It was really dark in the room that we ran into. Neither of us could really see anything, breathing heavily I went in search of a light switch or something. I was having trouble breathing, but I figured that was probably from the shock of being chased by a madman. I was banging on the wall closest to me blindly searching around for a light switch.

"Charlie, what are you doing?" Chris was obviously very close to me, because I could hear him quite clearly.

"I'm looking for a light switch. But I can't seem to find one anywhere." I was still breathing pretty heavily.

"I can see that. But why are you breathing so hard? Do you have asthma or something?" Chris asked with concern in his voice.

"No. I'm just kind of in shock or something. I don't know why I'm breathing so heavily. I just can't, breatheā€¦" I stopped breathing for a second so that I could hear if Chris was breathing like I was. But he wasn't, he was seemingly calm. At least his breathing seemed to be calm. Why in the world is it that I am having such a hard time breathing? I don't have asthma. I run semi-regularly. Well not even semi-regularly really... I run sometimes. Enough to know that I don't have asthma...

I started breathing again pretty quickly. I already hadn't been getting much air to begin with, stopping so that I could hear Chris's breaths just wasn't helping anything at all. I went back to my search for some sort of light switch. The dark was starting to make me anxious. But I seemed to be only bumping into very large picture frames.

After a few minutes of searching, and some very heavy breathing, "Chris, are you just standing there like some sort of loon?"

"Well, I thought you had everything covered. Plus, I'm trying to keep track of you. You know, in case you fall from lack of oxygen."

If I had known where the hell he was, I would have smacked him over the head. But, alas, I couldn't see anything. And I was still having trouble breathing. This was not looking very good. If I couldn't find the light soon, I would probably faint like he suggested. And we might never get out of here then. Since Chris seems to be utterly useless.

"Aha!! I wonder what this is. At least it isn't another picture frame, so we have some sort of a chance now." I had laid my hands on a medium sized orb like object. It seriously wasn't anything resembling a normal light switch. But since it was the only thing I had found so far, I was pretty excited.

I put both hands on this orb thing, searching around it in the hopes of it maybe having a switch hanging off it or something. I know it was a crazy idea, that some sort of light switch would be hanging off an orb in the wall that I obviously cannot see. But I was getting desperate. After about thirty seconds of blindly feeling it up, I finally just pushed.

Well, I must have done something right for once. There was a crackling noise now. It started from far away and it was getting louder. I was so excited that there was a change in the circumstances, and it also seemed to be bringing some amount of light. I wasn't even remotely scared of what I might have done.

"Hey, Chris." I said in a sort of questioning voice.

"Yeah?" Oh man, this boy has a vocabulary of champions. I silently scolded myself for that mental remark. This was no time for sarcasm.

"When you ran in here after me; did you by any chance happen to see where in the school we ran into? I'm not very familiar with the band buildings."

"Honestly, neither am I." He replied lamely.

"Oh well you're helpful, aren't you?" Bad Charlie, this is not the place for sarcasm. The crackly noise is getting louder.

"I just know that it didn't look like the normal doors in the school. It was pretty."

"What? What do you mean pretty?"

"It was like ornate and stuff."

"You just have the vocabulary of champions. Ornate and stuff?" I was using my out loud voice again. I really need to get a filter on my mouth one of these days.

"Your sarcasm is not appreciated here."

"Your lack of helpfulness is definitely not appreciated here." I was just getting mean now. I think I might have missed breakfast... That was never a good idea. I needs my foods.

"Well it looks like good old Charlie is getting catty now."

"It's only because you're so freaking useless!!" I had turned on him. I was about to smack him in the head but not only was the weird noise getting louder; our surroundings were becoming much more noticeable.

"What in the world??" I was dumbfounded.

"You can say that again." I'll show him.

"What in the world??" Aha! Poo face.

"I didn't really mean that you should say it again. You know it's a saying that people say but don't actually mean literally." I think he was actually getting frustrated with me. Maybe he'll quickly learn I'm not as nice as much as he thinks.

"I knew that. I was purposely being annoying. You know, to lighten the mood. Because seriously, this is freaking me out." Oh, and it really was freaking me out. Tremendously.

I pinched myself like they do in the movies when they think they are dreaming. Ouch. Nope, definitely not dreaming. I almost wished I was, because then some really hot guy would pop up and call me beautiful.

A door opened from one of the picture framed walls. Honestly, I didn't even know it was a door until it opened.

Drool. I wiped my mouth unattractively, but also inconspicuously. I am multi-talented. I am.

I looked down at myself. "Well that explains why I can't breatheā€¦"

Chris said brilliantly back, "Yes. I suppose it does. It would also explain why I feel so free in the pants region. I figured I just peed myself or something when Jay was chasing after us. But I didn't want to say it out loud for fear of alienating myself to you."

"Oh Chris darling. You could never alienate me. I already know you're secretly a weirdo." I replied sarcastically. Now was definitely the time for sarcasm. It was the only thing that was going to get me through this. Mm a safety blanket laced with some good old fashioned sarcasm. Comforts of home.

So out of the mirror framed wall/door popped this really gorgeous boy. I'm not even kidding you. He was luscious. I felt kind of like Lucy must feel every day of her life, when he popped out of the wall.

Okay, so he was beautiful. I can live with that. From far away you could already see his striking blue eyes. Like that of December sapphires. I'm not even kidding, my knees went weak when he laid those beautiful eyes on me. He had this gorgeous, unnaturally, it must be unnatural, wavy hair that was a dark honey blonde. If that makes any sense at all. So, you know in those Disney movies where the "Prince Charming" fellow has this hair that is always wavy and swooped up or whatever and never seems to move. Yeah, well this dude's hair was like that. Except, it moved! I'm not even kidding you, it sways when he walks. So you know he's not some sort of life-size Prince Charming action figure from McDonalds that moves. He was real and he had this strong jaw line also. He was tall and built very, very nicely if I do say so myself. He was gorgeous.

And for that reason I hated him instantly.

Don't trust beautiful people. They bite. That's my motto.

But, he decided to walk straight up to me and say, I'm not even kidding you on this one either, "Well. Hello, fair maiden. Who do I owe for this honor of you gracing me with your presence?"

I pinched myself again. Just to double check, you know, just in case.

Nope, still not dreaming. Damn. I was hoping that it was a dream, that way I wouldn't have to hate this gorgeous boy.

And if I was dreaming then I wouldn't have to be convinced that I was mentally insane. Which I'm pretty sure is the case.

I smiled as prettily as I could. I'm not really skilled at the art of being pretty and feminine, it's the reason I'm called Charlie. But I plastered on a "pretty" smile and replied as politely as I could possibly muster up, "Excuse me. Heh." I also added in this little shoulder shrug just for good measure. You know how it is... Gotta keep that good measure quota up there.

I turned to Chris, grabbed his wrist and pulled him roughly in the direction away from the freaking hot boy trying to talk to me.

So I yanked the boy towards one of the picture framed lined walls of strange people.

"Ouch." I let go of Chris. He was rubbing his wrist like I actually hurt him. Like I could seriously hurt the kid. I'm a girl that doesn't exercise very often with the exception of running every once in awhile. More like once every couple of months. But shh don't tell anyone that. Don't want them to think that I'm lazy or anything..

"Pansy." I accused.

He looked at me pointedly, but didn't say anything to me in denial of my accusation.

I whispered to him in a harsh tone, "What in the world is going on here?"

He was still rubbing his wrist like it was a broken toy or something, "I don't know."

Oh well, he's helpful. "You're just so helpful, aren't you? I should have left you with Jay. It wouldn't have made a difference otherwise."

"Then you would be stuck in this situation completely alone with the exception of Ken doll over there." He had a point. But I wasn't going to let him know that. That would give him too much satisfaction.

"We need to get out of here."

"I know. It's making me feel like they should lock me up in a mental institution."

"So do you have any plans?"

"Ha! Have I ever looked like I had plans?" He replied unhelpfully.

"No. Not really. I think I'd probably be better of if I was stuck with Ken doll over there alone. At least then I wouldn't have to worry about saving your sorry butt also."

"Aw. Come on now. What would you really have to save? He seems like a nice bloke."

We both looked at him right then. He smiled. Gawd, he was luscious. What in the world was I going to do??

I looked around the room again. It looked like something ripped off from one of those period films, with the antique picture frames that looked gold painted or something. Then there were mirrors everywhere, most likely doors because they looked like one of the ones that Ken came out of. There were drapes everywhere also. Everything in this room seemed to have gold and some sort of like antique green/blue color. Heck, the wallpaper was this like antique green/blue with gold little fleur de lis or whatever you call them. I felt like I stepped into something from the Victorian ages.

And on top of that, well the clothing was classic. The reason why I couldn't breathe is because I was in a dress that had a freaking corset that was cutting off my air supply. Definitely not kosher in my opinion. Whatever that meant... Sometimes I wonder why I use phrases that I don't really know what they mean but I somehow know how to use them in the right context. I watch way too much television. That's it. Well I was in a corset gown that was slightly darker than sky blue and had some gold roping on the edges and stuff. Definitely the type of gown that if you saw Keira Knightly wear in one of those period films. The super pretty ones that always make her look amazing even though she sort of looks like a boy. The type of dress that you would be jealous of anyone who had the fortune to wear. Even if Keira Knightly doesn't have much in the chest area, it's pretty easy to be jealous of the fact that she gets to wear Victorian dresses and act like one for a living. That kind of dress. Except now I am no longer jealous of good old Keira, I feel sorry for her, because I seriously can't breathe.

But I'm getting distracted with myself. I do that from time to time.

The dress was bloody gorgeous. And by kicking my feet up from under my gown I had on some pretty sweet satin slippers the same color as the dress. I was looking pretty sweet. Especially if I angled right I could see my reflection in one of the mirror doors. My normally bland light brown hair was all curled and in a kind of messy curly up do. If that makes any sense at all.

But enough of me, Chris was another story also. He was wearing tights!! Seriously. I'm not even kidding you. He had on tights and a kind of silvery tunic thing. It was pretty effing hot. If only Lucy could see him now. All of his piercings had magically disappeared, and his slightly long, usually styled black hair had some how been combed back and tied into a silver ribbon. He looked like one of those tossers from those period films, with puffy sleeves and everything. It was ridiculous!

Then there was Ken doll. He looked like he was a faery prince or something in the regal looking category. He was impeccably dressed and ridiculously gorgeous.

It was like we had run away from a mad man, and ran right into a movie set. I'm not kidding you.

So I decided I was going insane, and I had dragged poor Chris with me...

I needed to get us out of there.

Author's note:

So I've been reading a lot of the Georgia Nicholson diaries. I'm not British. I just have been reading a lot of British literature the last few days. I think the crazy British-ness seems to be rubbing off. This was an interesting but entertaining chapter. I hope people like it. I enjoyed writing it. Which I think might be a little evident in the writing style. It's pretty different from my usual writing style. Especially since I am no longer writing in third person omniscient. I've never really written in first person before. Definitely not for this long.

:love love: