"What Hurts The Most...Five Short Tales of Terror/Horror"

This first story is dedicated to my best friend Jennifer, who gave me the idea to wrte this. Jen, you brought this on yourself :)

Story one "The Road Trip"

Sighing softly the back haired young woman shook her head at her friend.

"I'm only going to be gone for a little while. I'm sure Ronan won't be any problems, you know he adores you."

"It's not the damn dog that I'm worried about. You JUST got your license a month ago, and you hate driving. Are you sure you're up for this long of a trip? I mean you could always postpone it..." the other woman trailed off.

"Sam I'll be fine. Beside i want to be there for when she graduated collage. It's not THAT far of a drive... only a few states away..." Sam glared at her friend. "Only a few? Do you know how to count? Its like ten. From Florida to CT." with her hands on her hips she sighed. "Honestly... Ok...whatever. But if you die I'm going to make your dog eat your corpse just because i can."

Laughing Jessica called over her year old German Sheppard. "You wouldn't eat me, would you Ronan?" she asked while gently scratching behind his left ear. "I still don't see why you won't take him, he loves the car..."

"Sam, if i ever did get into an accident who would take care of him. He's safe here. Unless you plan of eating him?" raising her eyebrow she glanced at her blond haired friend who was making a rude gesture. "Well, I'm off. I'll see you in about two weeks."

Jessica said while getting into her black jeep liberty. "I want you to call me every few hours, ok? I don't need to find out that the person who pays the other half of my rent died in car crash on the 6:00 news." Sam yelled as the jeep pulled out of the driveway.

"Yeah, yeah..." Jessica muttered under her breath. Popping in one of the CDs she turned the volume up. "Can you feel the tension in the air... blah blah... damn i can't remember the rest!" She flipped through the other songs until she found a song she could actually remember the words to.

"This is going to be a long trip... am i really insane to do this?" she wondered aloud. Almost running a red light she hit the breaks. "Yup... this is nuts..." Hitting the skip button again she flipped to another song. "A very long trip..."

About two days into the drive she was running on empty. She had wanted to get there in time for her friends graduation, going with little or no sleep for two days straight, something she wasn't used to anymore.

"What the hell was i thinking leaving so late...I'm not that young anymore...Damn, 23 and I'm already an old lady..."

Rubbing her eyes she closed them for a moment. Letting out a scream she hit the breaks and the wheel spun as she slammed into something. Her world continued to spin and she had to completely turn the wheel for it to stop skidding across the road.

Breathing heavily, her fingers were white where they gripped tightly to the steering wheel. "OH dear god...what the fuck was it that i hit!"

Her heart racing she turned off the ignition, pocketing her keys and undid her seatbelt. With shaking hands she opened the door. With One hand still tightly gripping the steering wheel, she stood on the small step on the outside of the door and peered over the hood of the jeep.

"I must have spun completely around..."

Looking a little further over she froze, her insides seized with ice. "No...Fuck...Oh no...I hit someone!" she gasped, nearly falling from the jeep.

"I need to call the..." her hands stopped mid dial. "Call the police and what... go directly to jail. Murder...There's no way that person is still..."

Glancing around the area Jessica saw no other cars, no other living beings for miles down either stretch of road. It wasn't surprising though, considering how early in the morning it was. Sitting back down she took the keys out of her pocket and started the car.

Her seatbelt back in place and the door shut, tears running down her face, she drove off. "I can't go to jail..." she muttered. "I just ran over someone's daughter...Practically in my hometown. I'm going to hell for this...I really am."

The more she tried to rationalize it, the more disgusted she was with herself. "I need to a place to sleep. To calm down and compose myself. I can't go and see me best friend like this." Wiping away her tears and trying to breathe again, she willed herself to put the incident in the back of her mind.

About ten minutes from the nearest motel her cell phone rang and she jumped. "H-hello?" she inwardly cursed at her trembling voice.

"Jess, its Sam, are you ok? You don't sound good..."

Taking a deep breathe she answered. "I just haven't got a lot of sleep. I'm actually gonig to a motel now to get a little sleep before i go see her."

"Oh, ok. I was a little worried when you didn't call. But if your tired that explains a lot. You'd forget your head if it wasn't attached, especially when you're like this. Well.. I'll let you go. Just wanted to make sure you weren't dead."

Jessica almost hit the guard rail when Sam said "dead". "I need to get a grip.." she said breathlessly.

"What was that, i didn't quite hear you?"

"Oh i said, i said need a bite of food, I'll catch you later ok?"

"Sure, have fun there. And say 'hi' to everyone for me. Bye!" Sam cheerful voice cut off as the call was ended. She was on autopilot until she got into her room. Turning on the TV she placed her duffel bag on the bathroom counter and flopped onto the bed. Pulling the covers over her head she closed her eyes and tried to will time to erase the events of the last hour.

She eventually succumbed to exhaustion and fell into a restless sleep. Around five hours later she opened blurry eyes and quickly closed them, the sunlight from the open curtains hurting her eyes.

"Today, Police and towns people are baffled at this horrendous display of human negligence."

Only half listening to the news on the TV Jessica got out of the bed and stretched.

"A young woman was killed in a hit and run car crash. The person responsible for this tragic death has yet to be found. She was-" Her breathe caught in her lungs and she had to gasp for air. Flipping the TV off she rushed into the bathroom just in time to dry heave into the sink.

The events of earlier that morning seeped back into her brain. "That's right...I killed someone..." Her hand covered her mouth to hide the scream she let loose. Shaking violently she pulled her cell phone out of her pocket and checked the time. It was close to eleven thirty. Her friend's graduation was being held at one.

"Calm down.. You can react like this every time someone mentions this or your going to be caught in no time."

Taking a few calming breaths, she changed her clothes and got back into her jeep. On the drive to her friends place, she hadn't even noticed that her stereo was off; her minds guilty thoughts enough to fill the silence.

Pulling up to the driveway, she noticed more cars than people who lived there. "They must be having a party for her beforehand, they know she's going to be whisked away after graduation." smiling slightly Jessica shut and locks the jeep and walks across the street.

Ringing the door bell she is met with tear filled eyes. "Oh, Jessica you're here... I'm so sorry. We tried to reach you on your phone..."

"I was asleep. Is everything ok?" she bit her lip and mentally cursed. 'She's crying, obviously everything isn't ok! Idiot!'

"Jen's dead..."

She felt her heart stop, she was sure she had misheard. "What..?" was all she could manage.

"She was killed early this morning while going for her morning run...Someone... Someone ran her over and left her to die..." Jen's sister was muttering angrily.

"Had they just brought her to a hospital... they said she might have lived.."

Jessica backed away from the door. "No...NO!" Her mouth hung open in silent terror. 'I killed my best friend...I killed her.. I KILLED her..'

Her shoe got caught in a crack in the sidewalk and she fell to her knees. "Jess..." a voice called from the front door. She let out a scream, tears falling onto the sidewalk and making dark spots, she screamed.


OK the moral of this ficlet is, That no matter what causes you to run someone over (by accident) you should always stay and help. You never know just who that person may be...