eagerly

Awaiting my retreat

Your thick pink stalks pushed me things

You thought I'd like to eat

The leaves were rather second rate

But I did my best to please

And you were proud that I survived your clever care with ease

I was safe from birds and things that snatch

A caterpillar from his habit


The danger lay within

I could not stop the clock and so

You said a fond adieu,

Bid me do whatever creatures like myself must do

The separation angst was great

But I knew we'd meet again

So why the look of horror now?

Do my colours disappoint?

I AM the friendly caterpillar

You chose to so anoint

It hurt to see your crumpled face as I lifted my drab wings

"A moth!" you cried

"Oh no!" you sighed

"It was butterfly on the tin."