Well I got into a mood where I just have to write something new so I wanted write something I've wrote before. So here is the story, which really just came to me in this dream. I'll continue the other stories some other time since they're already in mind but this one needs my full attention. I'd love it if people would read it since it's something I'm not use to writing. It's of course a slash and unlike all my others, doesn't start with anything that is slash. But it will be boy on boy as the story gets further.

Hope everyone enjoys this considering never have I been this passionate about a story as I have with this one and my first one.

Ciao and enjoy :)

Chapter 1. My Days (Friday-Saturday)


I pull the lawnmower in the direction of the garage, the heavy machine gradually taking it's toll on me. Face it, that lawn was bound to take my whole afternoon and drain almost all of my energy. Now that I've mowed the lawn it's time to work on washing the dishes, and then clean up my room and bathroom.

I shouldn't have to clean up the room anyway, it's not just mine. And if all that isn't bad enough, I also have to cook dinner and do laundry. Never thought my last days of summer would be like this. Slaving away. Oh the cruelty of parents.

"Payton, see you're not done with the lawn." I hear my brother's voice which immediately has me grinding my teeth together.

"What do you want?" I ask turning around, wiping the sweat off my forehead with my free hand

He puts his hands up in mock defense, clearly seeing my anger. "Relax bro, just wanted to get the keys to the car; got to go to work, remember?"

I toss him the keys continuing my glaring. "And for your information I am done with the lawn."

He snickers after catching the keys, running in the direction of the car. "Well you missed a few spots."

That little...ugghh! Can't stand him, why couldn't I be an only child. He bothers me all the time, knowing full well that I'm not in the best of moods. Angel can be such a nuisance at times. It's one thing that we're brothers, another thing is that we're twins. Faternal to be exact, and guess who just so happend to come out first. That jerk of a brother. Eight full minutes ahead. I curse mom, don't care if it's not her fault. Thanks to that eight minutes I'm sort of his little brother. You would think the little brother gets all the perks, but in this family it's the complete opposite.

It's beyond me how he gets away with stuff. Didn't have to do any summer chores because he got himself in summer school, gets to have the car when he wants because he got himself a job at some fast food joint near the mall, and he can sweet talk dad into getting anything since he's so good at sports. My sad fate is being "mom's little helper" which she claims only I can be.

I stalk to the garage, where I pull the mower to a corner and head into the house. I get a glass of lemonade before doing the dishes and afterward go upstairs and get started on the room. Angel and I sleep in bunk beds, his being the bottom.

Use to really bother me having the top bunk since my brother could be such a prankster when we were younger. One really annoying little prank that I'll never forget was when we were six. I was sleeping in my bed when Angel suddenly shouted "Fire!" I was so scared, and thinking that a real fire was happening tried to get down from my bed only to find that the ladder was gone. So I'm up in the bunk, scared to death and screaming for help, thinking that I'm gonna be stuck in the fire. All the while, Angel's outside the room door laughing his head off. He thought it would be funny to pretend there was a fire, even removing the ladder off. Did I forget to mention I will always have a fear of heights. Now and then.That was ten years ago and yet he hasn't changed, the pranks only getting bigger and more humiliating.

I clean all the trash under the bed, ignoring Angel's stash of porn. I've never had a taste for that stuff, I stick with reading mangas for my entertainment. I get to vacuuming the room then making up the beds. Wish "mom's little helper" had it's perks.

It's Angel's fault that this place is such a pigsty, not mine. I'm the neatest there can be, an over user of hand sanitizer and obsessed with showering any chance I can get. Mom believes I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, dad believes I'm just very geeky. Is cleanliness so wrong. It's just the way I am, cautious and organized Payton. I'm the type to pretty much stick with my better judgment and not take chances. Good things should come my way, but I wonder for how long.

Wonder what time will Angel get off tonight. What lie will he pull off to break curfew.

Angel's a great liar.

I see through his b.s. though; sometimes a twin just knows. After work he hangs out with his boneheaded friends and his I wont wear clothes my size girlfriend.

And just so it's clear, we can't do what Mary-kate and Ashley did in It Takes Two or any of that twin switching. Angel and I don't look that much alike. He's about three inches taller than me and has higher cheek bones. Then there's my small features and our body types, his body is more on the leaner side, while mine is slender. And lastly he's dyed his hair black and cut it to his shoulders, mine is it's natural dirty blond color and so long that it often causes problems for me. I'd cut it but I've spent years growing it out so why bother. I don't like change. Our style in clothes is different too. Angel is as what he says is punk goth, whatever that is. He dresses in clothes that are usually either tight or baggy, sometimes black. They always look strange if you ask me. He loves to shop in Hot Topics, Spencers, Black Angel, Boutique du Vampyre and this place where he usually keeps getting all my gifts from called the Gothic Faery Store. I prefer anything in Acrombie & Finch and The Gap. I like those stores so lets not fuss about it.

As for taste in music it's strangely alike. I like some of the same bands as him, just not anything under heavy metal category. A few bands we do have in common are, Flyleaf, Evans Blue, Yellow Card, Tatu, Story of the Year and Tokio Hotel, whose lead singer and guitarist just so happen to be twins.

Would be fun to be able to do that twin switching.

Wonder what a day in Angel's shoes would be like.

xXx. ( Still Friday, 5:44)

I finish up on the bathroom then return back to the kitchen after washing my hands throughly, even using a good amount of sanitizer before getting started on dinner. I get the roast pan out, and take out the thawed out chicken that I left in a bowl of cold water before I went and did the lawn.

The back door opens and in walks Angel with his best friend Chase, who greets me with a wide cheesy grin. "Sorry miss, didn't mean to come in unannounced."

I flip him off then grab the chicken up and put it in the pan. "You're back way too early Angel, another lie?"

Angel sits down at the table with Chase, throwing his hat onto the table. "Manager said I could go home early since there wasn't too many customers." He gives Chase a wink that obviously he didn't think I noticed and the two start laughing.

Fine, keep your lies Angel but in the end I will have the last laugh.

I get back to covering the bird with parsley flakes, salt, pepper and seasoning salt, all the while picking up bits and pieces of their conversation.

"...yeah, Rob got Sherry pregnant. Dude was pissed when he found out the news, said she's gonna get an abortion."

Angel leans back a bit in the chair, pulling from his pocket a pack of Marlboros to take out one cigarette. "Rob was stupid, bet Sherry told him she was on the pill."

My brother smokes and drinks, drinks more than smokes, but to me those habits are still bad. He gets the cigarettes from an older friend and the booze from his girlfriend's brother. Mom and dad don't know about this obviously, sure would make his life hectic and maybe he'll even be doing the chores. But I would never rat on my brother, it's not my style.

He lights one as Chase laughs to the remark. "I always strap up with Vikkie, it's the only way nowadays."

I turn to the stove and put the bird in the oven, setting the temperature to four hundred and fifty degrees. and then return back to the counter, now peeling some potatoes.

"Jenna's the same way, even with the pill she wants me to stra-"

I clear my throat loudly, cutting him off in mid sentence. "Ahem, excuse me, virgin in the room."

Chase glances to me before busting out laughing, Angel doing the same. Sometimes I got to make my presence known or they'll keep talking about that sort of thing. My brother's sex life is none of my business. Not now or ever is it gonna be my business.

"And Angel put that cancer stick out before it starts stinking up the place." I add continuing the peeling process. "You could also help out with dinner while you're at it."

They stop laughing and Angel gets up, cigarette in hand. He walks to the pantry and puts on one of dad's barbecue aprons then ties his hair back all the while grinning at me. "Where do you want me Little Debbie?"

I am not feminine so I wish they would stop with the lame jokes. They're always calling me miss and then female mascots of food. Pray they don't start calling me Marie Calender. So what if I wear a pink frilly apron, mom made it for me and I'm sticking with that. End of discussion.

I put aside my peeler and walk up to Angel, snatching the cigarette out his mouth and tossing it into the trash. "Not while cooking stupid." He rolls his eyes and gets to work with peeling potatoes, which I must admit stuns me. Angel never does anything I say. He'd usually make up an excuse to leave or simply do something that just shows that he can't do what I asked for. Somethings obviously fishy.

He works in silence, Chase just watching on, a hint of a grin on his face. I try and ignore it but it keeps gnawing on my conscious. At one point, Angel bumps into me and actually apologizes. Apologizes! Never has my brother ever apologized to me...only when he wants something. He always wants favors from me.

"So, bro how was your day?" He asks once we're done putting the skinned potatoes in the pot.

Okay that's it, can't fool me with this.

I look at him and sigh. "What do you want?"

He lets out his breath and tosses the apron off. "Oh thank goodness, cooking is murder." Chase laughs, Angel joining him.

"Well..."I press, loosing my patience while watching them.

Angel puts his arm around my shoulders and stirs me along as he walks. "Well me , Chase and a few of my other guys are gonna hit this new club up and well we need you to come along and be the designated driver."

Chase walks on my other side, all smiling and laughing. "My cousin made these great fake I.Ds that will get us right in."

I stop when we get to the stairs staring at the two of them. "What's in it for me?" They should have known it was gonna go in this direction. Nothing comes without a price with me. I hate doing this kind of thing, don't they know I could have plenty going for me on a Friday night.

Well...um...Friday's are usually my nights to...well...

Okay I don't do anything but play World of Warcraft and The Sims2 on the computer, but that is still important.

I look into Angel's gray eyes, seeing only a hint of mischievousness but it's enough to make me slightly suspicious. I fold my arms across my chest and stare at him, prepared to stand my ground if whatever they're giving me is not worth it.

"How about a pass to MechaCon then?" He asks smiling playing with my ponytail. "I'll even drive you all the way there."

Sounds perfect to the untrained ear but I know better than not to specify all my demands. Angel's sneaky like that and he is very manipulative, cunning really and I don't liked to be tricked into something that's just gonna make me look like a fool or get me into trouble. We just got our licenses about two months ago and so far no problems and that's all because of me. I'm the one that makes sure there's gas in the car and I'm the one that cleans it. All he did was put in money for the damn car, which is a used old convertible.

I go to the laundry room, Angel and Chase following anxiously awaiting my answer. Designated driver. I'd be lying if I didn't say that it sounds fishy. Angel's always trying to pull something so I always have to be cautious, manly because I don't want to be toyed around. That manipulation makes it hard to say no to him, but not for me. I wont be fooled again. Not ever.

"Want me to help you with washing the clothes?" Angel delivers this with a smirk, glint in his eyes. He picks up the nearest basket of dirty clothes and gives me another smirk, Chase laughing near the doorway.

I avoid looking at Angel and grab the Downy Ball and fill it up, my better judgment already telling me that they're not telling me something. "I'll do it and in return..."

He drops the basket and leans onto the dryer, still grinning. "Listening."

"You have to help me with chores, stop copying my homework, and give me the car when I need it." I raise my eyebrows and fold my arms, establishing that the balls in my court whether he likes it or not. "Deal?"


To make it official we shake on it then he shockingly get started on the laundry. It's not like he doesn't know how to do the chores, he can't fool me on that. Angel does laundry better than me. He can't cook though, and even if he did I wouldn't eat anything that he'd cook. It would probably end up being some stupid prank.

After the clothes are all in the washer, Chase and Angel go up to the study while I continue getting dinner done in the kitchen. Dad and mom come home at the same time, both greeting me as they come into the kitchen still in their work clothes.

"Something smells good. " Dad comments as he takes a seat at the bar, loosening up his tie.

Mom throws her briefcase onto one of the chairs in the dining room before joining dad at the bar, tired clearly written on her. Ever since she started going back to work, things have been ten times hectic but at least things have calmed down and returned to semi normal. Mom and dad are almost like they use to be.

It's not an easy subject, and rarely does it ever come up in conversation in this house but three years ago mom was pregnant. Triplets the doctor had said, which had our house prepared for the arrival of the new family members. But right on the seventh month things became a nightmare. Mom miscarried. It was hard on us all, particulaly mom who went through a state of depression. The only thing that seemed to really kick the depression was spending time with Angel and me. And every since our family has somehow survived. We just come back stronger.

I let this stay in my head as I'm serving dinner to them, each one talking about how their day went. I fix Chase and Angel a plate, sitting it on the kitchen table and call them down then take my place at the table listening on to my parents.

"This chicken is wonderful Payton, mommy's little helper continues to amaze me."

Dad laughs getting a spoonful of mash potatoes. "Well, there's no doubt about that Nancy."

Angel and Chase come bounding down the stairs laughing about something. They come into the kitchen and take their places at the table, digging into the food like animals.

"So, Angel how was work?" Dad asks, looking over at my brother. "Stopped by there for lunch and the manager said you had took off early."

Aha! So knew that he was lying.

Angel runs a hand through his hair and gives a short cough. "Um...well I felt a little sick so I just took off. I'm better now but man was I throwing up."

Mom goes into one of her signature over the top worry moments, immediately springing off the stool and going over to Angel's side, checking his forehead. "Oh you poor baby, why didn't you just call in sick."

I roll my eyes, seeing right through his act. "You sure seem to be eating normally."

He looks up at me, sticking his tongue out childishly then his attention's on mom. "Payton had wanted to know if it would be okay if we went to the movies later on."

Great, now he's putting words in my mouth. So not cool.

Mom smiles and kisses Angel's forehead then mine. "It's fine with me."

Dad gives a thumbs up, already up and aiming for seconds. "As long as you boys make it home before curfew and call us when you get there."

The conversation continues, with Angel spreading more lies about this movie thing. I don't say anything, simply keeping all of my comments to myself, a hard thing to do when your parents are practically eating out of your brother's hand. He sure has a way with words. I definitely don't possess that kind of charm.

After dinner, mom and dad go to their room, already calling it a night, while Angel and I wash the dishes, Chase in the living room watching t.v. Angel doesn't normally help me but then again this whole day he's been doing things he usually doesn't do. This club had better be worth it, considering I'm wasting my valuable time. I got a date DevineFate44, who just happens to be this player on World of Warcraft that I've been battling for almost four months. One tough cookie.

I load the dishwasher and put it on a light rinse then turn to Angel, giving him my best blank stare. "Exactly why do you want to go to this club anyway?"

He lets his hair down and looks around, most likely making sure mom and dad aren't gonna just pop into the kitchen then his eyes land back on me. "Well if you must know all the details, our band is gonna play there but we had to lie about our age, another bonus is that all bands drink free."

I groan into my hands, cursing under my breath for even agreeing to this. Angel and his stupid ploys to drink, shouldve known. He's always trying to play at places with his band too. They're not pros or anything, it's more of just some way to make extra cash. Angel's the lead singer and he also plays the bass guitar, another reason that I have to be jealous of him. Angel has always had the musical talent out of the two of us, he plays even the piano and drums. I can't read a lick of music! Uhhh, he's even better than me at things I'm suppose to be good at. Does the talentless twin ever get a break?

"Hello, earth to spaz." Angel pinches me on the arm and I at once yelp, slapping his hand away in the process.

"What the hell!" I yell throwing the nearest sponge at him, which just as luck would have it is wet. Take that!

He snorts then throws the sponge back, hitting me right in the face. "It's not my fault you spaz out randomly." He walks up to me and wipes my face with his shirt, "I was asking you if you wouldn't mind if Jenna and Carrie tagged along."

Oh god no! I hate Jenna and Carrie Barnes. Jenna, an obvious fact is Angel's exclusive girlfriend. They have been going out for about a year in a half. I just find her annoying, can't really put it in words, but she does have a way clearing her throat after saying something. Who wouldn't find that annoying. Then there's that sister of hers, Carrie's had the biggest crush on me since I can remember. I hate her. She's too touchy, and for me there's a thin line on where people can touch and she crosses that line any chance she can get.

I don't know why him and his stupid friends keep thinking that I like her.

I'm taken by surprise when Angel's arms are around my neck, locking me into a headlock. "Dammit, let go Angel!"

He laughs, the hold not tight but still difficult for me to handle. I try and maneuver out of the hold but fail, which causes him to press me up against the counter. "Quit screwing around you jerk!"

"I will when you admit that you, Payton Harte has the hots for Carrie. You can't hide these feelings from your brother, I have ways of making you talk." That's when he starts giving me a noogie while I fail my arms about defenseless. "C'mon talk Payton, I wont tell her or Jenna."

I struggle some more. "I don't know what you're talking about you dummy!"

Angel loves to bully me, making me go through this pointless torture that only he sees as funny. He's lucky I'm not screaming for help, not like any would come. Mom and dad, since we fight all the time, have actually grown accustomed to the sounds of our bickering. To them if we're not fighting there's a problem.

"Okay missy, guess you'll be taking this the hard way." There's a wet sound which can only mean...oh no! Not a Wet Weelie! Why god, why! Angel is such a prick, he knows damn well that I don't like germs. We may have shared a womb, a bath when we were young and even once we shared a date to this dance but it will be a cold day in hell before we share germs.

"Okay, Okay! I like her!" I surrender, my eyes on the finger that's inches from my ear.

He lets me go laughing so hard that he's crying and turning red, holding his sides. I glare at him till his laughing fit is over then roll my eyes. "You're such an asshole."

He wipes his eyes, smirking. "Language little brother." He then imitates one of my many blank stares, folding his arms across his chest. "Well we'll be leaving soon so you'd better get ready." Even his voice is trying to mimic mine.

I head over to the stair case, glaring at him still. "Quit mocking me, it's not funny."

xXx. Saturday

I look at the two face up cards, which is an Ace and a five then scan my hand, putting on my best uncertain face. Think about this carefully. One of my cards is a five so that could be something but I don't want to lose any more chips so a bet is definitely out of the question. If...I call then I'm just in...maybe I should bet. If the next cards are either another five or four, three, two or maybe a six...or maybe even a sev-

"Hurry up all ready!" Angel groans, looking up over his cards in annoyance.

"Oh shut up, I'll call then." I place my chips ahead.

Mom and Dad went to work hours ago and thanks to stupid Angel, who invited over half his friends, our house is a mess. All that moron cares about is partying. I'm sure not about to clean all this stuff. I've suffered enough. I'm only playing this stupid poker game to get out of it. If he wins, I clean and if I win, he cleans. Sometimes we do this, it's fair since we're both good at poker. He should be cleaning the house anyway, his friends, his fault.

"Well I'm gonna bet, two hundred."

Angel is obviously trying to get me to fold, he knows I'm a cautious player, especially when I don't have enough chips but I don't want to clean up his mess. Not fair at all. He's always got to be treating me as if I'm his slave. Bad enough he pulled that crap yesterday. I knew the club was a bad idea, it usually is and then I turned out to be right. When we had picked up Carrie and Jenna, that jerk had the nerve to tell Carrie that I like her. She, thanks to him, bothered me all night while I waited in the car. He then pissed me off by getting so drunk that he vomited in the car and even on me while I was trying to get him up stairs to the room. He's lucky that I cleaned up the stairs for him. No point on him getting grounded. When he's grounded then in a way so am I. It's torture for him to be home, I'm his entertainment.

He draws another card and puts it next to the ace and five, this one another five. Maybe luck is shaping up, don't want him to know that...well it wont make a difference anyway, if he folds then I win. That plays in my favor.

"All in." I meet his eyes and smirk, giving up all my chips.

He snorts then pushes forward all his chips, then with a long hesitation draws another card and lays it next to the five and ace. This one turns out to be a queen. Hm...ha, I've won.

I turn my cards over, grinning from ear to ear. "Ha, two of a kind!"

"I guess you got me missy," He does a dramatic sigh, "guess you win again."

I smile to this, feeling as if a dark cloud has been lifted from me. Angel suddenly starts laughing then turns his cards over. "Three of a kind always beats a pair you little spaz! Guess you'll be cleaning!"

Sure enough there's the three aces staring me down, screaming that once again Angel has beaten me. Again! Uggghh! I feel like pulling out my hair, why does that...that...that dumbass always wins. This means I'll have to clean up the place. Clean up when it was his stupid friends that made the mess. Him laughing about it doesn't make the crap any better. I HATE MY BROTHER!!

I jump up from the table, my face heating up with rage. "Screw that! Angel it was your damn party so you need to clean up!"

He gets up and rearranges the chains on his Tripp pants still laughing. "You better hurry up and clean, or I'm gonna go to Chase's house and you'll be the one taking all the blame."

"Like hell you are!" I run to Angel and punch him in the gut which gets him to stop laughing. He looks down at me then grabs both my wrists while I try and get free.

"We had a deal Payton, so don't get all bitchy just cause shit doesn't go your ways." He lets my wrists go and I at once hit him again, not caring anymore that the place is dirty still. He hits me in the ribs and I slap him in the face, the fight already beyond stopping. We soon stumble and fall, Angel on top of me, pinning my arms under his legs. It takes all my strength to knock him off me and then I'm on top, pulling his hair as he continues hitting me in the sides.

We're shouting swears, tearing at each other's clothes, pulling hair and punching and even slapping (mostly me)by the time the front door swings open, dad walking in.

"Angel! Payton!"

I look up then push Angel off but he continues his assault on my stomach, not caring that dad's here.

Mom walks in behind dad and shrieks when she sees the house then notices us on the floor fighting. She puts her hands on her hips and looks at dad. "Charlie don't just stand there, break them up!"

Dad goes over to us and instantly pulls Angel off me. "Will you just look at this place! You boys are in a lot of trouble but first I want an explanation to what the hell is going on!"

I stand up and glare at Angel. "He bought his friends here and they did all this."

"He's lying mom, Payton had his friends come over here." Angel says looking at mom trying to charm his way out. "I was at Chace's house and just came home to get my X-box."

"Stop lying!" I shout balling my fists up, ignoring the pain in my abdomen. "You guys can't possibly belie-"

"That's enough!" Dad declares as mom shuts the door. He drags Angel to the sofa, making him seat down. "Your mother and I have had enough, you both will clean this place and if I hear one word you two will be confined to your rooms till school starts back. Understand?"

I fold my arms after wiping my oncoming tears and nod. "Yes."

Angel snorts, moving his bangs out of his face. "Yes."

Dad looks at us then clears his throat. "Yes what?"

"Sir." We say together .

Mom and dad go to their room, nothing further needing to be discussed. Angel cleans the living room while I clean the kitchen, neither of us saying anything to the other. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him. Ughhhh! He makes me so mad, and thanks to him my lip is busted and my stomach feels like it's on fire. Man I'm tired of his shit, bossing me around, always laughing at me. I don't need that! Not from that moron.

That's why Angel and I don't get along. He can't just make me do stuff that I don't want any part of and I'm tired of him teasing me. Eight minutes and this is what happends.

I finish the kitchen then go up stairs, get my pajamas out of the dresser and in the bathroom I go. First come, first served. If he doesn't like that then oh well, tough luck. I lock the door and turn the shower on, setting it to a warm temperature then strip off my clothes. Ah, at least some things go right. When the water washes over me it immediately takes with it all my anger and puts me in a calm mood.

Boom Boom Boom

There goes the tranquility.

"Hurry up in there!" Shouts Angel's voice as he continues to beat on the door.

I grab my puff and body wash, getting to scrubbing myself, ignoring Angel's rants. Not gonna let him bother me. I lost my temper before but this time I'll control it, no matter how much Angel pushes me. He's not worth my time. I get under the shower head and unbraid my hair.


Ugghhh!! Wish we had two bathrooms at this moment.

"I just got in here so wait!" I scream throwing the body wash at the door. This doesn't stop my Neanderthal brother who continues beating on the door. I get back to what I'm doing, grabbing the shampoo and start washing my hair. When I'm all squeaky clean I get out of the shower stall and grab my towel. I dry off, the hair going to need to be blow dried.

"Dammit Payton! I need to take a fucking shower!" Angel yells, now kicking the door.

He cusses even with mom and dad home. Not like they hear much when they're closed up in their room, it's the whole point. They know we fight so they avoid having to hear it.

I pull on my boxers and open the door, an scowling Angel standing outside it holding a bundle of clothes. "Busy."

He knocks me out the way, entering the bathroom, paying me no mind. He turns the shower on then looks at me. "Get out you little perv."

I look at him, this close to raging. "Perv, you're the one trying to come in here with me."

"Oh shut up and just dry your girly hair somewhere else." He hisses.

I grab the blow drier and my shirt and walk out. "Someone's pissy."

He flicks me off then throws my towel in my face. "Whatever girlie boy."

"I hate you Angel!"

"Hate you more so were even." He slams the door in my face after saying this.

Uggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!! I hate Angel! Hate him soo much. Who does he think he is! Why couldn't I be an only child, or maybe have a better brother. One that's not such a self centered bone headed pain in the ass.