the d y i n g

her wings stretch out reflexively,
fanning around her body in wispy strokes.

air floods onto her face in an angry torrent of whipping, harsh tingles;
it plays with the halo of hair washing over her shoulders,
caresses her skin with glacial warmth.

her lips part into a half smile
as she feels the very sky
between her spread fingers.

(silver lining, silver lining,
where's that silver lining?)

clouds fleetingly slip behind her into the distance.
she shuts her eyes in pure resolve, eery with calm,
until the very end, opening as crashing, wild waves
reach out to engulf her. with massive black arms,
it crushes her to its fearsome form
without mercy-
without hope-
without escape.


and her blazing white silhouette
soared through that melted red horizon,

erasing the stain
in one clean stroke.