Well this was supposed to be titled super christmas holiday ultra space spectacular, but at 680 some odd words of actual story it didn't seem to fit those words. To those trapped in a windowless, temperature controled building or who just haven't noticed, it is snowing tons all across the United chapter was only created in the spirit of Christmas (sorry holiday season for those athiests that have to be politically correct) (no offense my fellow atheists, I just hate politically correct people), and has no real spoilers for chapter 9.

December 24, 2013 space station New Orleans

"Santa to Liberty requesting permission to land." I asked from my cargo filled hawkeye. I ended up receiving a Christmas jingle. "Are you guys putting me on hold? I have the rest of your Christmas presents and you're putting me on hold?" the Christmas jingle quickly ended.

"Santa the chimney is open." Scott said, trying to keep his voice professional. I landed the multipurpose craft in the port hangar. I saw the hangar light turn green when atmosphere returned to the hangar.

"Santa to flight deck, I'm gonna need some help." I stated as I now realized the Santa suit I was wearing did not allow me to fit in the narrow space that had been left to walk out the craft. The flight crew immediately began to start clearing the bags of gifts and supplies. When there was finally enough room I stepped out.

"Hey looks like you're already dressed up." Captain Lee said as I left the hawkeye.

"Oh come on, can't I have a bunch of helper elves or something?" I pleaded, pointing t the flight crew.

"Well I would say yes except the helper elves aren't dressed up, that and we need them to get ready for Admiral Halway. Sorry, you and the rest of the stick jockeys are pretty much the only people who aren't busy with their job at the moment. And before you ask, yes I'm running them ragged right now you can't use them."

"Don't we have some sort of mail man?" I asked hopefully, realizing just how many undelivered packages there must be in the ship.

"Yes, and he's working twenty five hours a day, eight days a week right now."

I just gave off a confused look.

"What? I was never good at jokes. That was Kenny's department."

"Right, I'll just go carry the hundreds of packages through several miles of ship." I whined in defeat.

"That's what I like to hear."


This was my last package. My feet were killing me, my back ached, my head was full of Christmas songs, and somehow I still had enough energy to at least keep a happy face as I found out the door wouldn't open. I was about to just put the letter down when I saw several other packages on the ground. Whoever lived here didn't come by often, and I could hardly blame them. This room was well off the beaten path, and was one of the rooms given the not so creative nickname of solitary confinement. Out of curiosity I checked the name, just to make sure they were still alive. The package read "Ashley Stemson" a name that took several minutes to register in my head as I walked to the port hangar to enjoy the artificial snow made from comet dust. (A/N just because I feel this could have some people scratching their heads. Liberty is stationed far from the front lines at the moment, and has such a small flight crew that they hardly even need one hangar. Also the inspection I talked about won't be happening for several days, and the artificial snow could be cleaned up by simply cleaned up by opening the hangar with a bunch of air still in it). Ashley Stemson had been a cheerleader in high school. You know the one every guy turned their head to look at. Yep. She hit stereotypical cheerleader almost perfectly, the exception being her short stature. I could never stand talking to her for more than five minutes. The comedian Ron White must have been talking about her when he said you can't fix stupid. I figured she'd just living in other people's rooms.


I opened the door to my room and found the room covered in artificial snow. On the back of the door was a little post-it note which read "Kenny says merry Christmas."

Ok, I may have lied there may be a few not so subtle hints to chapter 9. I don't know, I haven't created it yet. That said have a happy/merry/safe/fun whatever you celebrate this time of year.

signed the good dr.

P.S. this may be my last post in 2008