Romeo and Juliet

O Romeo and Juliet, wherefore art thou

So complex, yes, indeed I wonder how

In foolishness you had been caught in love,

'star-crossed' they say, fate of the stars above,

That led, (despair!) to your soliloquies

Those were filled with none but melancholies!

And here I am, O woe, O woeful day!

As I attempt whatever that thou say.

Obsessed with Rosaline, oh moan thy plight

With lots of cheesy lines, (how boring, right?)

For it is not my business that you would

Be so quick to change your love and your mood

Upon Juliet thine eyes were laid, and there

Was lover's kiss, and talk of sin? Oh fair,

T'is not as bad as when you went ahead

To moan exile; attempt to lose your head.

And soft! I do not know why you would die

Because your love is but faked dead? Oh why

Did you be fool to drink a vial; poison,

And leave a knife for her, you flap-dragon!

And there went Juliet, stabbed herself. O child!

Had you not loved him things would be so mild.

And here is my dear own soliloquy,

Of how dumb, silly, lame is Romeo, he.

For never was there a story of more woe,

Then this of me and impetuous Romeo.

Dear reader,

if you are one of those shakespeare fans (like me! I am in love with william shakespeare), and feel that this is an inappropriate way of treating his work, I think so too! I was mostly thinking of helping those people who just cannot stand shakespeare (this would make them laugh). I absolutely love shakespeare and I want all of you to know that Romeo and Juliet is more than what is written here. Although Romeo is an irritating character, I learnt to love him. Those who haven't read this love story unabridged, I suggest you try. It is a wonderful romance! Hope this poem made you laugh! You'll probably laugh more if you read the play already :)