A/N: You could say this is a bit viel or cruel, but my memory has been haunted with a once-upon-a-time queen of our castle. She'll get what's coming to her soon enough.

Her beauty is nothing but a mask,
and when a brain dead boy struts along,
it's her weapon, a signature move.

And to be more precise,
'she's had more ass than a toilet seat.'
Hunny, that's not exactly something
to hold your head up high to.

One day you'll mess with the wrong man,
or, I should say,
the wrong girls man.
And that ass won't be used for anything,
but a good kicking.
(and, for shame if your terara is bent)
Sooner or later the Queen has to step
down off her throne and join civilization.
(as horrid as that may sound)

PICTURE THIS; drama queen with no drama & without loyalty.