the first time

walking into the room

drawn to those amazing eyes

the quickly flashed hesitant smile

you are

the object that is

the reason for the catch in my breath



you are

as your personality comes out to play

one true smile, one your eyes comfortably harbor

small, tentative

but still there.


you make me.

discovering my hunger for your attention

barely alive, but still there

testing out the shallow waters

around our glaringly obvious chemistry

but still nursing petty like for other desserts that;

my eyes (and my heart?) like to feast upon.



and filled to the brim with want

(and something more?)

when you confess

that you need me.

even more surprised


when i turn you down

and walk away; unknowingly

with your heart.

reluctantly, cautiously making my way onto the dance floor

my hand unconsciously held tightly by yours

as we begin to dance.

and as you held me close

my breath hitches

on the feelings your arms around my waist gave me

i think that night

you tangoed with my heart a little bit.

one day

a long while later all of this

you call to;

'hang out.'

with what results as all i could think of

while we played pool so terribly

were your eyes

and your lips

and how i wanted to taste them, oh so bad

going to watch a movie because none of us

wanted to acknowledge the tension

that we both felt

that pull that both of us desperately tried to ignore

the elephant in the room that had begun to squash us closer.

walking back and making light conversation

the night cold and brisk, apprehensive and foreshadowing

your arms around me as we walk, destination unknown

as you spill your secrets to me

as i readily devour them for safekeeping in my heart

and i consciously expose

the best and worst of me

to make sure that you're mister right;

needing the ever-present reassurance that you're the one


with the earthshattering kiss

that ends the night

and puts the first star in the sky.