A long time ago, in a world much like our own, I was normal. I was a human girl of seventeen with a great life, a loving family, and many loyal friends. But all of that changed in a matter of hours.

My family, consisting of my mother, brother, and stepfather, and I were driving home from eating a large dinner with the rest of our expanding family. It was raining outside at the time and I was listening to my favorite song on my iPod. I was looking out the car window and watched a pair of headlights come my way from the right side of our Dodge Durango. My stepfather saw it coming and swerved to the side in an attempt to evade it on the slick road. It didn't go as he had planned, and the large eighteen-wheeler truck hit us, hard.

The airbags came up after impact and all I could hear was my own heartbeat slowing. I faintly heard screams and crashes as my seat belt snapped and my unresponsive body flew out the back window. I hit the ground painfully and became immobilized. I watched my family; trapped in the rolling, red truck, die. Mercifully, my body shut down and I could feel no more.

I drifted in an empty space for what seemed like an eternity until I saw a light break through the infinite darkness. I was being pulled to it, and I couldn't resist the pull; it was far too wonderful to pass up. I accepted my death and reached toward it, but then my world became full of agony. I spiraled back into the darkness and back into the cruel world of consciousness. My body jerked painfully and I screamed into the night.

A warm hand clamped itself over my mouth and things that sounded like words were faintly ringing through my pain. Tears streamed down my face as I tried to breathe. It felt like my body was on fire as I tried to gulp down the life-saving gas. My world was filled with unbearable agony and I wished that I was dead again. I could almost make out the faces of my so-called 'saviors' through my blinding tears, and the place I was captivated in looked like a bedroom. My body wouldn't respond to anything I told it and I sobbed in a mixture of pain and fear.

Eventually, I gave up on my body and tried to shut my mind down and managed to fall asleep for a few blessed hours of oblivion. However, a few hours turned into a few days and I finally woke up; completely pain free. I could move m y limbs fine, and there wasn't even a trace of my previous agony. It felt like it had all been a dream; that is, until my 'saviors' entered the room.

I cowered into my blankets and watched five gorgeous men stride into my room. They all had pale skin and looked semi-related. However, the first one had slicked-backed brown hair, and a little facial hair with red eyes. He was wearing a white, button-down shirt with a crimson vest and black slacks. The second one was extremely tall with bronze, curly hair and bright green eyes with glasses; he was wearing jeans and a dark green t-shirt.

The next two were twins, by the look of it, with blonde, messy hair and amber eyes. One was wearing khaki shorts and a blue t-shirt, while the other wore a red t-shirt and ripped jeans. The last one, and by far the most beautiful, had shiny black hair pulled back into a low ponytail with icy blue eyes. He wore a pair of navy jeans and a slightly unbuttoned, white shirt. I could see his firm, lean physique quite clearly.

They stared at me, and I stared back. Then they all went on their right knee, with their right arms pushing against the floor and bowed their heads.

"Welcome home your Highness."