Just a Little Bit
Chapter 001

I groaned, frustrated, as I took note of how long it was taking me to get my bag out of my locker. Unfortunately gym was my last class of the day and to refrain myself from having to carry my book bag around I attempted to stuff it in my locker.

With one last pull the bag sprung harshly from my locker causing me to jerk back at the force. Placing the heavy bag on the floor I ran a hand through my dark locks before puffing out my cheeks and slinging the bag over my shoulder. It landed roughly at my hip and I grimaced. The weight was causing the strap to dig painfully into my shoulder.

With a light slam of the locker I walked on in the abandoned halls until I reached the exit of Harrison Bay High. I took notice of how empty the halls were. I preferred being one of the last few to leave the school. It saved me the trouble of being knocked into or even having my foot stepped on.

I squinted my eyes when the ray of sun hit me and my vision was slightly blurred because I had foolishly looked directly into the sun. I couldn't help but feel disappointed when I saw the regulars sitting by the bench outside of school. I always left around the same time, and they were always there, everyday. They annoyed me.

I wasn't a nosy person but it didn't stop me from wondering why they didn't go home immediately like everyone else. They would never directly say anything to me but they definitely didn't mind staring or even talking about me. It bothered me but I never said anything because I really didn't want to have anything to do with them.

It was different today. There weren't four of them as usual but this time only three. And instead of being by their usual spot they occupied the tree I passed to get to the school parking lot. I frowned at the idea of even being remotely close to them.

I folded my arms lightly across my chest as the wind picked up, blowing my hair in various directions. Stepping down the stairs I didn't meet their gaze as I walked by. With each step I grew even more uncomfortable. I hated when people stared at me.

"You're a bitch, aren't you?" he called out as I neared closer.

I looked up figuring the comment had been directed towards myself for the mere fact that nobody else was around. I was confused as to why he was even speaking to me none alone asking me if I was a bitch.

"Too good to talk to me, right?" The same guy called, demanding I answer. I heard his friends snicker by his side and I resisted the urge to glance at them and instead met his gaze. Just by watching his face I could tell how annoyed he was but I hadn't done anything to him.

"No," I answered my eyes narrowing. "What's your problem?"

I watched as his lips pulled into a thin line and I took the time to observe him. If it wasn't for his nasty attitude I'd consider him attractive. His skin had a natural glow while his hair was a rich brown, so dark it appeared black.

"Otherwise I wouldn't be asking," he inhaled the cigarette, or what I thought was a cigarette, entwined in his fingers before tossing his head back and releasing puffs of smoke into the air.

I had no idea of where this conversation was heading. I was only concerned with the pain in my shoulder and how badly I wanted to drop the extra weight. Shifting my weight from one foot to another I scowled at him.

"Do you have some kind of point to make?" I asked, irritated.

He didn't reply immediately but seemed to be regarding me with half-lidded eyes. "You going home? I bet you're going to study your ass of just take make sure you achieve that one hundred percent!" He finished in a high pitched preppy cheerleader voice. I was neither and my annoyance was written all over my face.

"Don't judge me. You're sitting outside of school of all places doing drugs. Gee, that sure beats anything I might do," I replied, sarcasm dripping at my voice.

A low chuckle was released from the one on his right. I hadn't thought he'd been paying much attention to the conversation; he seemed too caught up with everything but.

"You're a bitch," he confirmed eyeing me in distaste. I winced at the repeated remark. I'd never been called a bitch before. It didn't describe me and the word always sounded so harsh coming out of anyone's mouth. The fact that the word bitch was directed towards me didn't make me feel any better.

I responded after a moment's pause. "I haven't done anything for you to even say that."

He laughed shortly and I pressed my lips together as he approached me at a steady pace. Within seconds, he was in my face, his nose nearly touching mine. The small puffs of his breath on my face made me cringe.

"Your pissing me the fuck off," he growled, the words grumbling deep inside his throat. For a moment I thought that he'd even hit me. If he had I probably wouldn't have even of tried to dodge it, I was too shocked. I stilled as his hands latched onto me, his fingers digging roughly into my arms. My lips parted in shock at the unwelcomed pain before bringing my eyes up to meet his. He was a lot taller, I hardly reached his neck.

"Let off her some, huh?" I heard one of his friends mutter and I speared a glance at an unfamiliar face.

I heard him suck his teeth and I attempted to take a step back but he only gripped tighter if it were possible. I watched as he eyed my attire and I suddenly felt a self conscious. I didn't care, I just wanted him to let go. I tugged and he pulled. Turning my head to the left I placed my palms against the cool material of his shirt, giving him a push.

He released me with a chuckle, almost as if he felt sorry for my failed attempts to get away. He took another puff of the cigarette and released the smoke, my face scrunched up at the fowl stench. I quick spun on my heels rushing to get away from him.

"Don't be upset, princess," I heard him call after me and a few rounds of laughter soon followed after.

I picked up the speed on the way to my car, adjusting the weight of my bag on the way there. As much as I would have liked to, I didn't glance back to see if they were still watching me.

"What the hell Ames? I've been waiting ten decades," Jordyn cried pushing herself off the passenger door as I arrived.

Unfortunately for Jordyn, she didn't own a car even though it was our senior year. It was unfortunate for me because I always got stuck driving her places. She was lucky I didn't mind. Jordyn had been my best friend since sophomore year and I was quick to realize that many people disliked her because of her appearance. Jordyn Taylor simply looked airbrushed. She was the result of a year's worth of girls allowance in makeup and skin care products. Those beautiful long golden locks were not hers by any means and neither was that tan. I was sure people had their assumptions but nobody knew for sure.

Pulling the keys out of my back pocket, with shaky hands, I unlocked the doors. We both slid in the car before I tossed my bag in the back seat. I rubbed my shoulder as the pressure was removed from it and bit my bottom lip when I felt a burn coming on.

Shifting in my seat, I pulled out the parking lot, all the while listening to Jordyn complain about the horrible wait she had to endure. Whatever, she had only been waiting for five minutes tops.

"What took you?" Jordyn murmured as she played with the radio trying to find a good station.

"Someone forgot to tell me that today was National Confrontation Day," I replied scrunching up my nose. I really didn't want to talk about it. I couldn't even believe that it had happened. I rolled down the windows; it was a little stuffy.

I watched from the corner of my eye as Jordyn pursed her lips. "There's something wrong with our student population. What happened?"

I shrugged. "Some guy called me a bitch," I paused not liking the way that had sound. "I don't know his name but he sits outside after school, with some other guys."

Jordyn released a light breath. "How did I know?" She tilted her head, observing the scenery, "I know exactly who you're talking about. Don't even waste your breath on him. The guy was born a dickhead."

"Yeah?" I asked, unaware that she even knew him.

"He was the same guy that made Rachel Leigh cry last semester, remember?" Jordyn asked.

I slowed down to a red light. I did remember. At the time, I had no idea what was said or even done to make her so upset. A guy had made Rachel Leigh cry like that? That girl was a powerhouse and I honestly thought I'd never see the day.

It wasn't long before I pulled up in front of Jordyn's house and I winced at the sharp sound my breaks made. I needed to get them fixed.

"Thanks for the ride my dear!" Jordyn chirped, a grin adoring her face. "Don't wait up for me tomorrow, I'm not coming."

"Again?" I asked, unable to believe her. "Don't cry when you don't graduate."

I watched as the corner of Jordyn's lips formed a frown at the idea. If she kept it up it was pretty likely, hopefully her absences wouldn't affect her chances too much.

"Whatever," Jordyn grumbled. She hated when I said things like that. I resisted the urge to smile. I knew that laughing would bother her so I decided against it.

Jordyn didn't live too far away, and that was something I was definitely grateful for since it never took me long to reach home, today was no exception. I reached over my shoulder once I pulled into the driveway and grabbed a random hoodie that occupied my car floor. With a quick tug I pulled it over my head before smoothing down the rumples. My arms were slightly swollen and I knew they would be bruised later and I really didn't want to risk the chance of my Dad seeing them.

Opening the front door I wasn't sure if he was even home, I didn't see his car. I peeked my head around the corner once I met the end of the hall and was met with my Dad's soft greeting.

"How was school sweet pea?" My father's deep voice spoke as I reached the kitchen. Then again, it was a possibility he parked in the garage.

"Hey," I smiled as I walked fully into the kitchen. I took notice of the sandwich he had put aside for me. Pressing a soft kiss to his cheek I moved over to the sink wanting to wash my hands.

"Well?" He said taking a seat on the kitchen table chair.

"School was fine," I bit the inside of my lip, it wasn't a total lie. "I had another one of those dreams this morning, though. Maybe we should go see some fortune teller or something," I suggested.

"Amy!" My father scolded. "We don't believe in that."

Wiping off my hands with a towel I gave a laugh before opening the fridge and giving it a quick scan. Grabbing the nearest carton of juice I looked up at my father and laughed.

"Yeah I know."

He continued as he opened up the day's newspaper. I assumed he hadn't got the chance to read it earlier; it was nearly three in the afternoon. "They're absolutely ridiculous and have not the slightest idea of what they're speaking about."

Pouring myself a small amount of juice in the cup I pulled from the cabinets I began tearing the sandwich left aside on the countertop into little pieces before eating it. I hadn't eaten much at lunch today and was a little hungry.

He took a deep breath before raising his brows. "Have you finished packing yet?"

"No, but almost."

He nodded in approval, missing my expression. I had no desire whatsoever to move to another part of the states. Of course I would never tell him that. He was very excited about this possible promotion. There was a high chance he'd get the position and the position required an interview in person.

At forty my father was still a very attractive man and very popular with the women. He was tall, something I didn't receive from him and fair-skinned with deep dark brown eyes. My father was definitely handsome and aging well. He feared loosing his hair but from what I can tell it was there to stay.

"They have great schools in New York. Your very intelligent Amy, you'll have no problem at all," he added.

I nodded. I had a feeling he knew how I felt about this potential move. This was his way of telling me things wouldwork out.

"I won't be home for dinner sweet pea. Some last minute deals needed to be closed. Try not to stay up too late."

My father placed a light kiss on my forehead after pulling on his suit jacket. I watched his retreating form and listened as the door shut. I wasn't so hungry anymore.

It was early. Earlier than I would have liked and the halls of Harrison was packed with overly hyper teenagers. I hadn't gotten a chance to finish or even start any of my homework last night. I was hoping I'd be able to finish at least some of it during homeroom. Education was important to me. On top of that I woke up late this morning which would explain why my hair was wavy; I hadn't had the time to straighten it.

I wanted to grab something to eat first before heading off to homeroom. Reaching the vending machine I somehow managed to dig through the deep pockets of my jeans for change and pulled out what seemed to be not enough money. I frowned. That has never happened before. I must have been really out of it this morning.

"Short on money?"

I turned my attention to the voice, surprisingly I recognized him. He was one of the guys who hung out by the bench after school. It was then that I noticed that he was the fourth person, the one who had been missing yesterday.

"No," I lied with a sour look on my face, before glancing at the change I held in my hand.

He raised his dark brow at me before giving me a nudge with his shoulder. I immediately put a hand to my arm, protecting it. It still hurt a little from yesterday. I suddenly thought of when I examined them last night. Although the bruises were small they were really nasty.

"Did you really have to push me?" I asked calmly. "Do all of you act like that or something?" I asked referring to yesterday.

He quickly licked his lips, ignoring my question, and pointed to all the goodies inside the machine. "Don't be dramatic," he smiled small at me. "What do you want?"

My lips parted slightly at his generosity. At the moment I wanted more than anything to deny his offer. I didn't want to feel like I owed him anything.

Then again it was only a freaking quarter. I pointed to peanut butter crackers.

We waited in an awkward silence aside from the hollering and hooting from the others students in the hall. It seemed that the springs bringing forth my crackers were torturing me on purpose from the rate it was going. I smiled at Grace, a cute brunette and my science lab partner, as she passed us by.

It seemed like hours before it finally dropped, and I eyed him as he picked them up. He tossed me the crackers and I quickly thanked him. He glanced at me and leaned against the vending machine.

"I'm Brody," he offered, meeting my eyes for the first time. His blue eyes weren't anything special; however, they did seem to glisten.

"Amy," I replied automatically.

"I know," he stopped me and we were again silent. I wasn't sure how he knew; I'd never spoken to him before. I had my good share of friends but I wasn't extremely popular or anything nor did I have classes with him.

I decided against asking before my eyes feel to a fuming blonde staring us down not too far away. I did a double take. Now that I thought about it the girl had been there for a while.

"Is that your girlfriend?" I motioned to her with a nod of my head, not wanting the girl to get the wrong idea.

Brody spared me a funny look. "Pauline?" He jabbed his thumb towards the blonde with a chuckle. "She's nothing of the sort."

I understood what he meant but didn't bother with replying so I settled on nodding. My attention turned back to him when he folded his hands behind his head. I watched as his eyes slowly scanned over me before meeting my gaze again.

I waved the peanut butter crackers in the air, turing to leave. "Thanks again."

"I want to apologize for Jet. He's a bit reckless at times," Brody quickly said. I wasn't familiar with a Jet but I was almost positive it was the nut job from yesterday.

I ran a hand through my hair. I didn't want anyone apologizing for him neither did I want Jet himself apologizing. The guy hadn't been important enough to upset me for over twenty four hours although my arms were another story. I closed my eyes for a moment before thanking him, for the third time, and disappearing down the hall.

It was later that I realized today was not my day. Not only had I completely forgotten to finish my homework like I said I would but I decided not to pay attention to the announcements. Being on the school committee it was required that I stayed after school to decorate the gym. The school was hosting another event, homecoming. If only I had listened I would have known the after school activities had been cancelled.

As an attempt to find something better to do I now occupied the school library since it was open until six. My printer at home had been acting up so rather than making a fuss of the situation I decided to make better use of my time. The sound of my fingertips tapping against the computer keyboard could be heard echoing throughout the library, bouncing off the walls.

I frowned as I made a visible typo. Fixing the error I took a small sip from the water bottle that rested on the table top. They always said don't eat or drink near the computers but what were the chances of something actually happening? Grimacing, I speared a glance at a poster on the wall that had a picture of a soda can and potatoes chips crossed out in bold red.

My typing continued and I immediately stopped when an angry rumble of thunder shook the school. Turning in my seat, my face fell as heavy rain fell noticeably through the large windows. I'd have to leave early to beat the heavy traffic that would most likely occur. I suddenly wondered if I had an umbrella in my locker. I couldn't remember.

Running my fingers through my hair. I rotated so that I was once again facing my work on the computer. I felt my heart give out right then.

"Did I get you?"

He was staring at me rather intensively, arms resting on top of my computer with his head gently placed on them. He smiled as he took in my expression. I felt my gut clench. Swallowing the lump that had formed in my throat, I narrowed my eyes at the boy I met earlier today.

He scared the shit out of me.

"Funny," I commented with dry humor, watching as he tapped his fingers against the computer top.

"I thought so," he said his voice giving away his amusement. He was silent after that as he stared down at me and I wanted to break eye contact.

"You have pretty eyes," he complimented leaning forward to get a better look. I could only think that he assumed I got that all the time. My eyes were an extremely light shade of blue with a tint of gray.

"Thank you," I said taking my sight off of him, and his lips turned up into a lazy smile.

It struck me then that I couldn't remember his name. I stared at him thinking it'd come to mind. It didn't. He had told her earlier today but it didn't stick with me. I found myself thinking about our encounter this morning and how odd it was that I kept running into him.

"Brody, remember?" He asked, snapping me out of the flashback, his lips pressing together.

"I knew you're name," The lie rolled smoothly off my tongue.

He laughed, "No you didn't."

I shifted my legs underneath the table. Did he need something or was he oddly looking at me for his own amusement. I hit the print button on the document and looked back up at Brody not surprised to see him in the same position.

"What?" I asked, and was annoyed when he shook his head but continued staring anyway.

"Okay," I drawled out before pausing. "I'd like it if you left me alone now."

"I don't care," he murmured with a shrug.

I was beginning to become frustrated. Or maybe I became frustrated when he first started staring at me. Whatever I was feeling it wasn't making me feel any better about it. What was with him anyway?

"Teasing," he stressed and gave a slap on the side of the computer as if to get him point across. The sudden impact caused his elbow to knock into my water, the cool liquid landing on my clothing.

I glanced up at him, mouth agape as the water continued pooling on me. Pressing my lips together I calmly picked up the bottle placing it back on top the table.

Standing so suddenly I heard him apologize but I ignored him as I continued out into the hall. Crossing my arms over her chest I scowled myself for wearing white today. The fact that the material of the shirt was thin didn't help. It wasn't too bad, but my bra was slightly visible.

He caught hold of my wrist, forcing me to stop. I honestly was not surprised. Brody stared down at me his face showing irritation and I suddenly noticed a pink ting to his eyes. Had he been smoking?

"Calm down. It's just water it won't kill you," he drawled as he released my wrist allowing it to fall back to my side.

"How about sorry?" I snapped back. What was his reason for having an attitude with me for something he caused to happen?

"I'm not apologizing again."

I watched his retreating form wondering where he was going or what his reason was for being here. I looked down at my damp shirt and jeans. Maybe I had over reacted just a little. But he couldn't blame me for getting upset. All I wanted was to be left alone and he had to be difficult.

I bit my lip as I approached the bathrooms. I hoped the janitor hadn't locked them again. Didn't he know people stayed after? I really couldn't blame him though; the students that attended Harrison liked to trash them.

With a small push of the doors I headed towards the dryers, holding my shirt out so that it could dry properly. It didn't seem to be working quickly enough. I tried to hurry the process remembering the clock on the computer read about five . There was no way I could possibly leave the school without someone noticing and pointing out that my shirt was see through. Majority of the people at Harrison weren't exactly nice.

I hoped nobody would enter the bathroom as I gathered courage and pulled my shirt over my head. The last thing I wanted was for some girl to walk in and spread a rumor. I could see it already.

Amy Thorpe has one small boob!

My boobs were perfectly identical. I quickly thrust the shirt back under the hand drier, hoping it'd dry quicker. To my fears, the familiar squeaking of the door was heard and my head snapped up prepared to see who entered.

The ass from yesterday, Jet.

He stared at me a blank expression on his face before he grinned, leaning back against the bathroom wall. What was he doing in here? Had I went into the wrong bathroom? I could feel the blood rushing to my face as horrid thoughts ran through my head. I swallowed thickly before turning away so that I was no longer facing him. I had a bra on but yet I felt completely naked.

I quickly pulled the shirt back over my head, messing up my hair in the process. I heard shuffling and I turned, a worried expression on my face, as I glanced up at him. I took one step towards the door where he stood. The deep sound he made in his throat made me stop.

"Who would have thought blushes ran so deep," he paused as if pondering and I was humiliated. The last thing I wanted was for him to think I was scared of him although he did intimidate me.

As if someone had pulled a switch his face had went from amusement to an expression I couldn't make out. I wondered what would happen if I ignored him and went for the door. Thoughts of him strangling me and banging my head against the sink flooded my mind and I thought against it.

"Funny how you're so quiet," he observed and narrowed his eyes at me seconds later. "That was stupid of you," he said his voice rumbling.

The comment made me wince. As he continued staring, unspeaking, I felt my stomach pull itself into knots. Without a second thought I was fully prepared to leave and I acted on it. As I walked past him towards the door, he grasped my upper arm.

I whimpered. He was squeezing at the bruises he had caused yesterday.

"What if Brody decided to accidentally spill that water on you just to get you in here alone?" Jet asked, emphasizing the word accidentally.

I registered what he had said. I hadn't thought about the fact that Brody could have done it just to get me in here alone. Brody might have been a bit weird but he didn't seem to be anything like this guy. But that wasn't my problem. Right now I was stuck in a bathroom with a lunatic who most likely wanted to gut me.

"I doubt it wasn't an accident. You're not worth the trouble," he muttered softly.

I attempted to remove my arm from his grip. "If it was or wasn't my shirt was soaked," I bit out referring to his previous comment. I glared up at him, "Let go of me."

Jet held on a moment longer and ignored my angry protest. I pulled at my arm and he waited until I stopped to let me go.

"It dried," he pointed.

I glanced at him warily as he released me and moved for door. It didn't seem as if he were chasing me but just to make sure there was a good distance between myself and the scene in the bathroom I didn't stop my fast pace until I reached the library. I gasped out, one I didn't realize I held, as I leaned against the border of the library doors. I wanted to bang my head against the frame but decided against it.

I ran a hand over my face as I reached the printer besides the computers, making sure my papers had printed. After rapidly packing away my belongings I left the computer on rushing to leave. I'd hate to admit it but he shook me up a little bit.

Turning on my heels I shrieked as I bumped into a solid form. Brody caught me by the arms looking down at me with a small frown. Why did he keep popping out of corners and halls? What the hell was this guy, my shadow? I quickly ripped away from his grip.

"You're shirt didn't dry," Brody informed me and I couldn't tell if he was being smart or if he was just letting me know.

I huffed looking down at my shirt. Only the bottom had dried while the top had remained slightly visible. I held my belongings to my chest hoping to hide myself from Brody's view. How had he known I was going to try to dry it anyway?

My face fell and I side stepped him. I didn't feel exactly feel safe around him knowing he was friends with that maniac. I tuned him out as he called out to me. I think I would have laughed at the annoyed look on people's faces in the library at his loud tone if I weren't so disturbed.

I had no desire to check my locker anymore since it was down the other hall. I'd have to pass the bathroom to get to it. I shuddered. On the way to my car I got completely drenched. I felt uncomfortable throughout the whole ride. Water had gotten into my shoes and my clothes felt oddly tight. The only satisfaction I had was that there wasn't as much traffic as I thought there would be.

My father laughed at my appearance once I reached home claiming that the rain had caught him too. I eyed him, seeing as he appeared a little happier than usual.

"I have good news sweet pea," he said to me once I settled down. I had gone upstairs to change before coming back down. I made sure to put on a long sleeved shirt.

"I might get promoted!" He cried pulling me into a tight hug. "I knew it would happen, Ames. I've been patient enough."

I placed my hands on my father's back forcing a smile on my face. "That's great Dad. Congratulations."

I hoped my tone didn't sound too fake. Although I'd been encountering some problems at school lately I didn't want to move, my face fell.

"I'm so proud of you. I know you'll get it," I said trying not to sound rehearsed.

He must have noticed the change because he frowned deeply. Cupping my cheeks in his hands he placed a kiss on my forehead.

"Thank you, honey. You're approval means a lot," he replied, creases forming in his forehead.

I knew that. If I had said at least once that I hadn't wanted to move I knew they would stay. My father valued my wants and needs more than he ever had his and for once I wanted him to do something for himself.

With a small nod I pulled away before heading upstairs. Today definitely was not my day.