For anyone who has read the other version of "Alone", this is the alternative ending. This was actually the first version I had before I decided I wanted to turn something in that had more of a hopeful quality about it. This one was also too short by the requirements of my teacher. Enjoy nonetheless, and feel free to leave comments or check out the other version. :)


(I- interior shot, V-voiceover, E-exterior shot)

Black Screen

Voiceover: I find it funny when people say they understand

I: Feet touch carpet

V: When they convince themselves that they get everything you're going through.

I: The feet walk out of the shot

I: Hand drags on a bedspread until it leaves the frame

Cut to: Girl, looking in a mirror, putting on mascara. She rakes through her hair and pulls it back into a ponytail

V: They give their condolences of course, but then they give their advice, which only goes to show they really don't get it.

I: counter, where the mascara and other assorted makeup is set. A hand picks up the eyeliner. A few seconds later, it's replaced on the counter.

V: Maybe because I'm younger, they think I simply can't understand. How could I understand something like death if I'm only 16. I think their the ones that don't get it.

I: Light turns off, and the hand moves out of the shot

I: From inside the bathroom, light flooding in through the door

Black screen

V: Because know one even stops to think that death is all I know.

E: Stills of Arlington, flag covered coffin, a man in dress blues

V: It's all my parents ever knew

Cut to: Girl sits on the bed, paper and a pen in her hand, but she's not writing or even looking at it. Her eyes are to a corner. She looks down.

V: Death, basically, is my life.

I: She puts her head against the headboard and closes her eyes.

Cut to: Tile flooring

V: Nobody sees how I've always been running from the one thing I know best.

I: A foot comes into the shot

Cut to: Perspective from a kitchen counter, or somewhere far back

V: Running away from this dark cloud hanging over my head 24/7.

I: She leans up against the wall, refrigerator, counter, etc. One hand has a picture frame in it.

V: It's worse when I'm left to daydream and bask in the memories. It's even worse than the nightmares.

I: Shot from the floor, watching as arms drop down and she slides down onto the floor, tucking her knees to her chest

V: I've never imagined missing to people so incredibly much. Like my heart stopped when theirs did.

I: She reaches up to her necklace, on verge of tears and lingers there before collapsing into her knees. The frame lays beside her, picture blurry to the viewer.

V: I know I'm not the only person to lose someone, but everyone grieves different. And no one grieves like me.

Cut to: hallway leading to a door. Girl walks forward shoes and keys in hand

V: I want to scream when people say it's okay, when they tell me it's as simple as life and death. Life is black and white.

I: She unlocks and opens the door and drops her shoes, slipping them on

E: She closes the door, leans up against it

V: And if that's true, why am I seeing everything in shades of gray?

E: She starts down the steps, into the front yard, wrapping her jacket closely around her.

V: And if other people see in black and white, and I see in grayscale, who actually sees the color? Really?

E: View from front. She pulls her hood over her head, pulling earphones into her ears.

White screen

I/E: Stills of different things. Cemetery, headstones, roses, the picture frame on the ground in the kitchen, etc.

V: And if God is good and all, how can he make such bad things happen? Why is there pain?

E: As she gets more hysterical, she fumbles for a pill bottle, before pulling one out and taking it without water. Then another.

V: No one's ever told me how to deal with this pain. I'm just full of it all. Unimaginable pain.

I/E: Back to the stills, coffins, scars, headstones.

Cut back to the girl, taking another pill. She is still shaking. She pulls her jacket tighter and lies down.

V: I'm going to leave this world to figure out pain.

E: Shots of a beach, sunset, more or less peace, filtered through the stills we've seen already of the coffins and roses.

V: And it's not going to matter if I'm here to find out the answer.

E: Close up of her hand, holding the pill bottle, shaking, and then suddenly still.

V: In the end, it really doesn't matter.

E: Wide shot, showing the whole pond/lake. She lays motionless in the bottom right. None of her is moving.

V: The world, in all it's pain, will keep spinning.

Fade to black, to white, to gray.