Summary: Tale #2: A teenage girl plays with a Ouija only to have horrible accidents start to happen around her.

"When Will I Die?"

Cassandra Richardson

Age 15

Black hair, blue eyes

German, Irish and Scottish decent (Younger brother Drake, father dead, mother Shannon)

The room was cast with an eerie glow, the black and red candles flickered gently from the slight breeze coming from the open window. A feint rustling sound came from the far left corner of the small jasmine scented room.

"Here we go, all ready." a soft voice uttered.

Careful not to make too much sound the young girl, with long black hair and piercing blue eyes, lifted the cloth off of one of her mother's antiques. A Ouija board. It was worn, and the soft wood split in some places, but still intact for the most part.

Running a hand over the smooth surface the girl smirked. Her mother had told her to never ever touch this. Honestly, she didn't see what was so bad about this. After all, none of this was real, right?

"Candles, Board,Incense...OK... Now everything is in place." with a wide smile she pulled out a piece of paper and reread it, making sure she would have to look down at it again. Placing her hands on the boards' small movable piece, she proceeded to call forth any willing spirit.

A sweet smell came waffling in with the breeze; it was unlike anything Cassandra had ever experienced. She thought, that maybe, just maybe something had answered her calls.

Biting her bottom lip in anticipation, she spoke. "Is there someone here in this room?" When nothing happened her hope dimmed dramatically. "Does someone wish to speak?" She tried again. She literally jumped when the planchette (the movable piece)began to move. First to Y, than E, than S.

"Yes" she breathed. She could hardly contain her excitement. "Are you male or female?"

The planchette moved over the letter 'F' and stopped. "Must not be feeling up to spelling out everything." Cassandra mused barely above a whisper.

"Ok... Can you tell me your name?"

This time the letters spelled out "Mary"

"Your name is Mary? So, marry, can you tell me how i will die?" Cassandra thought that if you were going to do something like this, you might as well make it fun. This time however, she didn't like the answer she got. There were two words. 'Slowly' and 'Painfully'

Her trembling hands moved away from the planchetteand her mouth parted as she swallowed painfully. "Get a grip... you need to get a grip... this can't possibly be real..."

"When will i die?" the words were out of her mouth before she had a second chance to think about it. This time she shrieked as the planchettemoved on it own. It spelled out 'Soon'

All the air in the room was then sucked out of her open window, as though someone was using a high powered vacuum. The candles burned unnaturally even though everything, including sound had been sucked away.

Scrambling across the room, Cassandra clutched the black fabric that was used to cover the board. Quickly folding up the board she shoved it back in the box and wrapped it back up in the black cloth. Everything came rushing back through the window, the vortex like wind dousing the candles before vanishing completely.

Cassandra stared frightfully at the covered board. "I should have listened...She's always right..."

Sneaking back out of her room, she carefully placed the Ouija board back in the attic where a lot of her mother's things were. Breathing a sigh of relief once she was back in her own room, she cleaned up the candles and the papers that had been blown about.

"Glad that's over..." flopping haphazardly onto her bed she closed her eyes, she never saw one of her black candles light up.

For the next few days Cassandra jumped a little at any loud noises. She was wearier of her surroundings than ever before. She even told her best friend Elena about what had happened that night, Elena suggested that maybe she had imagined it all. Cassandra was almost inclined to believe her. That was until three days later.

"Mom, have you seen cucumber?" Cassandra shouted from her upstairs bedroom. "No honey, did you check the basement?" Cassandra rolled her eyes. 'Of course i checked the basement; it's where she likes to sleep!'

"Yes mom! And i looked outside and under the steps." No longer waiting for a reply she went down the hall to the only bathroom located upstairs. Flipping on the light switch she turned the cold water knob, letting the icy water cleanse away the dust and dirt from the basement. Sighing she turned the knob again and the water stopped. Spinning to her right she reached for the fluffy towel on the wall.

Her jaw dropped as her eyes scanned the bathtub. There lying dead in the bathtub, was her 6 year old cat cucumber. Cassandra screamed. Footsteps thundered up the stairs and into the bathroom. "Cassie what's wrong?!" Cassandra's mother entered the bathroom and followed her daughters gaze. "Oh sweetheart. I'm so sorry." she hugged her daughter and led her away.

"But how! There's not even a drop of water in there!" Cassandra sobbed. Brushing back a strand of hair her mother hesitated. "I don't know." Something flashed across her dark eyes before she focused on her daughter again. "Why don't you go watch some television downstairs, I'll take care of Cucumber." Cassandra nodded stiffly and made her way downstairs.

Her left hand trailed on behind her sliding along the banisters fine wood. With tears still falling rapidly she looked into the mirror hanging by the bottom of the stairs. Her eyes were red and already becoming puffy. "What the..." she gasped. A fine crack emerged on the mirrors surface and more spider webbed out from it. Within moments the mirror shattered. "Ahh!" She yelled and shielded her eyes from the flying shards. Her heart was pounding as she backed away from the mess.

"Cassandra!" her mother's stern voice sounded from the top of the staircase. Her dark eyes looked furiously at the mirror. "I really didn't do it... It just cracked and fell apart! Honestly" she pleaded before her mother even had a chance to yell at her. The dark eyes softened. "I know how much you loved that cat, but getting angry won't bring her back. Just go watch television and I'll clean that mess up as well." Cassandra made a move to protest but her mother's dark eyes stopped her.

'She's really mad...' quietly moving into the dinning room she didn't dare speak her thoughts. Nearly bumping into the vase holding this weeks newest flower arrangement she slid onto the couch and closed her eyes. She really didn't fee like watching anything. Cucumber. That had been her cat. A gift from her late father. She really didn't want to think any more on that subject. But she couldn't get the image of the tall brown haired man who had been her father, giving a little black haired girl her first pet.

She had been so happy. Than he had died; and in a really strange way too. The more she thought about it, that was around the time her mother had told her to never open the box containing the Ouija board. "Does all of this have to do with that stupid thing?" she wondered aloud.

"Oh darn..." Her mother's voice came from the wall just behind her. "And those flowers were so beautiful." She heard a swooshing sound and the sound of something falling into the garbage. "What is it mom?"

"Just the flowers. They all shriveled up. I don't see why though. They were fine this morning...Oh well."

"Shriveled up... but they were fine only a few minutes ago...What the hell is going on..." she muttered; now a little more frightened. Pulling out her phone she dialed Elena's number but only got a busy signal. "Who else would be home now? Her parents work..." Sitting up she tried again but still got a busy signal. "Hey... mom? Can i go over to Elena's?"

"Sure...Just not for too long." Cassandra smiled slightly. Normally her mother would have said no, but she figured that since with cucumbers death that her mother might be a little more tolerant. And she had been right. Elena only lived about ten minutes away from her house so it wasn't really a long walk.

She was shocked however, to find police and news crews on the front lawn and surrounding available parking spots on either side of the street. She started running and had to actually shove people out of her way just to get near the front door. She was stopped by a police officer before she could step within 10 feet of the door. "Hey! What are you doing, this is my friend's house, let me go!" she shouted.

The front door opened and a teary eyed Sierra Marcus came into view. "Come in quickly Cassandra." Mrs. Marcus waved at the police man holding her. She rushed into the house, still thoroughly confused as to what was going on.

"How come you're home today, were you not feeling well? And Dean too...?" she said while gazing at Elena's older brother. Mrs. Marcus chocked back a sob and quietly composed herself while Corey looked away. An awful feeling of dread spread through her entire being. Maybe Mr. Marcus had died... But where was Elena than?

"It happened this morning. You know how she liked to get her morning exercise on her bike."


"They say it was very quick and she wouldn't have had time to move out of the way."

'Oh my god...'

"She was hit by a man rushing his son to Saturday school. Another parent took my baby away...My little Elena!" finally unable to hold back Mrs. Marcus slid to the floor and openly sobbed.

"No..." Cassandra shook her head back and forth, tears already falling. "This can't be happening... I just lost my cat... I can't loose my best friend... I can't!" She walked backwards until she hit the door and she couldn't breathe. Her hands covered her mouth and she let out a strangled scream. She felt arms tightly embrace her and at that moment she didn't care who it was, she threw her arms around them and cried.

Later when she had calmed a little she realized it was Elena's other brother Dean. His eyes were glassy but he wasn't crying. Mrs. Marcus's sobs had turned to quiet sniffles but she was biting her lip with her hands clenching the fabric of her skirt. "You ok?" Dean asked softly. She shook her head. He nodded sadly and released her, but brushed a stray piece of hair behind her ear, his hand lingering on her shoulder.

"I should go… I never should have disturbed you... Not when-" her voice stuck in her throat as she choked back a pained cry. Breathing in deeply her eyes shed heavy tears. Dean gave her shoulder a quick squeeze and she was out the door before she even realized that that wasn't normal for him.

"I wish you were here Elena, you... you always made sense out of these things.." she said softly and dodged the questions of another reporter. She felt cold, but her face was hot. She took shuddering breathes and tried to calm herself a little before she got home, though she didn't know why.

Unlatching the gate she walked back into her home. Trudging silently up the steps to her room, she felt nothing and absently wondered if this was what being in shock was like. She left the lights in her room off, kicked her shoes off and climbed into bed. Curling up into a ball, she fell asleep for the next 8 hours.

Upon awakening she immediately noticed how dark it was in her room. "Everyone else must be sleeping..." She rubbed at her weary eyes until the burn started to go away. Blinking them repeatedly they gradually became used to the dark. She turned to her window when she heard a scratching sound. "What the hell...?" A long spindly hand was creeping out from the branches that rested peacefully against her outside window sill.

The windows glass cracked and gave way, being sucked outward and wind rushed in. Gasping Cassandra leapt out of her bed and ran out of her room without looking back. She continued to run down the hall until she couldn't hear the wind anymore, skidding to a stop she panted silently. "Dear god what is going on?!"

"God?" a voice said coming from the guest room.

"God, has nothing to do with it." The figure lit a candle and held it up so its flickering light eased slowly over their features. "Mom?! What's going on!" she cried out. Her mother smirked. "I've been waiting since you were a child." her smooth voice said faintly.

"Waiting... for what?" Cassandra swallowed thickly, not sure if she liked where this was going. A soft, vicious laughter erupted from her mother mouth. "Waiting for you to be stupid enough to use the Ouija board. What else?"

A fragile, ageless hand came to cup Cassandra's face, gently caressing its side. "It was so simple. I tell you never, under any circumstances are you to use that board, and then wait for you curiosity to pull you towards it. It was almost sickeningly simple."

Jumping back from the touch on her cheek she smacked the hand away. Her mother looked angry for a moment but than quickly smile again. "Now my curse is your curse, darling."

For every step her mother took forward Cassandra took one back. Her back was pressed against the wall and her mother leaned over her. "You could have stopped your father's death you know; had you only played with the board sooner...than we wouldn't have lost so much. But you never were good at following what's expected of you."

Mouth gaping like a fish, Cassandra could form any other though. 'She's finally lost it. She's going ot kill me.' Seeing the fear in her daughters eyes, the smirk she was wearing softened slightly. "This was your destiny. It has been since the first woman of our family, Margaret, sold the souls of every female descendant she would have. No one ever knew why she did it, but that was back in Ireland a very, very long time ago."

"Your nuts...fucking nuts."

Cassandra whimpered as her mother struck her. "What have i told you about swearing? And what did you think about all those strange things happening during and after you messed around with the board? Did you chalk it up to bad luck, i bet you did you poor thing. You caused your best friend to die."

Blue eyes widened. "No.. she was hit by.. by a car!" Cassandra screamed. Grasping her daughters jaw tight she held it still until her daughter no longer struggled. "It always starts out with small things. Your cat, the mirrors. But it will escalate, it always does, until something horrible happens. And they'll keep happening until you have a daughter and pass on the curse."

Lightning flashed outside and it began to rain. Cassandra brought up her leg and kicked her mother away, sending her sprawling to the floor. The candle was dropped but rolled harmlessly away and was extinguished. "You did this! You killed my best friend, all because you wouldn't take this to the grave!" Fury rushed through Cassandra and she picked up the closest thing to her, a heavy decorative statue head her mother liked to keep on the hallway table.

Raising it high above her head she brought it back down with strength not quite her own. "Your sick!" she screamed. Her mother laughed as she was repeatedly hit by the marble statue. "I hate you, just die!" Her legs were swept out from under her and she crashed to the wood floor.

"Did you think i would just let you kill me, now that I'm free I'll get rid of the curse, by getting rid of you." Cassandra kicked and screamed as she was dragged to the second story window. "Goodbye sweetie. Mommy loves you." And she was shoved out the window. The ground rushed up to meet her and she saw black.

The mother smiled sadly. "Sorry Cassie, but it had to be done... and your baby brother just can't live without his mommy. That's right i have to pick him up from his friends tomorrow morning..." She stared at the bleeding corpse of her daughter and sighed. She closed her eyes and a tear fell. The floor boards creaked behind her and she was silent. The shudders on the window blew back and rain came pouring inside. She turned around and a lightning flash illuminated a figure at the other end of the hall.

"No Mom, I'm sorry. Your right i never could do what was expected of me." her eyes went black for a second before turning back to blue. "Oh god... Margaret!"

Lifting her hand Cassandra smirked, her mother flew backwards out the window and this time, she wouldn't be getting up.


"It was so horrible. S-she came at me with a knife... thought maybe i was dreaming but she... she. Oh god!" she cried into her hands and the neighbor gave the cop a dirty look. "Hasn't she been through enough? Leave her alone. You already know what happened anyway!" the older woman snapped as she guided the teary eyed Cassandra away. Still sobbing loudly into her hands, no one could see the smirk she wore.

"Cassie! You're alright!" a voice form her right yelled out. Looking up she smiled a little. "Dean..." He enveloped her in a hug and held her tight. "I'll never let anyone hurt you again." he whispered to her. He kissed her lips gently and began guiding her towards his house, after nodding to the woman who had been helping her. "Thank you Margaret." she said Quietly, her eyes flashing a different color for a moment. She stayed silent after that.

The flowers withered and died as she walked past. They shriveled up until there was nothing left. Just like her descendants corpse would after reaching the hospital.

-End Story-

AN: ok this was supposed to be story 4 but i got tired of waiting to finish the others so i posted this. Lol. As for the other 3 stories, you're gonna have to wait a while. I am currently finally finishing up my naruto fic as well as starting another 'original' story called 'red as embers' but that wont be up for a little while. But i'll leave you with a preview of the next Story to come (AKA chapter 3) once i finish it, i am almost done but have no motivation as of right now.

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