"Now, be careful."

"Don't worry. I'll be fine."

"Oh, I'm not worried about you. I've never placed the fate of my baby in anyone else's hands. I expect you to be completely responsible."

His baby? "No worries, Mr. White. All will be taken care of," I said, saluting him.

"You do realize I've never let anyone else drive my car. Not even Ace."

"So you must really trust me then," I stated.

"I trust that you won't total my Corvette or place any scratch on it. I swear, Isabella, if anything happens, I'll-"

"What? You'll what?" I prodded, daring him to say what he would do to me.

He sighed. "I'll flip a shit," he said in a completely serious voice, so serious in fact that I found it difficult to keep a straight face.

"That is a risk I'm willing to take," I said, smiling cheekily, my hand outstretched, palm to the sky.

"You're sure you're completely capable of driving?" he asked, even though he looked at my license multiple times to make sure it wasn't fake. Why would I even get a fake ID if it said I was 17?

"Blake, I took driver's ed. I know what I'm doing!" He ran his hand through his hair and it flopped into his eyes, red shadowed over blue. It was breathtaking. But I snapped out of it quickly. "Now, keys." A pained expression crossed his features as he reached into his back pocket, retrieving the keyring that held the starter of the Corvette. He dangled it right above my hand, refusing to let go, so instead I grasped the key and pulled it out of his clutch. "Thanks, Blakey! I'll be back in a few hours."

I swiftly opened the door to the Corvette and slid into the smooth leather seats, relishing the feel. This really was an amazing car. After slamming the car door, which made Blake flinch visibly, I gripped the steering wheel and rolled down the window when Blake bent to get down to the level. "Please be careful, Isabella."

"No worries," I told him, smiling before slowly backing out of the parking space. Right before I did, I saw Blake put his hand in his back pocket and pull out a box of cigarettes. I made a disgusted face and pulled back up next to him while he lit the cancer stick. "Why do you smoke?"

He took a puff and looked at me. "None of your business."

"Well, of course it's my business, considering you're giving me secondhand smoke right now."

He narrowed his eyes at me. "Don't you have to be going?"

"Not before I get an answer."

He sighed, letting out a stream of smoke as he did. "You came into my life and I started up again."

"Do I stress you out?" I asked, coyly.


"Well that's no reason to kill yourself."

"You don't want to leave Liam waiting, do you?"

"He can wait for a while. It's not like he knows I'm coming."

"You should go anyway and give me my peace."

"You should stop smoking," I retorted.

"Goodbye, Isabella," he said, turning around and walking away after blowing a tremendous amount of smoke in my face.

At that, I quickly got out of the car after coughing dramatically, grabbed the cigarette out of his mouth and threw it to the ground. He watched in shock as I did that and I smiled triumphantly before saying. "Goodbye Blakey," in a mocking way. Before he could do anything, I ran back in the car, started it up and drove away. If I looked back in the rearview mirror, I would see Blake shaking his head with a smile on his face before turning back to go upstairs.

After the hour drive to the Knox School on Long Island, I parked the car in the parking lot I was directed to and decided to walk around the school campus. It was pretty huge and beautiful and enhancing its beauty were the colorful leaves from the trees dotted along the floor. I stepped out into the chilly air, pulling my thin coat around me as I stepped out of the shiny black Corvette. I didn't know where Liam was, so I decided to explore the campus. I always wanted to go to boarding school, since the idea just sounding so romantic. Seriously, no parents, no bodyguards, no worries. But that also meant no Aidan, so that was obviously a no.

It was really quaint here. They had small scattered buildings around the campus that had the feel of a small town, an equestrian station with a stable and beautiful mares standing tall and students in uniforms milling around. I walked past a crop of red-cheeked boys playing lacrosse in their uniforms and a group of girls laughing together in their plaid skirts and fitted jackets. And ahead was a wonderful looking couple that made me sigh a little as I approached. The girl was beautiful as she smiled happily and blushed slightly as the boy whispered something in her ear and when he pulled away from her, he took her hand and they kissed. I smiled involuntarily.

I walked closer to the building they were standing in front of and my eyes almost popped out of my head. I recognized that mass of curly brown hair. As I approached, my pace quickened and I stood right next to the boy and girl, looking between the two of them as my eyes widened and my jaw dropped. "OH MY GOD!!" I shouted.

The boy and the girl shot apart and looked at me with annoyance, confusion and surprise. Then the boy's eyes turned to shock and his lips curved into a huge smile. "Isabella!"

My joy to see Liam overwhelmed me and I hugged him tightly, his mass of curly hair tickling my face. We hugged for a couple of seconds before letting go. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to pick you up! I missed you and I didn't want to wait to see you at night, but I guess I interrupted something," I said, smiling at the pretty girl standing behind him.

Liam looked behind him and a blush lit his cheeks when he reached his hand behind him and she entwined her fingers with his, stepping up a bit. I took this time to study her. She had a light complexion with rosy cheeks that seemed to be permanent. She was thin and short and wrapped in a button down shirt with a tie and the same skirt as everyone else. Even when she stepped forward, she remained behind Liam as if he were her shield. "Well, um..."

"Hi, I'm Isabella," I told the girl, not waiting for Liam to work up the effort to introduce us.

"Emily," she replied, her voice quiet and sweet. The corners of her mouth curled up slightly and it enhanced her beauty all that much. "Are you Blake's fiancé?"

My heart stopped at that word, and my entire demeanor broke for a moment. Apparently I didn't cover up the hurt fast enough, cause Liam gave me a sympathetic and slightly guilty look. Why did he have to tell her I was Blake's fiancé? I smiled anyway, nodding my head. "Yes, I am."

"I've heard a lot about you," she said smiling.

"Hopefully good things," I said, smiling back, watching as Liam blushed slightly and looked at his feet.

"Of course," she said, laughing a bit.

"Well, I've heard nothing about you," I said, staring at Liam pointedly. He looked up at me with alarm before looking at Emily's hurt look and putting on an apologetic look. I instantly felt bad, so I wanted to help him. "Not that that means anything. I haven't seen Liam in two weeks, so thats probably the reason."

"But we've been going out for three!"

"Really? That long?" I asked him.

"You're not helping," he grumbled before turning to to Emily. "Look, Em, I can explain."

"Save it Liam. You told me all about Isabella. Am I not important enough?"

"That's not it. Of course you're important to me."

"Then why did you not tell her about us? You said she's one of the most important people in your life."

He actually said that? I knew there was a reason I loved this kid. "I can answer that one." Liam turned his face to me with a groan, but I kept talking anyway. They were so cute together and I didn't want to be responsible for them breaking up. "I know Liam. He is the shyest person I know. When I first came to his house, it was like pulling teeth to get information out of him. Plus..." Reading the smile on my face, Liam looked panicked, mouthing 'please don't, please don't, please don't,' but this was punishment for not telling me. "He kind of had a crush on me when I first got here."

Liam groaned when I confirmed his fears and Emily smiled, letting out a tinkling laugh, apparently pleased with this information. Liam clapped a hand over his eyes bringing them down over his face. "Really? You actually liked your cousin's fiancé?"

"Not only did he like me, he actually thought he had a chance," I added, laughing, noting the embarrassed look on Liam's face. "No offense, Liam."

"None taken," he said, sarcasm dripping from his voice. I smiled cheekily at him and he smiled back even though he tried so hard not to. Then he turned to Emily. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean for you to get hurt. I was actually planning on telling Isabella about you this weekend, but her coming here kind of surprised me. So, now that she spilled possibly the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to me, could you forgive me?"

She bit her lip and smiled. "I think that can be arranged."

Then I could sense they were about to kiss, so I turned my back to them to give them privacy, smiling at the fact that Liam actually found someone. I knew he would be snatched up as soon as he got to school. When I turned back around, their foreheads were touching and they just looked at each with content smiles on their faces, her straight hair clashing with his curly mass. "Um, guys?" They both looked at me and I smiled awkwardly. "I don't want to break this up, but Blake gave me a three hour lease on his car, so we really need to get going."

"Blake let you borrow his car?" Liam asked incredulously. I nodded and he shook his head, astonished. "Wow. I never thought I'd see the day. I mean that thing means more to him than-"

"Life itself, I know. He said it like ten times before I grabbed the keys from him."

"Wow, that is something."

I nodded solemnly. "I know! So, I'm gonna head to the car. Sorry I have to break you guys up, but I can't risk Blake getting mad at me again. He's been really nice ever since I came back."

"Okay," Liam said, already facing Emily, ready to say goodbye for the weekend.

"Meet me in five minutes, okay?" I said as I began backing away.

"Sure," he said, but he was already picking up her hands in his and kissing her fingers as she blushed. When I turned back away from the lovely couple, a smile overcame my face, while feeling a pang in my heart.

"Why exactly did you tell Emily that I'm Blake's fiancé?"

"What?" Liam asked, even though I'm pretty sure he heard me.

"Why did you tell Emily I'm Blake's fiancé?"

"Because, technically, that's what you are," Liam said.

"I don't want to be though," I said, pulling into the exit.

"That's not what the question is about, is it?"

I sighed. "I guess not, but I still don't like it."

"What happened when you went to California? Didn't you get everything straightened out?"

"It's a long story."

"Well, we've got an hour."

So, I relayed the story to him, while he made all the appropriate reactions. Why was he so awesome?

"I hate to break it to you, Isabella, but getting Blake to agree to end the engagement isn't going to be that easy."

"And why not? He doesn't want this as much as I do. All I have to do is talk to him."


"Liam, I know everything's gonna work out." He started to protest again, but I spoke before he could. "Trust me."

"Fine. If you really think so, you should really talk to him soon. You only have two months left. Plus, if you screw this up and make Blake hate you, your family could go down the tubes."

"I'm fully aware of that, thanks," I snapped.

He looked taken aback and said snippily, "I'm sorry, I just want you to understand the gravity of the situation. Wouldn't it just be easier to give up?"

"How could you ask that Liam? You know I need to be with Aidan." He looked down sheepishly and I shook my head. "No, I need to talk to Blake. I just need to find the right moment. In the meanwhile, I just need to find out how I can meet with Aidan outside of school. We have that dance competition coming up and we have to practice three times a week with Ms. Flynn."

"Yeah," was his only response.

"Well, you got any ideas on how I could leave without suspicion?" I asked, agitation leaking into my voice at the unhelpfulness of that answer.

"I don't know, Isabella. Maybe you could tell him you got a job or something," Liam said in an annoyed way, leaning his head against the headrest.

"God, it would be that simple," I said under my breath. "Okay. So I'll get a prepaid phone and give him that number just in case he wants a work number and go to the practices during those times."

"That could work. Where are you going to say you work?"

"I don't know," I said. "I hate thinking."

"Well, it would have to be somewhere where he wouldn't be able to see you easily if he decided to visit."

"Like where? Cashier would be out of the question then. Oh! I could say I'm working at the restuarant Aidan works at!"

"No, waitressing won't be any good."

"Why not? If he did decide to come visit, I could say that he must have caught me during my lunch period or that I was in the bathroom or something."

"Yeah, I guess that could work. Talk to Aidan about it. He might be able to tell you about any vacancies."

"But I won't really be working there."

"But it might be good to get the job just in case. You know. It might give Blake the idea that you have a greater sense of responsibility. He respects that in a person. Plus, you could make some extra money to pay off that phone you were talking about."

I looked at him and smiled. "Liam, why are you so smart?" ...Or maybe I'm just dumb.

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