it's the realization that nowhere's safe.
and there's only one set of arms to save you.

but what if you can't find that set.
will you be consumed by the death, too?

but you just declared, "fearless!"
and that his arms would be your strength.

but your body keep shaking
and the image keep stirring, churning in your mind.

no, it's not okay. no, it's not okay.
there's something wrong.

you knew that before.
you knew that before.

yet you never understood.
you never had the strength to stand.

now there's a fight in your head
but it's just prolonging the one out there.

the one that has been going on for years.
and they aren't happy to lose.

but it's either them or your family.
and for some reason, the little ones are the biggest threat.

because they do understand.
they feel the struggles.
they sense the battles.

but they are powerless to change it.

and with your prayers of protection,
they just turn, and moan and show you
the ways that they're tied down.

one girl with hands behind her back,
face touching the pillow.

another with her blanket thrown over her head
and the last with her head thrashing around.

yet never had you said one word aloud.
it was all the result of silent prayers.

some thing is churning, some thing is breathing
some thing is living in this house.

and you can't touch;
you can't see it.

protection. protection. protection.
repeating the words that will give you life.

shaking, shaking, shaking,

it's gone.

you can't feel your heart beat,
the sweating stop.

your body is at a rest state.
peace that surpasses understanding.

and your comfortable.
as are they.

because you're consumed
with the spirit that loves you
not the one that's been fighting against you for so long.