What Is Love?

Every night
Before we sleep
You say to me,
"I love you"

Really, what is love?
Friendship, too;
A pure white dove
Holds the answers

The answers we search for
In our faint dreams
Are really right there,
Although it doesn't seem

The kinds of love,
From passion to lust
Swarms in our minds
As if it's a must

Oh, really, really
Why do you say
Don't leave again,
Please.. please stay

But stay for what?
For the pain
You'll bring me,
The everlasting stains?

Admiration and love
Lust and passion
Which love,
Is our love?


A/N: Erm, I don't even know if I'm worthy enough to call this an author's note, but I just want to say sorry. This is the shortest poem I've written so far. It might seem as if the ending doesn't quite fit, and I apologize for that. I was writing 4 poems (yes.. I shouldn't have started some, but I didn't want to lose the idea), and I stopped all of them for more than two weeks now. Heh.. my laziness got to me.. :P So again, I'm sorry if this poem was a bit rusty.

Thank you, everyone, who has read, especially those who have reviewed.. although there hasn't been many.. So please review? :D