he lives in me.

our connection is a

d eepness that knows each other's love and
e very piece and
very feeling
ulling the other from
ternity together at his
ight side.

than what can be seen
or even comprehended.

he is saddened by his daughter's poverty;
i see her in dreams and wake up in tears.

he is broken by his son's pain;
and a word of knowledge comes to me
through my physical body's pain.

he is hurt by the one that denies his existence;
i meet this woman and feel a strong sense of purpose.

but it's not like i understand when it happens
the driving force of the emotion
more than just: it's him.

but i don't need all the answers to have
faith and depth.

i have been made in his image.
i share his emotions minus the righteousness
my heart is housing him
and his heart is housing me.

we live together under one house
in love and peace and joy.

after all, he is my daddy.