Hi everyone!

I am so sorry to say but I decided to put Irys on indefinite hiatus. It was more of a free flow project when I started and since I didn't have a set plan, it doesn't help that I lost interest. Maybe one day I'll re-visit it, because it was going to be really cool and have a totally out there back plot, but for now, I just can't focus on it. I don't want to put out a sub-par chapter, so this is my best option, I think. Life is getting crazy for me, and it's just too much for me too handle.

I wanted to thank October Sun, my to-be beta for this story. A few months ago I had enlisted her help as my beta for when/if I wrote more. Even though she wasn't able to show you all her amazing skills, she is an awesome writer, so check her out!

On the bright side, I'm working on an awesome new story. Jane Austeny-romancey-funny...a feel good type story with an insane cast of characters. It's easier to write, and I'll make sure I actually have a set plan for this one. :)

Thanks- all you readers. Since this was my first story on fp, I was so excited to have this much feedback. It really is exciting for me, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the support you've given me.

Sorry that I raised all your hopes with this "update"...I hope you all check out my other stuff too though!