Just a Little Bit
Chapter 10

I thought I would have never lived to see the day my name wasn't being discussed secretly behind my back in the halls of Harrison High. It's actually funny to think at one point there was a time when my name was never gossiped on. It had been a little over a week since I last seen Jet, which I could admit was due to my constant dodging in the hall whenever I saw him. I was entirely grateful too since I could do without the drama.

Homecoming was the last time I spoken to Jordyn considering the fact that I see her nearly every day. We never acknowledge each other which in a way feels like we were never even best friends to begin with, almost as if we never even knew each other.

As I stood in front of my locker fiddling with the lock I instantly became cautious when Dina made herself known. She created her own wind when she walked, which wasn't even at a fast pace. I immediately thought she looked like she was fresh out of a commercial with her bouncy blonde hair and flawless skin. She smiled prettily at me as she leaned against the locker next to mine, crossing her arms.

"You're kind of into him, huh?" She asked the smile on her face still going strong.

I narrowed my eyes not exactly sure who she was talking about. "Kind of into who?"

"I can see why he digs you though," she said as if she were thinking out loud and ignoring me in the process. "I mean you're like really pretty."

Although I was thankful for the compliment I was still entirely confused. "Who are we talking about now?"

"Alan, of course. Who else?" She shot back.

I quickly shook my head not wanting her to get anything wrong. "No. No, we're just friends. There's nothing going on between us."

"For now," Dina corrected in a careless tone. "Believe me. If I say it's going to happen, it will."

I eyed her warily. I wasn't sure if she was threatening me or simply just saying. "Dina I really don't think-,"

She held a hand and tossed her hair behind her shoulder. "Please," she said in a short breath. "I'll catch you later, alright?"

I nodded unintentionally and watched as she sauntered over to a boy with light brown hair I didn't recognize. She smiled shyly once she reached him and laughed girlishly; giving him a flirtatious slap on the arm when she thought something was amusing.

"She's the sweetest girl but she always had that kind of control over people."

I quickly spun around immediately recognizing Walker's voice. He pulled me into a tight embrace, the corner of his lips pulling up into a smile. I buried my face into his shirt gripping at his back.

"Missed me that much?" He asked being extremely patient with my clinginess.

"Of course," I murmured finally letting go. "I feel like I haven't seen you in forever."

He ran a hand over his head smiling lightly. "It does seem like it's been a while. You've probably been more busy than me miss popularity."

I laughed lightly tilting my head to the side. "I'm going to have to doubt it," I assured him. "What have you been up to?"

He brushed a strand of my pin straight hair out of my face before running his fingers lightly under my chin. "I've been hitting the books extra hard lately. Coach has been riding on my back this season and you know if I'm failing I can't play."

"Good," I commented. "It'll keep you out of trouble."

He tossed an arm around my shoulder guiding me through the halls. "Well, If I'm always busy then whose going to keep you out of trouble?"

"When am I ever in any trouble Walker?" I questioned jokingly.

Walker shook his head firmly. "I wouldn't be so sure. Lately you've been holding some kind of record."

"You think so?" I asked suddenly worried.

Walker glanced down at me, crackling with laughter as we turned the corner.

I found myself staring openly when I later saw Jet flirting shamelessly with a petite blonde. Her back was pressed firmly to the locker with his arm resting lightly above her head. She gazed up at him shyly and I immediately recognized her as the girl from homecoming. She dipped her head as if to hide her face when he peered closer, whispering something in her ear. She giggled lightly, pushing her weight off the locker. I watched her try to get away but he stopped her by grasping hold of her wrist and pulling her back in which she giggled some more.

I couldn't exactly explain the emotion I was feeling at the moment. I felt almost a little short of breath and unaware of all my senses. I wanted to say I was frustrated. Frustrated that he could be like that with her but a complete jerk towards me.

Jet suddenly looked up catching hold of my gaze and I quickly looked away, embarrassed that I had been caught watching them. I was only hearing bits and pieces of what Cindy was saying. I think she was trying to convince me to go with her to the mall. I blinked rapidly as she waved a hand frantically in front of my face even going as far as to snap her fingers.

"I'm sorry," I apologized softly the image still heavy on my mind. "I really was listening though."

"Yeah, sure you were," she said shooting me a dirty look. "What's wrong? You're totally spacing out on me."

I shook my head trying to ignore the feeling that was tugging at my stomach. "Nothing's wrong, I was just daydreaming, because people do that sometimes."

"People daydream when they're bored," she pointed out before rolling her eyes.

"Not all the time," I laughed shooting her a glance.

An arm was suddenly tossed around my shoulder and I quickly glanced up in time to catch Alan's face. I took in his appearance immediately noticing his freshly cut hair. It was buzzed closely to his scalp, a look I liked on him.

"How's my favorite girl?" Alana asked before nodding over at Cindy who in return cut her eyes at him.

"Oh so I'm your favorite girl now?" I grinned as I folded my arms and pretended to be angry.

"It's always been you," he said arrogantly and in return I elbowed him in the stomach.

Alan faked a wince and rubbed at the spot while shooting me a glare. "You really need to lay off the muscle breakfast."

"Please," Cindy put in with giving us the side eye. "Amy doesn't have an ounce of muscle on her."

"You really got the nerve to talk, neither do you," I responded offhandedly and pinched at her arms. She laughed shortly and attempted to slap my hand away.

"You know how much I would love to stay and watch you guys flirt, but I have better things to do." Cindy said in an unapologetic tone.

I frowned at her, embarrassed that she said that in front of Alan. "We're not flirting Cindy."

Alan wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me into a tight embrace, his head resting on my shoulder. "Amy you definitely were hitting on me."

I usually would have replied by saying something smart or even getting violent but I was way too flustered to come up with something. Instead I crossed my arms and quietly stared down at the floor. I noticed Cindy waving goodbye to me but I chose to ignore her. She was going to get it later.

I loosened myself from Alan's embrace. "I'll see you around?"

He shook his head and grasped hold of my hand. "Not yet. There's something I wanted to show you."

He grinned when he noticed how excited I had gotten. As I allowed him to lead me out of the school I mentally scowled myself for glancing behind me to see if Jet was still there. I wasn't sure if I was disappointed or relieved when I saw he was long gone.

Alan guided me towards the parking lot, where we zigzagged through the cars until we reached his.

"What is it?" I clasped my hands together unable to keep myself from wondering out loud. He opened his car door reaching over to the passenger seat and pulled out a bouquet of flowers.

My lips parted slightly when he held them out to me and I had to register what was happening. Nobody had ever given me flowers before.

"Oh my god, Alan…wow," I said breathlessly hesitant to take them. He smiled softly at me leaning his back against the car.

"They're beautiful," I murmured softly touching the colorful petals. "…I don't know what to say."

"I want you to know how serious I am about this Amy," he replied studying my face. "I was an obnoxious asshole the first time I met you and I want to make it up to you. So hopefully you'll let me take you on this date."

"Thank you," I replied tilting my head to the side smiling. "But I got to give it to you, you're good. Bringing me these flowers so I can't say no."

He laughed, completely unashamed. "Did it work?"

"Yes it worked," I laughed when he released a relieved sigh.

Alan nodded towards the flowers in my hand. "I knew it would since daisies are your favorite."


It was like a record had just ripped in a scene of a movie. The mood was so ruined. Although the flowers were adorable, daisies definitely were not my favorite flowers. I shifted my weight as I tried not to show the reaction on my face.

"Oh yeah? How'd you know that?" I asked curiously after a moment of trying to figure out what to say.

He shrugged at the question as if answering it were a piece of cake then grinned cheekily at me. "I asked Jet."

My mouth dropped open like a trap door, unable to believe what I just heard. I glared at him, my eyes narrowed.

"Alan! Why would you do that?" I groaned stomping my foot.

He quickly held his outs out immediately becoming defensive at my reaction. "Before you get mad," he paused. "Just know that he was real cool about. You said there was nothing between you two, right? So why stress it?"

"It's complicated," I murmured looking away with a heavy sigh. "But really Alan," I mumbled before he could reply. "I appreciate the flowers, you're amazing."

"Of course beautiful," he said with a smile gracing his face tossing an arm over my shoulder to walk me to my car.

"Oh so now I'm beautiful?" I cracked up. "If I remember correctly you said I was alright."

Once I unlocked my doors he reached forward to open it for me in which I eyed him warily. He frowned at me, opening my door for me once it was unlocked. "Give me a break, I was in awe."

I playfully rolled my eyes at his response. "You're so full of it."

"I'll call you," he informed me with a smile before closing the door and giving it a light tap.

And he did call. That weekend I found myself laughing my head off at Alan. I tossed my head back even clapping my hands together as he demonstrated with his arms how large the fire was.

"I'm serious!" He laughed in between. "First and last time I will ever try and cook. After that I had to cut the rest of my hair off because the front was fried. After wearing it like this for so long I guess I just got used to it."

I leaned forward on the table smiling big as he unintentionally ran a hand over his hair. "Count on you to nearly set your house on fire from trying to boil water. Water!"

"I might have added some other things in that pot," he muttered under his breath

"Might of?" I questioned thinking he did for sure. "You miss your hair?"

He grinned with a shrug. "Sometimes I think about growing it back."

"Don't," I shook my head. "I like you how you are."

I quickly realized what I said and I felt my face heat up all the way to my ears. I hadn't meant it that way but that was sure how it sounded. I covered my face with my hands in humiliation but dropped them when I heard him laughing at me.

"I like you too Amy." He assured me leaning forward.

But I wasn't listening because I completely zoned out. Was I slowly losing my mind or was that Jet and his blonde piece walking through the door? I closed my gaping mouth and swallowed hard, intentionally ducking in my seat.

Alan tossed a look over his shoulder. I knew for a fact he saw Jet once he turned his attention back to me his face showing his disbelief. "I can't believe your ducking."

"What?" I asked giving him my best 'what are you talking about' face. "I'm not ducking."

He sent me a blank look that disagreed. "Yeah," he said shortly. "That clearly wasn't you hiding in your seat a second ago."

"I don't know what you're talking about," I said confidently once they were out of sight.

Alan shook his head. "You're a piece of work Amy," he said rising from the table. "Give me a minute."

"Wait, where are you going?" I asked sitting up in my seat.

He waved me off with a small smile and headed towards to opposite direction of the restaurant. I assumed he was going to the bathroom. I sighed heavily placing my arm on the table, cupping my face. I glanced around, waiting patiently, noticing how crowded the room had gotten.

Moments later I looked up as a shadow loomed over me. I didn't even catch a good look at Jet's face before he slid smoothly into Alan's seat resting his arm lazily behind the chair. He didn't say a word as he regarded me with a strange look in his eyes.

I wasted no time glaring at him. His timing was way too good. What were the chances of him being here at the exact same time I was? I decided I didn't want to speak to him as I leaned back in my seat, my arms crossed.

"Enjoying yourself princess?" He asked his voice rough in his throat.

I studied his face annoyed that he was so good-looking. If that wasn't the case it would make it so much easier to hate him. The black tee-shirt he wore fitted him nicely and I could tell from where I was sitting that the material was rather nice. The leather jacket he wore over it was a look I knew too well. He had so much presence it was overbearing. He carried himself so smoothly and with such grace it was demanding. Scratch that, everything he did demanded attention.

I shrugged with a roll of my eyes hoping he'd just leave.

I watched his face pull a look of displease. "If it wasn't for me you wouldn't be on this shit date," he informed me his tone bored.

"What is it that you really want, huh?" I asked leaning forward on the table my tone curt. "I don't think a simple thank you would do it for you. I mean really cut the bull."

Jet ran his tongue over his bottom lip. He watch as my eyes flickered to them and back to his eyes again. It was so obvious he caught me watching; the arrogant look on his face told me so.

He glanced over his shoulder back at the girl he arrived with. She looked lonely sitting at the table by herself. With one glance I could tell she was bored by the way she was playing with the salt and pepper shakers. I glanced back down at my table; I could never remember her name.

"You must be one hell of a date," I said in a flat tone once he turned back around. When he didn't respond I continued.

"I know Alan talked to you the other day," I informed him before he could respond. "The whole flower thing, I mean really. How about you just not do me anymore favors?"

He tilted his head back in aggravation. "He asked and it was fucking hilarious."

I felt my lips tug into a thin line. "Next time he asks you something how about you just be an asshole? You seem to be real good at that."

Jet stared at me, his gaze hard and I could tell he was holding back something he very badly wanted to say. My stomach felt heavy at his silence, he was normally very blunt.

I didn't even notice when Alan reappeared. The expression on his face clearly showed his confusion as he neared closer. Jet stood noisily from the chair, standing tall in front of Alan. I watched unsure of what was going on as he stared Alan down before stepping around him.

Alan turned his head watching Jet's retreating figure, his face showing his annoyance, before sliding rightfully back into his seat. "What the hell is his problem?"

I slowly shook my head pressing a hand to my forehead. "I have no idea. I didn't say anything he hasn't heard before."

And it wasn't like Jet hadn't heard it from me before, because he had.

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