Chapter One: A Regular Day In School

"Hey! Get up. If you don't hurry, mom and dad are gonna make me drive you to school." Jeanna said angrily. She flicked her black hair over her shoulders and put her perfectly manicured hands on her small hips. I groaned and pulled the blanket over my head. She pulled it back off of me and poured a cup of cold water on my face.

"What the hell?" I shouted in shock. The water dripped down my back, making it impossible to want to sleep again. I got up muttering, took a quick shower and brushed my teeth. Then I ran downstairs to get breakfast.

"Morning Aaron, so nice of you to join us." Mom said placing down cereal and milk. I started to dig in, I glanced up for a second to see my mom who looked perfect as usual. She had long blond hair and blue eyes. She had a perfect figure and an even more perfect personality. My youngest sister Lily was just like her, except smaller.

"So, are you doing anything interesting today?" Dad tried to ask casually. He already knew the answer. But he had been the football captain in high school, aka most popular guy in school. You could still tell. He still had muscles and that popular guy look. Jeanna looked like him, except slimmer and more feminine. It was so strange that my parents could reproduce and get me. I don't see how that can happen. I was about five foot seven, scrawny and pale. But the pale problem is really my fault, I barely ever go outside unless forced. I had my dad's hair and my grandma's eyes, according to my mom.

"Nope," was my only reply. I got up and said good bye. I had to go to the bus stop before the bus left. Jeanna could have driven me, she had a car. But she was reluctant to show any sisterly affection to me .If she did it would actually mean that she cared and that would be bad for her reputation. I enjoyed the two minutes of walking to the bus stop. I waited there for a good ten minutes. I decided that either the bus already left or wasn't coming. I started to walk away, then I saw the all too familiar yellow bus go right pass me. It didn't stop. Great.

Thanks for driving me Jeanna," I said to my sister. She glared at me as I got out of her car.

"Just get out and don't attract too much attention," she almost growled at me. I walked out and placed my hat on my head, I always wore a hat when I was having a bad hair day. I walked toward my usual group of people, they didn't even notice me. Figures.

The day passed without any major interruption. Mrs. Garrol went with her long speech about behaving, Mr. Hilden stuttered again and I didn't hear a word in school. By the time I got home, Jeanna was already there. Yes, she left me to walk. She was already informing our parents of her truly exciting day in school. I walked in and Lily turned to face me.

"How was your day?" She asked innocently. I couldn't leave by then, I had to answer.

"Fine," I knew that my answer wouldn't be enough to satisfy Lily's insane curiosity.

"How fine?" Her eyes bulged out of her sockets. I sighed.

"Nothing interesting happened, Lily," I headed upstairs. She followed.

"Something had to have happened!" she shouted, desperate. I suspected that she was bored out of her mind because my mom probably didn't let Lily out of her sight. I looked at her and sighed, again.

"Lily, do you want to play Quests with me?" I know that it's wrong to change an innocent little girl to a game freak like me, but she was bored. Besides, she's the one who made me play in the first place. She was so excited when she saw it, she wanted to play it first. But I wanted to make sure there wasn't too much blood and gore for a five year old. There wasn't.

"Yeah!" She smiled her angelic smile. I felt like she was the only family member that still liked me. I sat down and she placed herself on my lap. I logged in and waited for the game to load.

"I hope Billy is on!" Lily said excitedly. KillBill4049 is actually a guy that we met on the game. He doesn't know anything about us, I'm not stupid. But he was almost like my and Lily's only friend. Sad, huh? He wasn't on, he probably actually has a life. Lily and I started playing, doing quests and getting money.

"Look! He's on," Lily happily typed in a message before I could stop her. My message appeared on the bottom of the screen.

GameFreak5967: Hey Billy! Whats up!!

This was why she didn't know the password to any of the computers. My parents thought it was silly. They said that Lily didn't even know how to use a computer. I swear am I the only one that pays attention to her. Everyone underestimates her, I don't. I always knew she knew how to use the computer, that's why I put passwords on everything.

KillBill4049:Nothin much you?

He knew that two people play this game at once, I told him, so he didn't think I was a freak. Then again, he thought I was a twenty- seven year old with his niece. I play it safe.

GameFreak5967:Same, just looking for the shield of esther

The quest I was doing has me going everywhere looking for it, I couldn't find it. Knowing Bill, he probably knew where it was.

KillBill4049:I no where that is

Of course he does. I began to rethink the fact that he had a life. He probably had less of a life than me. If that's possible.

KillBill4049:Follow me

We followed him through the Jungle of Death. Then we were attacked by a huge ogre.


GameFreak5967:Hey There are small children here

KillBill4049:my bad

We split up, he was a warrior and I was a sorcerer. I backed up, then started to attack it from afar. He attacked it from the front. We won, it was no match.


GameFreak5967:WOO- HOO!!

That was Lily if you didn't know. I trudged ahead lightly running ahead of Bill. He caught up with me quickly. I was the smart one, he was the strong one. We wandered farther into the forest until we found the shield. Right in the middle of it.

"Lily, Aaron! Where are you two?" I said good bye to him and quickly logged off. Lily and I ran downstairs. Quests was our own secret life. If our parents ever found out I was playing a RPG with Lily and making friends online, they would kill me.

We all sat down and everyone started eating. I drowned out the talking of the table and just ate my spaghetti. Dinner was over before I even realized. I found that if I really tried to, I could make time go forward in my head. In a way.

I lay in bed thinking about the day. I got driven to school, I didn't pay attention in class or at dinner and I played Quests with Lily and KillBill4049 for three hours. Not a bad day.