I closed my eyes and saw the grave
stretching a thousand feet below the highway signs.
Hello, I see you when you lie.
The warning signs appeared like
hurricanes swept dust before my eyes
but all I saw was the cool breeze inside my mind.
You were a loner with a rose,
your hand held outwards toward the road.
I pulled aside, I didn't want to be alone.
I drove for miles while we
tucked drama in our teeth like alibis;
I let you off, you cried, "Your highway is my home."

I don't feel anything; I was treated with the wounds of satin steel.
When the night calls,
the dreams turn into nightmares, sick reminders of the world I thought was real.
Trapped me in, sky touching thumb:
the Hitchhiker's heart has left me numb.

The curtain closed, the rain on road:
we slipped and fell like broken spokes
upon the reins of swollen riders as they burn.
So still I lay as I collided
with your figure in the center of the street.
I picked you off, you'll never learn.
We smiled, we cried,
I wrote the words I'd only ever wished I'd spoken
as you provided our allies with a lie.
Through moments gone I switched the dreams
with the experience denied
'cos love's a joke when you're denying what you hide.

The eyes will close, the years grow old,
I'm still a martyr of the rose.
Grief had no hope with those who saw through foggy eyes.
I was scared and you were stone,
I'm only feeling half-alive;
when the night spoke, you took my body, but not my pride.
My skin would burn with touches fierce,
the words were shallow on your lips.
When you return, I'll still lie still and led by fear.
To rip my shoulders from my face,
Hitchhiker, you have been replaced
with phantom killer's mask grown solid with the years.

I feel everything, I was wounded with the blade of satin steel.
When morning calls,
the nightmares are reality, reminders of a world that's all too real.
My face is inked with tattooed tears;
the Hitchhiker's heart has barely left me here.