It was ten years later. I just graduated from college and was starting a career in the medical field. When I was a kid, my original plan was to be a teacher. But that soon changed. So, I had looked into being a doctor. It had good pay and you got to help people, which I enjoyed. On my first day on the job, my patient was someone who I had not talked to in years.

"The doctor will see you now, Mrs. Perry" the receptionist told the woman.

"Okay" she replied. She walked into my office, and said, "Are you Dr. Morgan?"

"Yes" I turned around and gasped. Laurie!

"Oh, my god! Leslie!" she exclaimed.

"I can't believe it!"

We hugged eachother and got caught up.

"So how are you?" I asked her.

"Well, I'm married" she showed me her ring. It was beautiful, and it had one of the biggest diamonds I had ever seen.

"Who's the lucky guy?"

"Will Perry. You remember him. The hot english teacher who I was in love with. Well, fate brought us together. I ran into him at a club, still very attractive I might add, and we fell in love. We were married a couple months afterwards"

I stared at her in disbelief. Did I really hear that? Did she really marry the man of my dreams? The man I left because he didn't treat me as important as his friends?

"Leslie? Are you alright?"

"Oh. Yeah, I'm fine"

"You should come over for dinner tonight. I'm sure Will would love to see you again"

I wasn't so sure about that. But I agreed. I dreaded the evening, and everytime I dread something, time always goes by faster. I wondered why that was.

I arrived at their doorstep. Laurie opened the door for me, and I walked inside. I looked around, and it was almost the same as when I left it. Other than a few changes made, which I was sure were because of Laurie. It brought back so many memories, and I had to make sure to stay calm. This isn't the worst part, I told myself. Actually seeing him will be worse. And when that moment occurred, I was breathless. He was still so very handsome and sexy. I felt myself longing for him.

"Hi, Leslie" I heard him say. Laurie and Will were both waiting for my response. I managed to choke out a "Hi". The dinner was awkward, but the actual food was good. I kept myself eating so I wouldn't be tempted to look at him. When Laurie was clearing away the dishes, I felt his eyes on me. My heart rate increased and my hands were clammy.

"How have you been?" he asked.

"I've been okay. You?"

"I lost my teaching job at Shadyside. Somehow, someone let it slip about...oh..."he trailed off.

"That's too bad"

"But, I got another job at a high school downtown"

"Oh. That's good"



He moved his chair closer to mine.

"I've missed you"

I couldn't control the tears.

"I've missed you, too" He kissed me on the lips, just for a moment, and then pulled away. I left their house, with mixed feelings.