Drifting away

Away from pain

Away from fear

Away from earth

Up in the sky

Where everything will be alright

Where I'll finally be happy

Finally free

Finally content

Finally with you

We'll be together


We will never part

Never again will I cry because you're gone

Never again will you look down

Watching me all alone with pain in your eyes

You're part of me

Now I am whole

My heart is whole again

I love you

With all of my being

With all my soul

With all my will

I would do anything for you

But the best part is that you love me

With all of your being

With all your soul

With all your will

You would do anything to bring a smile to my face

We are balanced

I would die for you

You would die for me

But there is no more death

Only life

Only happiness

Only our love

Here in the sky

Away from pain

Away from fear

Away from earth

Here with you