Fishes and Puppies and Cats, Oh My!

They say a fishes memory lasts three seconds, and how boring it would be to be a fish; how dull! It's by far not dull – far from dull… especially when your owner has a cat, too. The main reason why I know my memory doesn't last more than three seconds is because of that cat!

Drift along with me, before I go off on a rant about that cat, and I'll give you a tour of my tank! It's a pretty cool tank, isn't it? The other fishes and I like to play follow-the-leader around the sea urchins and through this cool, underwater ship that looks like it got attacked by a shark! We have a great time, we do!

Oh, where are my manners? My name's Mina! I think it's a pretty cool name. My owner told me it means fish in some other language, but it doesn't sound like a fish, does it? And I really like my spots, too! The yellow starfish over there? He's new – his name is Bert. And that, over there? That flash of blue? Well, she has a yellow stripe, too, and got named Dori. I mean, what a weird name! My owner said it had something to do with finding Nemo, whoever that is…

And that darn, lazy cat! She gets petted and cuddled – pampered beyond belief! When our owner goes to school, she loves to sit on the sofa's armrest and watch us… all day long! She wouldn't dare if our owner would be home. Those yellow-green eyes follow us everywhere! It can get very annoying, I tell you. She even gets daring on days and bats her paws against the glass. I have a feeling that, if she wouldn't be so fat, she'd try to jump on top of the tank. Cat's don't like water – can you actually believe that?!

Sure: being a fish may not be perfect all the time. After all, we're basically limited to swimming, playing follow the leader, eating, and trying to taunt the cat. But, oh, we got the best gift ever the other day! Our owner came home and she bought a puppy!