What are you fighting for?

A 6 year old boy's cried for his dead father in a precious coffin
A 6 year old boy's felt the uncertainty of being left by his young mother
A 6 year old boy's thought of killing himself to meet an angel.

A 6 year old boy's begged you for food 'cause he didn't find anything in the trash
A 6 year old boy's slept outside your door 'cause he didn't have a warm bed
A 6 year old boy's played to kill people 'cause his "reality" is a war.

A 6 year old boy's known all the hatred in this fancy world into a showcase
A 6 year old boy's walked in the middle of the innocent hands, heads, eyes..
A 6 year old boy's lost his hope, love, joy... While we just lose a pair of shoes or a silly TVshow.

Well, can anybody tell me what's the difference between "our grief" and "his grief"?
I can't help but wonder if there'll be a smile in his face
when he grows up, 'cause when I was sad, I smiled myself,
I didn't win the lottery but it felt good by the minute.

Mr and Mrs (hypocrites) do you think you're kind for doing charity?
Ya, your money'll be able to buy "happiness" for the people like that 6 year old boy.
Ok, if it makes you feel better, ignore the homeless men lied in your streets
don't look at the "easy" women getting in elegant cars
there's no such thing as children without toys, without parents.

Life's beautiful if you keep the "bad" things away from your heart,
but never, never ask me to close my eyes like you did.

Sometimes misfortune brings people together
maybe silence is the only universal language
but as long as a flower is born time and again
I'll be here too, ya, it's pretty corny
but I'll spread my hand, no matter if the wait is endless
I'll hope somebody to hold it tightly.

I want to "see" everything even if I'm marked by the "true heartache"
When somebody, perhaps you, if hold my hand, I won't let go of though it's weak.