july 1.

summer is finally here.
happiness, excitement, freedom, right?


summer isn't all that great. being able to hang out on the beach is fun i guess, watching the cute boys and girls walk by, but seeing the couples holding hands and fawning over each other is enough to make your head spin.

like, honestly, would it be that hard for me to get a boyfriend?
or a girlfriend even, i don't think i care at this point.

anyway, i can't wait to get out of here.

i'm going to visit a friend in a few days,
and hopefully i'll hook up with someone there.

god, i'm one sex deprived fifteen year old girl.

AN: so, first entry of this. it's a bit more of a story than 16wob16 or 100wf100d. it's only loosely based on my summer, hence the speaker being 15 and liking boys and such. anyway, enjoy