Sometimes heartbreak tastes better than happiness,
The way it crushes your lungs it's like a rich, grounding breath of air.
Sometimes a sound makes more sense than a word.
It does not lie. It never can.
All the children in the world can't hear it,
But they will,
And it's just a matter of time,
'Cause it's a way for them to be recognized,
It's a way to see behind our empty eyes.
The pain is morphine in my veins,
Filling up a hollow part of me, cementing over every crevice inside
My mind.
The truth is robbing me blind,
So I stare maddeningly ahead,
My eyes bright and blank and wide, and the ice block in my chest remaining
Steadfastly frozen
While the happy children at my ankles smile ignorantly.
I wish that I could be like them,
Instead of hanging my head in this cold, honest nostalgia.
I almost drowned here, now I'm
Dripping with solitude, and
Screaming my sour mood,
And I clutch the children tightly to me,
But even their warmth can't save me
From myself, my own hatred, my own birthday,
My own time bomb
I never meant to become.
Save me from the heartbreak creeping nearer,
Save me from the sounds I wish I'd never heard,
That are ticking away in the shadows,
In the open,
In the details
Of me.