What I wish
To pretend,
I could pretend
No longer

Destiny has come
To face me
With love,
And with hate

The tricks
You laid,
The jokes
You played

All came back to me
In a rush
With no mercy,
Causing me to hush

Those strong desires
Drove me on
But they became overwhelming
Yet still kept me strong

I prayed to God
To let me out
Of this terrible dream,
Turned into a nightmare

I was running away
From everything,
Not even thinking
That I really wanted to stay

It was too much to bear
The sadness and pain
All I could do
Is curl my lip in disdain

You can say I'm a coward
And it's true
I ran away,
Thought "What else could I do?"

I was lost,
Yearning to be found
Waiting to be freed,
To hell I was bound

Then she came
She lifted me out;
Taught me not to hate
And I trashed my doubts

I took everything
And turned it around
Left behind bad memories;
The darkness and frowns

I'm ready
To face you now,
Because you're how
I used to be

I want to help you
And your heart to mend
With you beside me I realize
I don't have to pretend


A/N: I'm still wondering if I can call this an author's note or not. Maybe it should be P/N, for "Poet's Note".. sigh
Well, I'm quite proud of this one, but I rushed it too much. At first, it didn't make sense at all. Haha, you should've seen my previous version of this. It was terrible.

Anyway, this was inspired by two characters of an anime I was watching. Can anyone guess who they are and what anime they are from? :D Whoever does gets huggies and kisses! :) Wait.. why am I saying that? No one wants hugs and kisses from me anyway.. -sobs in my emo corner-

Hint: Both are females who are from an anime that is centered around a group of 12 girls who fight thingies that are summoned. They have their own weapons, as well as their own creature-thingy that they can summon and helps them fight.

Ahhhh, I guess I'm rambling again. Now, I'll shut up for the sake of my readers.. If I have any :(